Sajna Veh / E- 64/ – Kanchi’s Mehendi Pt 1

SAJNA VEH / E- 64/ – Kanchi’S Mehendi Pt 1

3 months later……

@The Radisson Blu


The huge hotel is shown  decorated. Cyan blue carnations, white roses and lilies . lights, chandeliers, lamps, long and decorative candles, and loads and loads of balloons are shown in the ballroom. A side is kept allotted for a huge buffet of Italian quisine. Darshan Raval’s posters are shown beside a huge stage which is set up for a romantic performance. Yes, loads of blues, whites, Italian and Darshan !! All of Kanchi’s favorites. After all it’s her mehendi party !! the ballroom is shown filled with 150 guests .

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@ Centre of the ballroom

Kanchi Singh in Kalki Pink lehenga in net with mint blue blouse

Kanchi is shown sitting gracefully in a beautiful sofa set surrounded by her bridesmaids . her hands are shown beautifully decorated with intricate designs of bridal mehendi. 2 mehendi artists and a few trays of mehendi tubes and gajra is shown scattered around her . Naira is shown sitting with a tissue and helping Kanchi reset her make up . suddenly, Kanchi gets a call.

Kanchi – who is it ?

Naira grins – ohooo…dekho toh kisne phone kiya hai…romeo hmm…not good ha..

Kanchi – what not good , what not good hmm? Pass me the phone , now !

Naira- areh Kanchi , haven’t you heard what your dadi said ? you cant talk to vatty bhaiya till your wedding.

Kanchi – stop being so old fashioned. I will see what you do when your time comes.

Naira sighs dramatically – hai..ab usi din ka toh intezaar hai .

Kanchi punches her with her elbow – Naira ki bacchi, give me the phone now, I swear I’ll kill you if the call gets cut .

Naira – fine fine .

Naira  holds the phone against her ear.

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Kanchi blushes – hello….

Vatsal – hello ma’belle.

Kanchi smiles – vatsal. Don’t talk to me .you are very mean. Who the hell doesn’t attend his own mehendi.

Vatsal – oh hello madam ! its not my mehendi its your mehendi .

Kanchi frowns.

Vatsals – and besides, you don’t need to get so angry . because…

Kanchi – because what…

Vatsal – because ….I have a surprise for you ..

Kanchi – what surprise??

Vatsal – that you will get after 2 hours.

Kanchi chuckles – okay…who kehte hai naa..sabr ka phal meetha hota hai…

Vatsal – exactly ma’belle. That’s why only I am totally not gonna put a finger on you till our suhagraat..kyunki…..

Kanchi bites her lips.

Vatsal – sabr ka phal meetha jo hota hai…

Kanchi giggles. The call gets hung up. Naira keeps it aside.

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@other side .

Music plays. Drums roll. Electric guitars are played .

4 men are shown in turquoise kurtas holding drums . they play the drums loudly. Sau Asmaano ko starts playing ….

Verse 1: Neeti Mohan]
Aakhon ko..
Teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai

[Pre-Chorus: Neeti Mohan]
Bin chuye chu liye hain
Tune mujhko diye hain
Pyaar ke ye tarane janiya
Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas

[Chorus: Neeti Mohan]
Sau aasmaano ko
Aur do jahaano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas

[Verse 2: Armaan Malik]
Jaane kya hone laga
Mujhko nahi hai khabar
Kyun neend se door yeh
Jaani lagi hai nazar

[Pre-Chorus: Neeti Mohan & Armaan Malik]
Chhodo ye saari baatein
Ab milli hai jo raatein
Inhe jaane na dena janiya
Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas

[Chorus: Neeti Mohan]
Sau aasmaano ko
Aur do jahaano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas

[Verse 1: Armaan Malik]
Aakhon ko..
Teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh, inhe shikayat hai

[Pre-Chorus: Armaan Malik]
Bin chuye chu liye hain
Tune mujhko diye hain
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya
Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas

Sajna Veh FF - Epi 35 - "Sangeet Shot -2 " - Telly UpdatesSajna Veh FF - Epi 35 - "Sangeet Shot -2 " - Telly Updatestashan e ishq | TumblrMeri Aashiqui Tumse Hi| - Creations Gallery #1(Page 87)

4 beautiful ladies are shown . they join their husbands in the dance. Swasan, Ishveer, raglak and twinJ are shown dancing beautifully. Kanchi claps. Prince ,Durga,Kartik and Naira clap. Rohan is shown standing away in a corner. Swara’s eyes fall on him and her smile dims down. She does the rest of the dance without a smile.

