Sajna Veh ff – ((Epi – 7)) “SWASAN Engagement Special” (pt 2)

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Episode 7 “Swasan Engagement special Part 2”

*** NOTE –





Songs like – kabhi jo badal barse, jeene bhi de, pyaar ho, aadha ishq, moh moh ke dhaage, dil diyan galla, soch na sake, tum tak, hawaiyyen , itni si baat hai ….etc

Episode 7

@Royal Boat Club Cruise

Image result for cruise at night

All couples and olders are shown walking around, drinking and enjoying the party. Suddenly, (Alka Kaushal ), Ragini’s maternal grandmother (nani) and swara’s (bua nani) (grandaunt) “Alka nanima” calls out Ragini.

Alka – Laddo…!!!

Ragini – ji nanima…

Alka – areh laddo, the muhrat is ending, ask the families and Swara Sanskaar to start preparing for the ceremony. This besharam chori is sticking to her fiancee before wedding also !!!

Ragini nodds in disbelief…she whispers something in shivaay’s ears…shivaay smiles nad eraches the tsage.

  • – Hello beautiful people, I am reminding you that the shubh murat of the sagai ceremony will soon end. So by stopping wasting time, we shall proceed for the ceremony !! so if u permit, we shall call Swara Sanskaar and start the Mudha Tikka !!

All guests gather in front of the stage. Swasan arrive.

They get up on stage. Anahita fumes. Laksh assures her with a smirk. Suhana gets up on stage and puts Tikka on Swara’s head, while Gopi takes Kumkum Tikka and puts on Sanskaar’s forehead !! Swasan smile shyly.

Gopi – Naira, come with ur jiju’s ring !!

Prince – no mom, me and bhai will do this ceremony !!

Gopi – but bbeta, this is saali’s du…

Swara – its ok maa, let them break the ritual and irriate all. After a few days , who will irriate me ???

Swara gets tearry eyed. Sanskaar taps her shoulder, Swara smiles. Rohan and Prince arrive on Swara’s side. Meanwhile, Kaanchi handsover a thaali to Gopi. The thali is shown with Bridal goods!!. Suhana feeds Swara and Sanskaar jaggery and puts flowers on them.

Ashwin – come exchange rings and seel each other !!

Swara and Sankar stand at opposite side. They share an eyelock !!

Tum se hi milkar toh
Dil dhadakta hai
Tum saanson jaise ho
Aisa lagta hai

Pehli dafaa jo hone laga hai
Pehle hua na kabhi
Mehsoos dil ne jo bhi kiya hai
Lafzon mein keh doon abhi

Swara signals sanskaar to slip the ring mischievously and puts her hand forward !!!

Pyar ho jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi
Pyar ho beshumar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi

Tum jo nahi the sath toh
Tanha sa tha dil ka safar
Bekhwab hi soti rahi
Jagti rahi meri nazar

Swara signals sanskaar to slip the ring mischievously and puts her hand forward. Sanskaar notices it and smirks mischieveously.!!

Aa paas mere palkon pe rakh doon
Jitne hai sapne sabhi
Honto pe mere khulne lagi hai
Khwaish thi dil mein dabi

Pyaar ho jab pyaar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi
Pyaar ho beshumar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi

He takes Swara’s rings and looks here and there with it..Swara gets irritated with it and fumes!!!

Tum pe ruke tum se chale
Lamhe mere ab toh yahan
Raahen meri tumpe thami
Ab hai bujhi jaana kahan

Tum bin chalun toh
Kadmon se mere
Yeh rooth jaye zameen
Ab zindagi mein
Kuch ho na ho par
Ek baat hai lazmi

He takes Swara’s rings and looks here and there with it..Swara gets irritated with it and fumes..Sanskaar smiles and shows her his tounge !! Swara makes an O face. She moves away her hand. Sanskaar finally holds her hand and slips the ring !!!

Pyar ho jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi
Pyar ho beshumar ho
Har baar ho tum se hi (x2)

. Swara is unable to control her smile. All Clap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskaar kisses Swara’s Hand….and then her cheek !!!!!

Image result for swara maheshwari in gerua


Maya is shown sitting and driking on a bar side….

Tears are shown flowing through her eyes….she keeps sipping on the bourbon…

Maya gets flashbacks !!

Image result for jennifer winget in white


Maya is shown in a blush saree…sitting sadly by the bedside…arjun enters the room…Maya is shown weeping..

Arjun -Maya baby !! what happened ?/ are u ok?? Is Anaya fine ?? baby, what happened ??They say something…

Maya – (cries continiously )

Arjun – now pls don’t drown me in your crocodile tears..i hate it when my sweet baccha cries !!

Maya – wo…

Maya gets up and faces the other side,,,

Maya – actually….i..i…

Image result for arjun and maya scenes

Arjun comes from behind and hugs Maya from back !!

Arjun – say na baby!!

Maya turns back puts her hands around his torso. He looks deeply into her eyes..

