Sajna Ve Sajna- Ragsan (part 1)

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Hello my lovely readers. Thanks for your support and love. So let’s begin…

“Oye… Aryan! Idhar aao! Pehle dood khatam karo!” Yelled Ragini as she ran after her son.

“Kya hua Ragini?” called Sanskar as he shaved in the washroom

Suddenly, Ragini stopped and smiled to herself. “Maybe this will help my situation a little bit” So she called out to him in her strict and angry voice that Aryan was often afraid of.


Suddenly, Aryan stopped and turned around. He walked towards his mother who had a large frown on her face. ” I’m sorry Mama, Ill drink it”. Ragini smiled ,”

Aaja beta, yeh leh”. Suddenly, Ragini heard a loud beep and she turned around and said “Chal, teri bus bhi aa gayii”. Aryan smiled at his mother who looked at her son proudly.

Ragini walked Aryan to the bus and as she was helping his tiny legs into the bus, he kissed her on the cheeks and said,” I love you Mama”. Ragini smiled, “Chal mere hero, jaa!”. She kissed Aryan on the cheeks and finally said goodbye to her son.

As Ragini walked inside, she was smiling to herself and thinking of how perfect her life was after all those hardships she went through. As she was walking, a pair of strong hands grabbed her waist.

“Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari, beta hai to kya hua? You have a husband that needs your help in getting ready as well, smiled Sanskar naughtily. Sanskar removed the piece of hair that flew into Ragini,s face. Ragini closed her eyes and felt Sanskar’s breath near her neck.

Suddenly, Ragini opened her eyes and said ” Chadoo jii! Aap bhi naa’ bacha ho gaya hai, aur aap apna bachpana bhoolay nahi! Sanskar smiled at her shyness. He thought to himself, “She’s already a mother of one, how about helping her out with one more?” Sanskar smiled mischievously. Suddenly, Sanskar pulled Ragini into his arms again. “Can I help you out with another Maheshwari Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari?” Ragini smiled shyly and said, ” buss kijiyee… koi dekhlay ga,,,'”

Sanskar suddenly started to kiss Ragini on her forhead, cheeks, ears, and nose and finally almost the lips’ when Ragini stopped his lips from going any further, or even before she lost her self control. “Sanskar baas ki jiye’ baad mein’ ” as Ragini turned away shyly. Then Sanskar looked at her mischeviously, ” Oh well’ you have to pay for it later Mrs. Maheshwari”.  Sanskar turned away and took the towel off the bed and went into the shower.

Ragini turned toward her closet and tried to decide what she was going to wear for the day at the office with Sanskar. She chose her favorite red and white Anarkali and smiled to herself, “Sanskar will like this one’ I mean’ he loves these colors on me” She decided on this outfit and changed into this outfit. She put her matching bangles and earrings on adoringly. Ragini turned around and walked towards her dressing table where she sat down. She fixed her mangalsutra and put a tiny gold chain with a tiny diamond pendant. Finally she pulled her sindoor forward and smiled and she dipped her finger into the little gold tin.

Shortly after 10 minutes, Ragsan made their way into the car. ” Ragini do you have all the files and supplies needed for the meeting?” asked Sanskar. “Yes I do, and stop worrying” smiled Ragini.  Soon after, Sanskar and Ragini had reached MC.

Both Ragsan entered the office with a very professional stride in their walk. Ragini smiled to everyone, while Sanskar  was the more serious one and nodded his head signifying his “Hello”. Everyone stood up from their seat in respect. Both Ragsan stopped. Ragini finally spoke and said, “Good Morning everyone! As you all know it is a very big day for MC as we have managed to get the biggest contract that we all have been working hard for. I want you all to present your best and give your best as this special contract goes through the meeting process. “finished Ragini. Sanskar continued on, “Thankyou everyone and please get back to work”

Sanskar then gestured Ragini to follow him into the board room along with the whole team. As everyone sat down, Ragini noticed that Sanskar was nervous about something. “Kya hua Sanskar? Kuch problem  hai kya?” asked Ragini innocently. “Nahi nahi Ragini, bus thora nervous ho raha hoon”. Ragini smiled at her husband and said, ” Sanskar, don’t worry, everything will be fine”. Sanskar smiled and was relieved with the assurance that Ragini gave him.

