Sajna Ve Sajna- Ragsan (Intro & Character sketch )

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Hello everyone. Drashti here with new Ragsan ff.

Character Sketch

Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari: She is a fun loving and protective mother of her son Aryaan. After struggling all her life, she met the love of her life and husband Sanskar Maheshwari. She is a pure Punjabi Kuri who has a very “sherni” attitude if it comes to Sanskar or Aryaan.  She is sophisticated and very educated, yet she has the values of a traditional Indian woman. She loves her devar as her own little brother and treats Sanky’s family like her very own. She is a strong girl who protects others and then saves herself. Although she may come from a different background from Sanky, but she knows her traditions very very well! perhaps more than Sanky.

Sanskar Maheshwari: He is the rude, arrogant and cold hearted man that fell in love with his sherni and wife, “Ragini”.  This man is the owner of Maheshwari Constructions and holds honesty, respect and hard work in high regard. He loves to romance his “Ragini” and play with his son Aryan! The all famous Sanskar Maheswari sets the whole world on fire as soon as he walks in! The ladies drool over him, even after he gets married! He is the eldest son and brother of the Maheswari family.

Aryan: This lovable 6 year old is your average naughty boy who will accidentally throw his baseball into your window, thus breaking the window into small pieces. Just kidding! He is an obedient and fun loving child that holds his mother and father in high regard.  He is the oldest heir to the Maheswari Empire! Although he can be quite a papa’s boy at times! Like his father, he attracts all the ladies towards him

Sahil Maheshwari: The middle child of the Maheshwari brothers and is quite the “drama king”. He is a greedy and selfish man who would do anything and everything to ruin something for someone. He is the young and charming brother who woos all the ladies and after getting what he wants out of them’ he leaves them immediately. He owns his own hotel business in order to compete with his brother Sanskar. He hates Ragini and only aims to hurt her and not anyone else.

Swara Laksh Maheswari:  The young wife of Laksh Maheswari ! She a devrani to Ragini and a very fun loving one as well. She spoils her little devil Aryan with chocolates, gifts and tons of love. Ragini and she were best friends since they were little girls and who knew! They became even closer in relation! She has a clean and pure heart that shows on her face. Like Ragini, she is sophisticated and modern but still holds her traditions in high regard.

Laksh Maheshwari: This naughty and young maheshwari, is a fun loving guy who has clean heart! He makes mistakes, but always looks up to his brother Sanskar for advice. Both Swara and he live in Canada because he owns a business that runs there. Even before getting married to Swara he always treated Ragini like his own sister and mother! His brother Sanskar is like a father figure for him! Swara is the love of his life in which he seeks comfort and peace.  He treats Aryan like his own son and showers him with love!

Ap (Daadi Maa): This wonderful woman is the grandmother of Sanskar, Sahil and Laksh. She is a kind hearted and soft spoken woman who loves her children very much. She is a modern dadi, who still upholds her traditions to the utmost regard. She treats Ragini and swara equally as her daughters because she did not have any daughters in her own children.  She has the silent hand of authority in her household, but is a very leanient daadi maa. And how else to describe her? Well she’s like every other loving Daadi maa in this world! 🙂

Kavya Maheshwari Rathod: Well… who could have imagined that a woman like her would be in a relationship with Sahil. She is a self centered person who just cares all about wealth and power. She has a rough past… Everything got taken away from her when she was a girl and she landed up from a rajput family to a brothel. Since then, she has been out trying to gather herself and sahil was the only support she had.

Viren Vadhera: The hearthrob of all doctors! He has been a very close friend of Ragini and later became very close with Sanskar. He has always supported Ragini in everything she did. He is a fun loving and honest guy who would literally make every girl’s dil go ” dhak dhak” in the hospital. He has been married to Khanak for the same time Ragsan were married.  He fell in love with Khanak while they were interns at Sanjeevani and his heart went ” dhak dhak” for her. He lives his every moment cherishing his wife, his life and love. Although at the hospital he can be quite strict or serious… he never misses a chance to romance with his wife!

Jeevika Vadhera: A word to describe Dr. Jeevika: Sweet! She is a honest and sweet girl who lives her life the way she wants to. Her bubbly attitude and caring nature has left a thousand just breathless. Her innocence and charm is what Viren fell in love with and now she is happily married with Viren. She was playing hard to get, tough girl at first, but she slowly fell for Viren! Their sweet and romantic love would make anyone want to go ” hayeeeee” And she has been a friend of Ragini and swara since they all went to University together.

Rithik Raheja: He is Ragini’s maternal cousin and a lawyer by profession. He lives with his wife Shivanya in Mumbai. Ragini treats Rithik like her elder brother and his wife Shivanya like her own sister. Rithik and Ragini have grown up together and she shares the littlest of secrets with him. He funded Ragini’s education and helped start her construction business. He is a sweet guy that has respect for elders and everyone. Although you don’t want to make him angry, but overall he is a nice guy and will do anything to help you. He and Sanskar get along very well because they are similar in personality and Rithik knows that Sanskar will always keep Ragini protected and loved.

Shivanya Raheja: Rithik’s wife and the sweetest girl you would ever meet. She and Ragini went to the same school when they were young girls. She is a fashion designer by profession and no matter how busy she is, when it comes to Rithik or Ragini.. she always comes to their aid. She loved Rithik since she was a young girl and Rithik had feelings for her later.She may sound like a modern and snobby wife of a rich lawyer, but she is traditional and she still keeps her values in tact.

Please comment guys & let me know if I should continue it or stop it:)

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