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

Warna koi kaise bhala,
Chahe kisi ko bepanah,
Aye zindagi tuhi bata,
Kyun ishq hai gunaah…

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

Khud se he karke guptgu,
Koi kaise jiye,
Ishq to lazmi sa hai,
Zindagi ke liye..

Khud se he karke guptgu,
Koi kaise jiye,
Ishq to lazmi sa hai,
Zindagi ke liye..

Dil kya kare dil ko agar,
Accha lage koi,
Jhootha sahi dil ko magar,
Saccha lage koi..

Jeene bhi de duniya humme,
Ilzaam na laga,
Ek baar to karte hai sab,
Koi haseen khata..

Maya suddenly starts tickling her…Arjun starts laughing like a crazy person !! Maya goes on tickling him….

Arjun suddenly falls on bed, but drags her over him….maya shys …

Maya – arjun..u…

Arjun – areh wah..the bold Maya Arjun wallia is shying now…hmm..nice….

Maya’s cheeks get heated….she starts shivering…Arjun slips his hand in Maya’s saree and caresses her stomach…

Maya gets off and walks away..she holds the sofa stand in nervousless. She starts breathing heavily…arjun pulls her hand and grabs her from her waist tightly…he joins her forehead…

Maya – u…what happened Mr. Akru ?? u r getting very romantic today, nowadays u don’t have time for me as well…

Arjun – actually, u r right ..i am with u for a selfish motive..

Maya – haw!!! and whats it…??

Arjun – my little anaya jr….Aurora…!!

Maya blushes gigles…arjun chuckles nad joins his forehead with hers !!

END OF Flashback

Tears keep rolling down Maya’s cheeks……

@Poker table side

Laksh is shown playing poker alone….Ragini enters the place….

Laksh – Ragu..come here ill teach u poker …

Ragini surprises….

Ragini – lakshay ….u ?

Laksh – what to as I have started sinning, so its my duty to forgive sinners…

Ragini – sinning ?/ what have u done laksh??

Laksh – why should I tell u ???

Ragini looks on…..

Laksh – but let me tell u….to give u pain…u know u tried to separate me from Swara…but u cannot !!!

Ragini – stop your nonsense, swara is getting engaged to Sanky and here u…

Laksh – olelele…Mera Ragu bhi na..abhi bhi chotu sa baccha hai !!!!

Ragini rolls her eyes….

Laksh – Rags baby….she is just engaged not married….and soon ill prove to the world that no one can separate SWALAK !!!!

Ragini – Sanky is ur brother !!!!!!!!

Laksh – oh pls Ragini…look a this and u’ll understand….

Laksh shows Ragini his video with swara….!!!!!!!!

Ragini gets flaggerbasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She grips his collar…..

Ragini – laksh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hw could u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u should be ashamed of urself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laksh gets shocked…suddenly Ragini starts laughing badly….

Laksh – ab kya huwa ????

Ragini – laksh let me tell u , these are my old antics and im much better in it…let me help u in this. In this regard , we wil be friends again ???

Laksh – and why would u do that ??

Ragini – to atleast gain ur forgiveness…ill separate Swara and sanskaar !!!!

Laksh – I trust u….no no…I trust ur love Ragini…u can do anything for me…ass finally u understood that love is not selfish gains…..

Ragini smirks…..

@ship corner….

Kunj is shown drinking in a corner, against the railing….Suddenly , twinkle appears !!!

She hugs him from back….

Twinkle – kunj..dont stand like this, I get scared !!!

Kunj – why u think ill jump again ???

Kunj turns around …..twinkle smirks…

Twinkle- u will…if u want that hot night again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kunj smirks…….


Image result for twinj

Kunj jumps from cliff…..but Twinkle holds his hand…She somehow maages to pull him up..Kunj coughs…Twinkle slaps him hard…..

Kunj – twi….

Twinkle grabs his head hard and starts kissing him passionately….she speaks amidst the kiss…..

  • – I dont care…if u r blo*dy whoevr…

Kunj – s o???

Twinkle breaks the kiss….

Twinj – yes ..i was damn mad at u …but not bcoz of u being kunj or ranveer..bcoz of thinking that I am filthy minded ….

Kunj chuckles….”sorry “

Twinkle smirks and again grabs his head and kisses him. Kunj drags her to a nearby room…..A Beach resort room is shown…

Kunj pushes twinkle inside….He falls over her on bed…They are shown overlapping eachother…twinkle moans as Kunj slowly kisses her neck, to her shoulders and her cleavage….

Twinkle smirks and caresses his now acre back.

Kunj removes her upper inners and kisses her sensual areas…..

The screen gets frosty…..


Twinkle – kunj, now im getting scared !!!!

Kunj – why ???

Twinkle – As Because we didn’t use protection and….

Kunj – hmmm…..

They look on….

@Cruise ROOM

Laksh is shown badly drunk…he is burning Swasan’s pictures…..Ragini enters…She is shown in same lehenga as Swara…Laksh looks on in a drunk manner….