After ten minutes, the Rathods team had entered the boardroom. The meeting went very smoothly with all the presentations from both sides. Ragini however, was the one leading the meeting because Sanskar had faith in Ragini’s presentation skills and knew she could not make any mistake. The meeting went very smoothly for about 2 hours. Ragini had sat down after the meeting had concluded. She had full faith in this day and knew that she could not let Sanskar down. 

Soon afterwards, one of the Rathod Representatives had gotten up and said, “Mr. Maheshwari, we are very impressed with Miss Ragini’s presentation, in which we have decided that we are going to do this deal with you.” Ragini smiled and well…Sanskar just beyond happy and of course proud of his wife! Sanskar and Ragini stood up and shook hands with the Rathod team. Everyone left, except  Ragsan.

Sanskar looked at his wife’s face with tears in his eyes. Ragini walked up to Sanskar and hugged him tightly in which Sanskar held onto her tightly as well. Ragini unfastened herself from Sansjar’s hold and wiped his tears delicately. Raginj returned to her comical self and said, ” Oye hoye, aap to bilkul hi Meena Kumari lag rahe hain”. Sanskar laughed.”Chalein, lunch kartay hain and after that we have to pick up Aryan from his school” added Ragini. Sanskar nodded and followed his wife out of the meeting room.

After Ragsan had their lunch, both went into the car towards Aryan’s school. As soon as they reached the school, the car stopped to let both of them out. Outside the school, Aryan was waiting for his parents to come pick him up. Both Ragsan were looking for Aryan until Ragini spotted Aryan sitting on the bench.

Ragini ran towards him and Sanskar saw that she had spotted him. Aryan saw his mother and ran towards her as well. Both met in a tight hug and Ragini said, “Oye hoye, mere hero, kaisa tha tera school?”. Aryan nodded and said,” Good Mama! I learned so much today”. Suddenly, Aryan saw that  Sanskar had walked towards them as well. “PAPA!!!” yelled Aryan as he unfastened himself from his mothers embrace. Sanskar went down on his knees and opened his arms wide for his son. “Papa Papa! Aapko pata hai kay aaj school mein kya hua tha?” said Aryan excitedly. Sanskar laughed and said, “Nahi beta, batao! Kya hua tha?”.  Aryan began to speak when some girls giggled, “Byee Aryan!”. Geet saw them and opened her mouth out wide,” Haww!”.

Sanskar smiled at his son and said, “koi baat nahi beta, main tumhe bacha ta hoon” winked Sanskar. Ragini folded her arms with a big frown on her face. “Bye Mr. Maheshwari” giggled the mothers of the girls who first called Aryan.

Ragini was now raging in anger and jealousy. Sanskar stopped laughing and signaled Aryan to hold his hand. Both walked upto their favorite lady and Aryan said, “Mama, these girls are silly, don’t worry!! You are my favorite girl”. Sanskar  smiled and continued seriously, ” same here Haan, jo bhi Aryan nay kaha”. Ragini smiled and turned around towards her two favorite men. She walked towards Aryan and bent down,  you are my favorite too”. She kissed her son on the cheek and stood up. Sanskar was expecting some sort of sweet gesture but Ragini turned to him and held his collar lightly, ” Agar phir se hua na, to main unkay chotay chotay tukray kar doongi aur aapkay bhi”. She smiled and let go of his collar. Sanskar smiled at his wife’s jealousy. All of them laughed and walked towards the car. The three got into the car where they drove off towards the house.

Hope it wasn’t boring. Plesae do comments..

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