Sajna Veh FF – Epi 34 – “Sangeet Shot -1”

Epi – 33

#IshVeer Ki Shaadi




THE whole city is shown zoomed . Beautiful budapest city is shown. The Raichands, Walias , shergills, bajrangbalis, and a few more close family anf friends, a total of 70 people had flown to Budapest for “Bali” ‘s extravagant destination wedding.

Image result for baliImage result for bali

This was the same place where swasan and raglak had visited for their pre’ wedding vacation.

IshVeer’s wedding card was now trending with

#IshVeer Ki Shaadi

@Bali Luxury Beach Resort

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Image result for bali resort

Anahita , Ashish , Molaram and Rupvati are shown seated.. The parents are expected to bond. Raglak and Swasan are shown sitting around too. Ishveer arrive.

Ranveer smiles at his saas sasur. Ishani runs to touch the feet of Anahita and ashish.

Ashish gets annoyed – areh beta what are u doing ? my shoes will get stained.

Ishani gets embarrased . – sorry uncle.

She then touches Anahita’s feet .

Anahita rolls her eyes –oh this girl. U can just hug me. stop making me feel like aunty ji.

Ishani turns red – sorry aunty.

Image result for sakshi goenkaImage result for sachin tyagi

Raglak burst out laughing.

Ranveer sees the scenario and hugs Molaram and Rupvati and gives them american hugs (with side kisses ).

Rupvati pushes him away.

  • Raam raam raam ! aj tak maare ko ishu ke baabuji ke alava kisi ne na chuya !

She hides her face with her palms. Swasan look at each other and sigh.

Rupvati starts crying . anahita panic and takes a bottle from rupvati’ s bag and hands it to her.

  • Areh behen . stop rying. Drink this. Relax behen ji.
  • Aeh kaise piyu ,yeh gau mutr hai (cow’s urine

Anahita gets starte and the cow’s urine spills over ashish .

Ashish shouts – oh my god..satya nash !

Laksh laughs louder.

Image result for sanlak

Sanskar sprays swara’s perfume on ashish and anahita.

Ashish – why does this smell like cherry and vanilla ?

Swara-  dad..its mine .

Ashish – but its so girly. Whatst he name ?

Swara hesistates – foreplay .

Ashish coughs .

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@one table

Image result for gopi father saathiyaImage result for madhuri sanjeev

Ranveer is shown sitting with his saas sasur .

Molaram – toh beta kaa kartee ho ??

Ranveer – I have my restaurant called “tantrums”

Rupvaati screams – haww !! bawarchiii ho tum ??

Ranveer gulps – aunty im an gourmet chef !

Molaram – it’s the same. U cook.

Ranveer nods.

Rupvati nods in shame to molaram – ladki ko bawarchi se bya karaoge ji ??

Molaram – beta how much u earn ? 4, to 5 lacs ?

Ranveer – monthly ?

Molaram – no yearly .

Ranveer- yearly its about 30 to 35 lacs.

Rupvati lits up. – damad ji…kya loge ?

Ranveer grins widely.

Image result for shakti arora fanclub instagram

@Beach side

Sanskar , laksh, and kunj re shown lying down on beach mats.

Shirtless, wearing their swimming trunks.

Laksh smiles – we are so not used to these ladies in bikini . areh ever since we’ve got married, ragini doesn’t even wear westerns yar. Only kurtas and sarees.

Sanskar nods – hmm , so are u planning a nightstand. ?

Laksh – areh nahi..but not a bad idea either.

Kunj nods – meri twinkle toh shadi se pehle se hi boring hai !

Sanskar sips his cocktail and winks.

Image result for pink bikiniImage result for pink bikini

Suddenly , a girl is shown with slender yet marvellous curves, coming out ofa side . She is shown in a pink bikini , long curled hair, and a bandana . another girl comes out of water,  all drenched , in a sultry red bikini. Her wet hair is shown flying as she pats them.

Suddenly music starts .  the girl’s faces are shown, Swara and Ragini are shown .  they start dancing in sensual ways.