After the dance ends, Sanskar pulls her away and drags her to their hotel room.

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Swara – sanskar what are you doing ? leave me , you are hurting me. Sanskar, sanskar I said stop .

Sanskar pushes her against a wall in their bedroom . Swara looks up at him pissed off.

Sanskar – swara what has gotten into you ? what’s your problem ?

Swara – what ? I don’t know what you are talking about.

Sanskar – don’t be so indifferent Swara. I have been noticing this from the last 3 months. Shaadi ki shopping ho rahi hai tayyariyan ho rahi hai, aur tum . tumhe toh pari hi nahi hai. Hamesha mu latqa leti ho .

Swara – you are imagining things sanskar . there is nothing like that. I have designed all the clothes for kanchi from my own boutique, I have made all the arrangements. Infact I was dancing only when you pulled me here.

Sanskar – ha, you were dancing, but you looked like someone forced you to dance . tum yaha hoke bhi nahi ho Swara, pata nahi kaha gum rehti ho. Look I am worried because I love you , but I am getting irritated too. Because it’s my sister’s wedding and I want the environment  to be jolly.

Swara sighs – I am okay Sanskar. I said na. stop dragging the issue.

Sanskar rolls his eyes – I know you and laksh weren’t very much happy about the wedding anyways but yeh kya hi yaar. Har baar kyun pyaar ke dushman ban jaate ho?? Roody ishani ke time par bhi…

Swara – stop it sanskar. Enough. Mujhe kaam hai mujhe jaane do.

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She pushes him away and walks off.


Suhana is shown walking around with a glass of mango juice. Her eyes search for someone when she spots laksh. She calls him.

Suhana – Lucky!!

Laksh notices her and walks to her .

Suhana – now give this juice to her, otherwise your baby will remain hungry.

Laksh nods.

Suhana-  did you give her , her vitamins in the morning ?

Laksh face palms – shit. Sorry Mumma. I ..

Suhana – stop behaving so irresponsible laksh, you need to focus on her.

Suhana notices the gloom on Laksh’s face and caresses his cheek.

Suhana – baccha, I can understand its hard for you. But you have to do it. For yourself, for Ragini, for your unborn baby . hmm ?

Laksh smiles fadely and nods.

Laksh  walks off .

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@one side

A lady sees ragini dancing and runs to her. Ishani and Twinkle stop dancing seeing her . Anahita and dadi frown.

Lady – areh Ragini beta…

Ragini gets startled.

Lady – areh beta why are you dancing ?

Ragini frowns – ji?

Lady – you are pregnant naa, you should’nt dance in this situation at all. Its harmful for both you and your baby . don’t dance , it will stress your body. Your kid inside you must be tired by now. Just take rest .

Anahita and dadi look at each other . ragini looks on. Ishani and twinkle look at each other.

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@other side

Laksh is shown walking with the juice. He opens the door of a hotel room . he smiles.

  • Kaha ho tum ? I have brought juice for you. Areh…are you still upset with me ?? where are you…..

@one side

Anahita – areh lalita bhabhi relax.

Ragini gets tears in her eyes. Twinkle and Ishani grab both her shoulders. Kanchi looks on.

Lady – areh Anahita behen , you don’t take care of your bahu at all. One doesn’t dance and jump around in her pregnancy like this. She should understand this.

Twinkle – dehiye aap….

Anahita – there is nothing to worry about Lalita ji. I would have taken really good care of Ragini if….

Ragini breaths heavily as a tear escapes her eyes..

Twinkle – badi mami ji….

Anahita – if she was pregnant ….

Ragini looks on.

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@other side.

Laks looks around.

  • Here I am …..

A beautiful girl with curly hair is shown standing chirpily in front of Laksh .

  • Ahaana !
  • Lucky boy . finally you are here, here I thought I would bore to death .

Ahaana is shown having a small and initial baby bump.

  • .here is your juice , mumma sent me with this. You must have been hungry.

Ahaana giggles.

  • Nahi , not hungry, just bored. But if you have brought this with so much love, then I will definitely have it. ]

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She sips the juice.

  • Mango, ah..
  • What happened ? Ahaana ? are you okay ? you are fine right ?
  • Yes yes. Absolutely . I am okay. The baby just moved . I think he loves mangoes. He is just like his father .

Ahaana giggles. Laksh smiles .

@one side

Lady – what do you mean ? isn’t ragini pregnant ? but today only you said that you are buying a pent house in Greece for laksh’s unborn baby.

