Sailing in the ship of friendship (Prologue)


A person fell on the floor when someone pushed him, his head, limbs and other parts were bleeding heavily. He hissed when his body hit the cold floor. He was lying on his stomach and was facing the ground. 

“Bring them here too!” A man bellowed whose voice was full of venom. 

Then three people also  were throw on the ground  with harshness. They all were in the same condition as the previously thrown person was.

A person’s silhouette was only visible who was standing in the entrance of the room. The light rays of the moon were coming from the door but his body was blocking them. 

That person said,”Why you all want to die? I want only one from you and just because of your  so called friendship you all are suffering…Think again once…or I will kill you all!!” 

Those all looked each other but instead of being worried they smiled and stretched their hands towards each other tough with difficulty but they held each other’s hands and stood up staggering and said in unity,

“Our life was,is and will be a beautiful trip,

As we are sailing in the ship of friendship.

No matter if some storm comes in our way,

Our friendship will be stable and will not sway.

We friends will always be one, 

No matter we live on earth or in heaven.

We were friends and we’ll,

If you want to ,then kill!! “


“You all  are friends no, So let me send you all  to heaven together.”  That man  glanced them with a smirk and four loud sounds of gunshots echoed in the whole place.

Those four souls departed the world but being together! As they used to call themselves, ‘Best friends forever!’

“Foolish people were they, wanted to be together, what is in friendship that it made them to sacrifice their lives? It is just a time pass, a waste of time, who got what from this? Nothing!” That man laughed.


Is it true? Does none get anything from friendship? Is it a time pass? Were they four foolish to do that?

Think and tell.

A new story based on friendship is waiting for you.

Not to forget to do votes and comments.

Thank you so much for reading.



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