Bheega ye badan tera paani mein aag lagaaye
Baby you just like a fish, kisi ke hath na aaye
Water se khelti ho
Mazze tum leti ho
Humein na deti ho
Jo maangu tell me why

Hot summer upar se main bhi hot
Aaja saath laga le mere 2 tequila shot
Hot summer upar se main bhi hot
Aaja saath laga le mere 2 tequila shot
And just do that, do that, do that, do that
Pani Wala Dance
And just do that, do that, do that, do that
Pani Wala Dance

Image result for tejaswi prakash

Aaja sath mere tu karle baby thoda sa romance
And just do that, do that, do that, do that
Paani wala dance

Swimming pool mein nahaa ke
Aur bhi, namkeen ho gayi ho
Namkeen ho gayi ho (x2)

oh oh oh..

Steel da lever tera, platinum da jigra
Lets do the pani wala dance befikra
Main awwal number cheez diwane
*….. make you weak in the knees
So baby please

Related image

Ye neeli neeli aankhein
Saagar ke jaise moti
Pool se bahar na aana
Nazar na lag jaaye tumhe hottie (x2)

Chikni kamar tu dekhe why not
Chal mere saath laga le baby do tequila shot (x2)

And just do that, do that, do that, do that
Pani Wala Dance
And just do that, do that, do that, do that
Pani Wala Dance

Swara comes and sits on sanskars lap.

Sanskar gulps. – that was…

Swara scratches his abs – me !

Sanskar – im already hard .

Related imageRelated image

Swara smirks and stands up , pulls him up by his nape and he stands up. She starts smooching him wildly and pushes him all the way to the resort room.

Mean while, ragini is shown standing near a tree, sipping a cocktail . laksh comes there and holds her. She pushes him away.

Ragini – hato laksh.

Laksh – ragini, im sorry baby. I was just.

Ragini glares – so u think im not hot anymore eh ?

Laksh nods in negative – no baby ! im just

Ragini fiddles with her bikini straps as laksh looks on nd gulps.

Ragini rolls her eyes – jaane do !

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She pushes him and walks away smirking.

@ The Great Banyan tree

Kunj comes there looking around. He gets a call.

  • Twinkle. Im here. Where are u ? im waiting.
  • Im here Kunj. Search for me.
  • Twinkle whats this yaar !
  • Search !

She cuts the call. He gets baffled. Suddenly he sees a lady , in a white semi transparent netted kimono and long , messy hair, barefooted with many toe rings .

  • Excuse me . did u see any,..
  • Ji ?

Twinkle turns around. Kunj gets jawdropped.

  • You ?
  • Yea

She wraps her arms around his neck.

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  • Im sorry for not being able to give u time kunj. So today I wanted to do something special for u .
  • And that is
  • Wishing under the great banyan tree.
  • Hmm?
  • Its said that whatever u wish for here. It becomes true.
  • Then lets wish.

They close their eyes and wish. They open.

Kunj – kya manga ?

Twinkle – so that everyone stays happy. No problem comes in our lifes. We stay happy forever. What did u wish for ?

Kunj – you .

Twinkle looks on at him . kunj smiles.

She hugs him .

Related image

  • I love u kunj .
  • . I love u twinkle.


@Nua Banquet hall

A huge luxurious and colorful banquet hall is shown . disco lights , hot pink and purple flowers , a huge stage, and glittery décor is shown.  Huge boards are shown crafted into

#ishveer ki shaadi.

Naira is shown walking around with flowers. She bumps into kartik.

Related image

  • Oh kartik tum ? u scared me.
  • Oh im sorry Naira. Vaise . ur looking very stunning today.
  • Thank you. even ur looking very dashing. Meri toh nazar bhi nahi hat rahi ! ****winks ****
  • What are u dancing on today ??
  • Nashe se char gayi !
  • Oye oye. Vaise kamariya would have been better for u .
  • ***looks confused ***

He traces a finger on her waist..

Image result for kaira yrkkh

Image result for kaira yrkkh waist

  • After all u have a ….
  • Kartik !

She pushes him off and runs away. Kartik smiles.



(Anika’s mint, Ragini’s coral , Jeevika’s magenta, swara’s golden lehenga )

( Ishani’s gold and orange lehenga, maya’s lavender, and twinkle’s teal lehenga )

#all ladies have done top knot bun

Ragini is shown doing Ishani’s makeup . twinkle is shown putting on her jewellry and setting her dupatta. Maya is shown being decked by ragini’s assistants.