Ragini – lucky…..

Laksh – Swara..!!!

Ragini stuns….She smirks…”Finally it worked “

Laksh – swara …swara……

Ragini – yes here im with u…

Laksh smirks and hugs her passionately…Ragini’s eyes get teaary..she smiles and hugs him pasionately and wildly acresses his back…..

Laksh cups her cheeks…

  • – .Swara..i..i love u Swara !!!

Ragini – I love u too laksh….

Image result for laksh maheshwari

Laksh grabs her head and starts kissing her wildly…..

Ragini takes the chance and injects him with a chemical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laksh falls unconscious on bed. Ragini hurriedly searchges for his phone and opens his Gallery …she finds the video and deletes it !!

Ragini leaves the room…

@Bar side

Naira and Kartik are shown sipping champagnes….

Naira smirks…..

Image result for kaira


Naira and Kartik are shown locked in the room….

Naira – oh no, what will happen ?????

Kartik – hmm..exactly…

Naira – areh pls don’t tell me we are locked over here …!!!

Kartik – but u only told me we were….

Naira – don’t joke na !!!

Kartik grabs Naira by her wiast and pulls her closer…


PRECAP _ – Virika take an entry. Shivaay and Anika consummate their wedding. Later, Sanskar throws out Swara out his house. Later, Anika is shown leaving the house. Laksh propose Swara. Later, Ragini blackmails Laksh. MAya and arjun’s dinner date ????

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  1. Harneet

    ohhhhhhhhh ………. yar girl u have mad us go crazy on ur posts ……. seriously … well someone can write romance as well … hmm … amazing … swara out …. ?? anika leaving ….? but but but very excited for maya and arjun date …. waiting …

    hum tum ik kamare me band ho …. kaira’s naughty naughty …
    swasan ; jeena and for the next part u could choose ” dorriyan phir bhi kam na hui ………….. hamari aadhuri kahani ” …

    . could think of these songs … will try to give more suggestions ,,
    bye tc .love u

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      thnkyou so much sissy!! take care and love u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    SWASAN:For swasan I remember the song gerua.But among ur list may be Itni Si Baat

    RAGLAK-its always moh moh ke dhaage

    , ISHVEER:Kyunki tum hi ho is what comes into my mind 4 ishveer.but from ur list maybe kabhi jo baadal

    SHIVIKA-hawaiyyen as Riana n I used this song 4 shivika in our ffs.also dil diyan galla

    KUNJ-Tum Tak as kunj is longing 4 twinkle

    ROHANCHI-Pyar Ho 4 this romantic sweet jodi

    SP – DURGA-itni si baat hai as they make a romantic pair
    KAIRA-aadha ishq as kaira are sweet n romantic like this song

    ARYA: soch na sake as maya loves arjun a lot

    VIRIKA-jeene bhi de as beautiful melody will suit this soft jodi

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      thnks a lot di !! ill update sns ff today only !!!

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks.waiting 4 sns ff

  3. Jasminerahul

    swasan engagement was so cute.I have never read such a detailed ring exchange scene in any ff.laksh telling ragini that he is forgiving sinners as he has started running.?ragini scolding laksh then promising to help him made me confused if she is fooling him or not.thankfully she was fooling him and deleted the was a surprise. hope now swasan will be safe.but in the precap why does sanskar throw swara out?drunk raglak scene was romantic. twinkle saving kunj was nice.shocking that twinj consummated. it was romantic. will twinkle get pregnant like she fears?thanks for dedicating the arya scene to was so cute and romantic. kaira scene was nice.kartik seems to be in a romantic mood.hope the continuation of this scene will be there in the next part.nice pics.I loved them.they made the update grand.please show ishveer scenes too.excited for virika entry.
    please update saathiya ff.I really like dheera and samar tejeswi jodies in your ff

  4. Hemi

    It was so awesome dear and I can suggest only for Swasan and Raglak. Not knowing other couples much. Swasan- Gerua is best and suits them only (accordjng to me), samjhawan, humsafar, thosi der, agar tum saath ho, man chala teri aur, Sab tera, tum se hi, RAABTA (it is my most fav), dekha hazaro daffa aapko, ha hasee ban gaye, soch na sake, dil diya gallan, jeena jeena, rabba rabba – like these songs…
    Raglak- Moh Moh ke dhaage, Tere Bin, ishq tera lae dooba, tere sang yaara, nazm nazm sa, humdard, aadha ishq, gellahariyan, – like this song

  5. Hemi

    One last pehli daffa by atif aslam

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      thnk u so much !!!

  6. Twinj2000

    Amazing as usual ??
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Twinj ???????
    Their hot romance ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Maya n Arjun fb ???
    Superb episode
    Post soon??

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      thnk u so much !!!!!

  7. hiks.. i know swasan only…sorry, gerua, saiyyan, tere bin… hihihi

  8. mind blowing

  9. speechless

  10. superb

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