Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 10)

Sai  Aur Virat Ki Kahani (chapter 10)

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Virat : kaise hai sir aap?(how are you sir)

Kamal : mein tik hu? Tum kaise ho, kuch pareshan lag rahe ho(I’m alright how are you you look tensed)

Virat : ab kya batao sir, apki ye gadchiroli na mere mann ka halath kha rab karke rakha hai.( your gadchiraoli made my heart weak)

Kamal : matlab tumhe gadchiroli se pyar hogaya hain(ohh i think you fell in love with this village)

Virat: gadchiroli se nahi Gadchiroli lie k ladki se pyaar hogaya hai sir, aur is mamle mein ap mujhe help karenge.(Not with this village but fell in love with a girl of this villageand you will help me in this matter) with a blushing face.

Kamal : kyu nahi karunga akir tum mere bête jaise us ka ata pata.( why not after all you are like my son,do have any address vagaira.

Virat : Ata pata nahi hain lekhin ye baat pata hain ki woh is saal ki exams mein top kiya hai pure Maharashtra mein aur uska naam hai Sai joshi…( i don’t have any address but she had topped in this year exams and her name is Sai Joshi.

Kamal: his expression got vanished and murmered to himself meri beti ke bare mein mujhe hi bata raha hai. Propose kab karoge Virat.( he is teling about my daughter tome,when will you propose virat)

Virat : nahi sir propose nahi karunga sida jaake uski parivaar se milke baat karunga.use apne palko pe bita ke rakhunga.agar koi galti ki to daatunga bhi (no sir i won’t propose, iwill talk to her family, she wil be my apple of the eye, and i even scold her if she does any mistake)

Virat’s phone was ringing and he excused himself from Kamal and went aside to receive the call.

Kamal went into thinking and his innersef is saying Kamal tu Virat ko pehle se jaante ho,acha ladka hai,aur toh aur woh Sai se tumse zyaada pyaar karte hain aur kya chahiye tumhe.( kamal you know virta very well, he is a good man,and the most is he loves sai more than you, what else you need)

Virat  got surprised to see the address of Sai and thanked kamal

Virat: Thank you so much sir. Mein aaj shyaam hi unse baat karke aaongi. Mujhe aasirwaad dijiye sir( i will meet her family this evening itselfand give me your blessings)

Kamal : jis kaam ke liye ja rahe ho wo safal ho jaye.(may you get succed in the work you do)

Virat : thankyou so much sir, thank you so much.

After completing his day shift Virat rushed to his guest house .

He went to bath room and got freshen up.

Virat started getting ready he sprayed  perfume on his body, took his car keys and went out ignoring sunny who is asking questions continuosly.

He started his car and reached his destination within 30 minutes.

Virat is very tensed andwith the same tension he went to the main door of Sai’s house

Here in Sai’s house

Sai is discussing about morning incident happened with Virat and saying

Sai ; lekhin aaba dikhne mein wo ladkha itna bura bhi nahi hai( he is not that much bad aaba)

Somebody rang the doorbell.Sai went to open the door.she was completely shocked to see virat in front of the door.

Precap: Kya hoga Sai ka faisla. Kyo virat ko maa kardegi ya fir haa kardegi…

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