Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 6)

Sai Aur Virat Ki Kahani (chapter 6)

Hey guys Iam back with another chapter.

somebody rang the doorbell of Chavan Nivas, and called out Mr. Virat Chavan

Virat: Yes Iam Virat chavan.

Post man: Ji apke liye chitti ayi hai, yaha sign kijiye.(Sir there is a letter for you, please sign here.)

postman took a leave, Virat started reading the letter, he was looking very happy .Soon after reading the letter he ran to the temple in his house ,placed the letter near Bappa’s idol. then he started to take blessings of every elder one in the house.

Everyone were surprised to see virats such behaviour, then kakau asked Virat.

Kaku: Arey, arey, Virat kya baat hai, aisa kya hain us chitti mein, jise padkar tum itni jaldi badalgaye ho.( what’s the matter Virat, what is there in that letter, by reading that letter you have changed very sooner.)

Virat: arey kaku, baat hi kuch aisi hai, mera posting hogaya, Gadchiroli ki ACP hu mein ab ( kaku the matter is my posting was done at Gadchiroli as ACP  and i should report there at tomorrow itself.)

Samrat: arey mere sher, akhir tunhe kar dikhaya.( atlast you have achieved it my lion)

Samrat gave a hug to Virat.

Aswini: mein abhi mitai lekhe aati hoon.( I will go and bring sweets)

Omkar: Gadchiroli, woh toh bahut danger jagah hai virat zara sambhalke rahna.( Gadchiroli , that is a very danger place Virat, be careful)

Virat: ji kaka.(ok uncle).

Story shifts to Gadchiroli where Sai cuts the cake which was fully decorated, they three enjoyed a lot.

atlast Sai and Karishma fallen asleep on Kamal’s lap who was sleeping by resting is back on wall and sitting on bed, by putting his both hands on Sai and Karishma.

It was morning.

Kamal woke up with the sound of alarm.. trinn..trinn..

he slowly woke up and then made the two girls rest on bed,then he went out of the room.

after a few minutes, sai woke up and took her mobile and scrolling down something on her phone.

Suddenly she got a message ting.. ting..

when she opened she saw a horoscope  card in which it is written.

”You will meet a special person today.”

Sai: ye horoscope bi na kuch bhi kehte hain.hmmm.( she murmered to herself.)

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Guys iam thinking to write an ff on shaurya aur anokhi ki kahani ,please tell me should i write or not.



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