Maya smiles – oho ishani..ur looking so pretty.

Ragini smirks – mera kamaal hai after all !

Ishani ignores her – rags bhabhi. Yeh toh aapko maanna parega that im very beautiful . after all u know there are people who never look pretty no matter .

Twinkle rolls her eyes – okay baba okay. Pretty u are. Now don’t start it again .

Ishani embarasses .

Swara is shown coming towards the room. She is shown texting on her phone.

  • come out and meet me behind the back door.
  • I cant . my husband would catch me red handed.
  • Doesn’t matter babe. I want us to be all hot tonight. We’ll sneak every kiss possible.
  • But what if sanskar sees us …
  • No worries. Ill see to it. Ur husband wont see.
  • After all he is a loser.
  • What did u …uh..uhm…okay gorgeous. Ill be waiting.
  • **wink emoji **

Swara enters the room.

  • Maya bhabhi, u and jeevika bhabhi please bring her down. Times running. Rags come with me. twinkle , naira, kanchi and durga were calling u .

They nod.


Jeevika and Maya are shown coming down.

Jeevika is shown walking very sleepily.

Arjun frowns – bhai. What happened to bhabhi. She’s looking so drowsy .

Viren rolls his eyes –she’s drowned in rum

Arjun – what ?

Viren – actually I made her drink to have some wild s*x as she is vey shy. But shh’s still  not over the drink. Still drunk.

Arjun laughs – oh f**k .

Jeevika serves drinks to molaram and rupvati.

Jeevika – namaste uncle aunty.

She pecks their cheeks. Molaram gets stoned.

Viren covers his eyes – oh f**k !

Arjun laughs on.

Image result for viren virat


Image result for paras kalnawatImage result for kanchi singh lehenga

Kanchi and Prince are shown on stage.

Prince sings – badhai ho badhai ! badhai ho badhai !

Kanchi – so welcome all of you at the grand musical bollywood night !

Prince – welcome to IshVeer Ki Sangeet !

Kanchi – we promise u a sangeet like no other !

Prince – and to start with , we welcome the groom ! the cool and dapper and as cute as a button , stunning ladies and dashing men. A round of applause for our Dulha Ranveer AKA Roody .

People clap.

@Entry stage

Related image

Ranveer is shown with his troop of musical dancers.

All wearing chunky colors of shades. While ranveer is shown wearing black specs.

Yes..its the hit song KAALA CHASHMA !

#Kala chashma starts playing loud.

Ranveer dances with his gang .

Tere naam diyan dhooma pai gayiyan, tu Chandigarh ton aayi ni.
Tenu dekh ke haunke bharde ne khade chaunka vich sipahi ni.
Thodi te kala til kudiye.
Thodi te kala til kudiye, jyon daag hai chan de tukde te,

Tenu kala chashma.Tenu kala chashma.
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, jachda ae gore mukhde te.
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, jachda ae gore mukhde te.

Tu bobby cut katwa laye ne, te paven panta jean diyan,
har vele gallan kardi aen, bas tu filma de scene diyan.
Mainu samajh na aundi haan diye,
Samajh na aundi haan diye, kehnu haal sunava dukhde de.

Tenu kala chashma.Tenu kala chashma.
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, jachda ae gore mukhde te.
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, jachda ae gore mukhde te.


All clap . ranveer smiles. Rohan and vatsal wecome him and take him on their shoulders and make him sit on the stage .

@announcement stage

Kanchi – wasn’t that amazing ! now lets welcome the dulhan !

Prince grins – the chunky, the funky, the fun , the feisty , the beautiful Ishani !

@Entry stage

A group of girls are shown dancing,

#DramaQueen plays

Image result for radhika madan dance

Ishani is shown dancing, wearing a salsa costume

She dances and shows off her killer moves. Anahita smiles .

Ishani goes dancing as rupvati closes her eyes in shame..

You know she like the drama
Yeah she is s*xy mama
When she dance everybody go o o O!

You know she like the drama
Yeah she is s*xy mama
When she dance everybody go o o O!