Anahita – yes I am ..but….

Anahita looks at dadi. Dadi stands up and comes.

Dadi – the matter is, Ragini and laksh ….are having….

Twinkle – uh…lalita aunty . the matter is ,ragini bhabhi and laksh bhaiya are having a super strong baby. So the doctor has allowed rags bhabhi to dance a bit. Don’t worry , we are taking care of her. You go and sit.

Lady frowns but nods .

Dadi – aise kab tak..duniya se yeh sacchai chhupaoge ? ki ragini ka baccha, uske nahi, bal ki kisi aur ladki ke kok me khel raha hai….

Ragini choke her tears . she wipes them and runs away.

Ishani – rags bhabhi! Wait…

Dadi – there is no need to go after her . and you better keep quiet ishani . its all because of you. 3 months ago you had only suggested this ominious idea of surrogacy .

Ishani – dadi , please. How can you talk like that….i had suggested this only for rags bhabhi’s welfare. Aur vaise bhi, I had only given a suggestion, I didn’t force it on you guys.

Anahita eyes ishani .

Ishani – I’ll go and check up on Rags bhabhi.

Twinkle is about to go when dadi stops her.

Dadi – no need to go twinkle. Look after the guests and see if kanchi and Loveleen samdhan ji needs anything . you are the bahu of this family , tumhari aur bhi zimmedariyan hai, bajay ki apni jethani ke aansu pochon.

Twinkle nods disappointedly.

Anahita pokes suhana.

Suhana – hmm bhabi?

Anahita – maaji always calls Twinkle “bahu” in a way that I start doubting if Kunj was replaced with sanskar when he was born lol . kahi isa toh nahi ke sanskar ghar ka baccha hai hi nahi…

Suhana rolls her eyes- agar maa ji ko kunj ko badalna hi that oh who laksh aur Ranveer ke saath bhi badal sakti hai bhabhi.

Anahita glares at suhana.

Suhana – but anyway I wont badmouth them. After all lucky and roody are my own sons as much as sanskar. I have not given birth to all of them but still they all consider me their mom. How unlike you na bhabhi ?

Anahita gives her a death glare. Suhana shrugs and leaves.

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Swara is shown coming down.

Swara – sanskar is right in a way. But I cant tell him that I am upset because Ro always loves kanchi. Yeh baat kahungi toh batangar hi ban jayega, tamasha ban jayega. I am upset for Ro, but I can’t spoil Vatty’s happiness too. He is my brother too. Yeh saga aur masera kya hota hai. I can’t differentiate. I can’t be so selfish and neither can I let Rohan be so selfish .

Kanchi spots swara .

Kanchi – swara bhabhi !

Swara smiles and sits next to her .

Kanchi – bhabhi, see na , this Naira took away my mehendi artist to make designs on others. Mera toh adhura hi chhod gayi, see. She hasn’t written Vatsal’s name yet.

Swara dimly smiles – oh yes.

Kanchi – bhabhi, you write it for me na .

Swara – ah okay .

Swara takes the mehendi tube and is about to draw when a vase drops and her face falls on Rohan.

Kanchi rolls her eyes –Ro…..what wrong with you ? kyun mere shaadi ka décor kharab kar rahe ho !!

Rohan – uh..sorry kanchi…

Kanchi fumes. Swara sees rohan’s face fall down.

Swara starts applying the mehendi .

Kanchi – bhabhi…not only a V.

Kanchi pauses and blushes before continuing.

Kanchi – write the whole name. that too in block letters. V A T S A L…

Swara – and why ?

Kanchi – kyunki mai nahi chahti ki vatsal ka ansh ansh mera ho. Bal ki, mai chahti hu, ki uska dil, uski dhadkane, uska jism aur uski rooh, sabki mallika mai hi banu. I want to own him head to toe. That’s why..i want his complete name on my palm.

Swara smiles .

  • .how cu….

Rohan suddenly catches Swara’s eye.

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He stomps his foot and walks away.

Swara fumbles – Rohan…

Kanchi – bhabhi..concentrate na..focus on your brother later…please

Swara nods and does as kanchi says .


Rohan is shown standing by the railing.

He looks at the sky lost. Tears gather at the brim of his eyes and threaten to come down any moment.


Kanchi – bhabhi…not only a V.

Kanchi pauses and blushes before continuing.

Kanchi – write the whole name. that too in block letters. V A T S A L…

Swara – and why ?

