Sajna Veh FF – “Epi 13” – “Annika meets with an accident !”

Sajna Veh

Episode – 13

@Raichand Industries

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Shivaay is shown in an important call. He is shown impatiently wlaking and pacing the office.

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Shivaay – Yes, sharma exactly. I want it .

Sharma – but sir. ..this will affect you as well.

Shivaay – u don’t try to preach me okay ?? akar ki bhi aukat hoti hai !

Sharma – sorry sir . bt r u sure ?

Shivaay – oh yes. Im sure. Im sending you the location . don’t worry and ocmplete the task .

Sharma – okay sir.

Shivaay hangs up. He looks stern and determined !



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A huge hall is shown. With luxurious décor , music, and many french people. The theme is black and red and seems so of a couples party.

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Laksh and sanskar are shown standing .

Laksh – bro. today, im very happy. Finally we are going to be chachas.

Sanskar – yeah. Bt lucky, didn’t u even think once ? I doubt that bhai doesn’t love Annika bhabi yet. As he still loves that Shagun.

Laksh – lol sanky, such a fool you are. You don’t need to love for producing babies. U need s*x. lol .

Sanskar – oh yes don’t teach me . I know that very well. I just mean that..

Laksh – oh u mean that when bhai can have a baby without loving ur wife, why u r still not a dad when swara loves u so much eh ?

Sanskar – its not funny !

Laksh laughs . suddenly, he looks at something and gets lost.

Sanskar – what happened monkey ? ur bla bla stopped ?

Laksh – pinch me .

Sanskar – id rather slap u !

Laksh – areh pinch me. I feel im having a dream . just see her man.

Sanskar then realizes and looks at Ragini. He smiles.

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Laksh – kya patakha lag rahi hai !

Ragini comes down and smiles at sanlak. Laksh madly gazes at her. Ragini realizes and naughtily smirks.

Ragini – wah bhai. Hum bohot khush hai ke firaang ladkiyan hone ke bawajud hamare pati dev hame hi ghur rahe hai !

Laksh – u r that stunning that no need to look at foreign beauties !

Ragini – oh thankyou thankyou…wait what ? did u just call them beauties ?? laksh ! u a**hole !!

Laksh – baby I didn’t mean that .

Ragini – shut up.

Ragini leaves. Sanskar starts laughing,.

Laksh – ha..ha..has le. .even ur day will come.

Laksh goes behind her.

Sansker – see ..his wife has left and my one didn’t even appear. This girl is always late. From last 10 years she is late ! such a tantrumist !

Swara – u mean …fashionably late ? winks **

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Sanskar turns back and sees his darling wife looking jawdropping .

Sanskar – oh…my…

Swara – tantrumist !

Sanskar – no..princess…I didn’t mean that .

Swara pouts – so..what did u mean ?

Sanskar – meant that..she is looking so gorgoeus ?

Sawara – who..she ?

Sanskar – that crazy girl …

Swara – ohh..i see..which crazy girl ?

Sanskar – the girl who is crazily in love with me..

Swara smiles. Sheh olds his arm and rests her head on his hsoulder..

Swara- and what about u Mr. Raichand ?

Sanskar – mai ? kya mai ? mai toh bas awei. Koi pyaar vyaar nahi karta mai !

Swara pouts and punches him playfully !

Swara – ur so mean sanskar !

She is about to leave when sanskar grabs her from behind .

Sanskar – wait mrs. Raichand !

Swara – ab kya chahiye tumhe ?

Sanskar – tum..sur tum..bas tum..sirf tum..tum hi tum …

Swara smiles and blushes all red. Sanskar smiles and sighs out of relief !

@Walia Mansion

@Virika room .

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Viren is shown standing opposite to jeevika.

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  • And how dare u punish my son .
  • Viren ji jerry had beaten his classmates. This Isnt how our kid should behave.
  • Oh so he is your son ??
  • Yes viren ji, jerry is my son .
  • No jeevika. Don’t forget that jerry is my and Geeti’s son and u had married me forcefully.
  • Viren ji…
  • Yeah…2 years ago, post my divorce, u fell for me and ended up marrying me. doesn’t mean that u r jerry’s mother. Jeevika, thanks a lot for serving my fmaily and baby . but It doesn’t mean that u can mess with him…
  • Stop being so incosiderate. I know I have married u against ur will. But a year has passed. And its time u start respecting my compromises. I chose to be a mother before a wife. Respect that.
  • Women don’t desrve respect jeevika. They r just pieces of sh*t.

Jeevika firces up and ends up slapping viren. Viren holdsh is cheek and looks on shocked. Jeevika looks in disgust .

  • Im sorry for what I did just now. But from now, u will taste ur own medicine. As im supposed to be ur wife and not worshipper to abide by ur wrongdoings.

Jeevika leaves wiping her tears. Viren looks on firm.

@Mumbai Jail

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Kaanchi is shown with her friends. Inside the lockup .

They r shown fully drunk .

Kanchi – inspector…u know who I am ? im not bacci or kacchi . im kanchi..hehehe !!

Jailor rolls his eyes – constable. Ask her to shut up, from last 1 hour she is eating my head .

Constable – sir atleast she called u an inspector. U hsould be happy.

Jailor – r u making fun of me or what ?

Constable – sorry sir …

Kanchi – get me out. Once momsy sneds a lawyer..and bails me..i will kick ur a** with my heels…yes…

Jailor – first u stand properly miss.

Suddenly, a handsome lawyer is shown. Rohan is shown .

Rohan – good evening jailor shahab.

Jailor – good evening .

Rohan – advocate rohan walia .

Jailor – yes sir ?

Rohan – sir I have come to bail out Miss. Kaanchi Raichand .

Kaanchi – yay….. I knew it..wait..momsy didn’t send mr.mohonty. why did he send this looser…oh sh*t!

Rohan – f*ck u kaanchi…

Kaanchi – later inside the locker nah…

Rohan laughs .

Image result for rohanchi

Jailor – this isnt any cheap 18 plus joke cnetre.

Rohan – im sorry sir. Pardon her. She is drunk.

Jailor – that’s why we have held her captive. For drunk dribing.

Rohan – I know sir . here are her bail papers…

Jailor sees the papers. Rohan gos to the lockup .

Rohan – kaanhci..what is this yaar ?

Kaanchi – me nah…

Rohan – what baby ?

Kaanchi – my baby..ur baby…

Rohan – this girl…

Kaanchi giggles..

Jailor – okay u can take her. Ocnstable release her…

Kaanchi shows her tounge to the jailor. Rohan chuckles. Jailor fumes.

@Mira road

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Anika is shown inside a car, going to her checkup . she gently caresses her stomach and smiles. Suddenly, car comes from another side . driver fails to catch brakes . the truck umps into the car. Annika screams – shivaay !!

The screen goes black.

precap – Annika to die ? Maya’s past unreveals. Viren’s final decision. Gopi scolds Ranveer and Ishani. 3 months later ?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sanlak conversation was funny.laksh lost in ragini’s look was romantic. raglak fight was funny.swasan scene was cute n romantic. loved swaragini look.oh though jeevika punished the son to tame him viren scolded her.shocking that he used abusive words.good that jeevika slapped him.shocking that kanchi got arrested for drunk driving.rohan coming as a lawyer to release her was superb.rohan kanchi conversation was funny.shocking that anika met with accident. nice pics

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Sad for Anika

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