Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 5)

Sai aur Virat Ki Kahani (chapter 5)

Hello  guys, sorry for the delay, as i already mentioned the reason for that. but there is a good news for you, my board exams cancelled and Iam promoted to next year.

Lets get into the story know:

Sunny and Virat refreshed and came down to have break fast.

Sunny: Arey kaku aur kitni der lagegi?(aunt how much time it will take?)

Ashwini: bas panch min aur sunny.(just 5 minutes sunny)

Virat: Sunny chalna tab tak hall mein baitke chai peinge( sunny lets go and have tea, in sitting hall)

Every one are sitting in hall including Samrat who lost in his own thoughts, Ninad is reading newspaper, bhavani kaku and omkar are discussing about something important

Just then virat breaks the silence in the hall

Virat: Arey sunny dekhona mera jeeva kitna sharmarahe hai.( Sunny see how my jeeva is blushing)

Sunny : haa yaar, woh toh dikh rahe hain (yes yaar, its clearly seen)

Samrat : chup kar shiva ,kuch bhi .(shut up shiva, whatever)

Virat: wahi toh bol raha hu kuch bi nahi par kuch toh hain( thats what iam saying, there is nothing but there is something. )

Aswini while coming from kitchen says kyun nahi sharmayege tere jeeva akhir uski koi khaas aane wale hai is shyam.( why dont your jeeva blush as someone special is coming in the evening)

Virat ; oho!

someone knocks the door of chavan nivas and calls out Mr. Virat chavan……………….


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    Amazing chapter👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    waiting for next update…post soon..☺☺

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    tq and i will post the next chapter soon

  4. Nuthan

    It’s really good. Try making it a bit longer, you end the ff with a lot of curiosity!

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    yeah sure nuthan

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