Kanchi – kyunki mai nahi chahti ki vatsal ka ansh ansh mera ho. Bal ki, mai chahti hu, ki uska dil, uski dhadkane, uska jism aur uski rooh, sabki mallika mai hi banu. I want to own him head to toe. That’s why..i want his complete name on my palm.

End of flashback

@twinJ’s hotel room

Twinkle is shown retouching her makeup . KunJ enters talking to a client on phone .

KunJ – ji patel ji…

His eyes fall on twinkle. She twirls around , puts perfume on herself , brushes her hair. She then takes the lipstick and applies it softly on her lips. KunJ remains lost in her . he keeps the phone aside and keeps looking at her ..

Sajna Veh /E- 63/ -(TwinJ Special) – “Tashan E Shaadi Part 3 ...

KunJ in his mind

  • 3 months have passed. And yet, you haven’t got your memory back Twinkle. Your mind still doesn’t recognize me. For some weird reason whenever I try to come close to you , you walk away you run away. You don’t even let me hug you. At times I feel you want to come close to me as well but then….maybe you haven’t accepted our wedding from your heart yet .

Twinkle makes a chutki.

Twinkle – what !!??

Kunj – what..nothing.

Twinkle – kunj..tum mujhe taar rahe the naa…very bad. This is called eve teasing !

Kunj – excuse me …you are my wife okay ? I have the rights from united nations to see you look at you whenever I want…

Twinkle – achaaa??

Kunj – ji accha. And I have many other rights on you vaise toh ,

He says eyeing her body mischievously.

  • Par khair koi nahi tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi.
  • Very funny.
  • I know I have a brilliant sense of humour Mrs.desai you don’t need to remind me. vaise…you are looking gorgeous!!

Twinkles shakes her head in disbelief and applies blush.

Kunj sits on bed and smirks.

  • Kamal hai. Im surprised, mere jaisa handsome , hot hubby hone ke baad bhi tumhe artificial blush on ki zarurat parti hai..kya zamana aagaya hai..

tumblr_o3dni6Hsgm1t1nb44o4_250.gif (245×207) | Looking gorgeous ...

Twinkle rolls her eyes .

  • Kunj tum naa…

She throws a small cushion at him and he laughs. Twinkle’s amgry frown soon turns into a smile.

Twinkle – he is so cute when he smiles. Ya rabba, Kunj ki khushiyan aise hi barqharar rakhna. Uski is pyaari si muskaan ki raksha karna.


@after a while

Everyone is shown gathered, enjoying the party.

The gate of the ballroom suddenly opens . strong wind blows. It starts raining outside . heavy rain starts . lighting happens . dadi frowns and looks at the Sri Krishna Idol and gulps. Curtains are shown flying . the camera zooms in the Raichand family picture .

2 pairs of heels are shown .

  • Maaa !!!

Dadi gets flaggerbasted . she looks shocked . Anahita ,Suhana and their husbands look at the door and get astonished . Komolika raichand (hina khan) and her beautiful daughter Sanjida (sanjida sheikh) are shown . they smile at each other and then look at everybody.

Komolika Hina Khan GIF - Komolika HinaKhan HinaHolics GIFs

main product photo

Swara pokes sanskar – baby..who is this ?

Sanskar shrugs .

Ishani pokes ranveer – roody…do you know her ??

Ranveer – no , I don’t known her. Infact , this is the first time I’m seeing them both.

The camera zooms at the staircase. Shivaay is shown standing tall looking dapper and anika is shown holding his arms . they come  down by the staircase and suddenly their eyes fall on Komolika and Sanjida .

Mein to aavayi aavayi aavayi loot Gaya #Ishqbaaaz #ishqbaaz ...

Anika –Shivaay yeh….

Shivaay looks stunned at komolika. He furrows his brows and thinks for a bit. Komolika smiles at him and waves. She blows him a little kiss.

Komolika – Shivaaayyyyy!!!!!

Shivaay raises his eye brows and whispers …

  • Komolika Fai ! ………………….(komo aunt)

The episode ends on Shivaay’s shocked face .


Precap :

Laksh Feeds ahaana fruits by his hands. Ragini smiles. Swara looks on worried.

meanwhile ,

Shivaay gets a phone call – hello !

caller – hi baby !

shivaay gets shell shocked.

meanwhile ,

Komolika – twinkle, i am your…

twinkle – hmm??

Dadi – Komolika !!

twinkle in her mind – kuch toh garbar hai..


kanchi’s Haldi rasam starts .  komolika Kisses and hugs kanchi

the diya blows away.

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