Haan, dekho bholi kitni
Utni par tedhi cheez hai
Baatein kare hai kadwi-kadwi
Phir bhi lazeez hai

Ittar gulaabon wali
Bottle sharabon wali
Total tabahi wala scene hai

Adaayein badi funky
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai

Adaayein badi funky
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai

Ishani dances away.

Ranveer raches the stage and takes her up in his arms.

He takes her to the stage and places her on the seat.

All people clap.


Related image

Image result for tequila shots

Tequila shots are shown placed on the table.

Vatsal and rohan are shown sitting on oppsite sides.

Kartik – so..shall we start this competition between u guys ???

Naira whistles – wooohoooo !! im sure Ro bhai will win !

Durga nods in negative – no no no no. vatsal bhaiya u have to show them u have got the guts !

Rohan and vatsal make faces as they gulp down the shots one by one.

Kanchi reaches – oh hell. Wht are u both doing !!!!

Rohan winks – drinking babes

Kanchi – Ro watch ur language

Kartik laughs – he’s drunk baby

Naira beats him – watch ur language kartik. Ur not drunk.

Kartik – u..umm…hes drunk..behna !

Vatsal – we just completed on 50 shots of tequila..

Kanchi  – oh f**k

Image result for kanchi singh lehenga

Rohan – why..kaanchi.arent u impressed ? u like boys who..

Kanchi – are u crazy . ??? never ever ! I don’t drink and I despise so.

She eyes vatsal.

  • I hate such boys .

She fumes and leaves.

Rohan – but prince said..that bastard !!!!!!!!!!

Rohan starts chasing prince.

Prince – bhai wait.

Rohan – kya be !

Prince – I cant be bastard

Rohan – acha > and why !!!!!!!!

Prince – im the third child

Prince laughs as rohan chases him .

Image result for rohan mehraImage result for shaurya goenka drink

@Dance stage

#humma humma plays

Ek ho gaye hum aur tum
Humma humma humma
Toh udd gayi neende re
Hey humma

Ek hogaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi neende re
Aur khanki payal masti mein
Toh kangan


Related image

Ye pehli baar mile
Tum pe ye dum nikle
Tum pe ye jawani dheere dheere
Madham machle

Humma humma
Humma humma humma
Hey humma humma
Humma hamma hamma

Badshah Rap:
Mujhe dar iss baat ka hai bas
Ke kahi na ye raat nikal jaye
Mere itne bhi paas tu aa mat
Kahi mere haathon se na baat nikal jaye

Bolunga sach mein jo de tu ijazat
Sabar bhi ab karne laga bagawat
Zulfein hai zaalim aur aankhe hai aafat
Lagta hai hone wali hai qayamat

Mat tadpa aise tu
Na kar na-insaafi
Jo galti karne wala hun main uske liye
Pehle se hi maangta hun maafi

Related image

Khili chandni jaisa ye badan
Janam mila tumko
Mann mein socha tha jaisa roop tera
Aaya nazar humko

Sitam khuli khuli
Ye sanam gori gori
Ye baahein karti hai yoon
Hamein tumne jab gale lagaya
Toh kho hi gaye hum

Humma humma
Humma humma humma
Hey humma humma
Humma hamma hamma

Related image

A couple is shown dancing. They twirld around and dance romantically with swag. Shivika are shown !!

All cheer together – all cheers toooo

#IshVeer !

The screen gets frosty.

Precap –

Sangeet Blast Shot – 2

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ha ha.roopvati got higher by rv n she says that no one other than her husband has hugged her.?naughty viren made jeevika drink for a spicy night n in drunken state she kissed molaram roopvati?these boys are flirts.they are sad that their wives are not modern after marriage n kunj is sad as twinkle is boring before marriage itself.loved how swara ragini surprised sanlak by their seductive dance in beach wear.swara smoothing sanskar was romantic.twinkle too surprised kunj by her dressing.twinj conversation n hug were romantic .kaira waist scene was romantic. vatsal n rohan drank as a challenge n ended up being in kanchi’s bad books.poor guys.Prince rohan part was funny.shivika dance was nice.ishveer solo dance was superb.perfect pics

    I want Prince Durga ,vatsal sanjeeda,rohan kanchi,arya,ishveer scenes.
    please don’t discontinue this ff

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