Sai and Virat Love Story – Chapter 1

its start with the family sitting for breakfast, the look on their faces different from one another, as for bhavani and ninad is anger, its the opposite on ashwini as its satisfaction of the realization that her son is realised from paki now, on karishma its smirk and paki is sadness.

at that moment comes virat and sai walking slowly, ashwini first notice them smiles wildly, they come to take blessing from bhavani and ninad which they moves without giving, then they walk for ashwini which she happily gives then masi and sit beside each other to eat.

the atmosphere was intense nobody is saying anthing just eating in silence, to break the silence ashwini asks virat

ash:–virat when will join in the new station?!

virat:– i have two more days, i will get sai admission in her college in them, looking at sai says do you want to start right now or you want some time off?!

sai: –no, i want to start right now, as much early i start the much early i will finish saying the last line to her self but virat heard it and looks away.

ash: – you both are not going anywhere until we do the post marriage rituals.

bhavani gets angry and open her mouth to speak but is cut off by both sai and virat saying its not needed they look at each other and virat complet

virat:– mom you know how and why the marriage happened, so why the post wedding rituals?!

ash:– no,i dont know how the marriage happened because i wasnt there,i missed my son’ s marriage, for what ever this marriage have happened i want to be part of it if not with marriage rituals so with the post marriage, will it takes too much of you to do it for my sake?!

virat:– ok, we will do it for you says while looking at paki.

bhavani:– do whatever you want but do not expect me to be part of it says while going away angerly.

karishma:– oh,now we have alot of work to do,i will help sai and you paki make the arrengment says while smirking.

virat and paki look at each other and sai looks at them.

ash: – no need i will do what ever its need,and make sure everyone and thing at its place says looking at paki.

ashwini goes happily for doing the arrengment, and the rest also goes leaving paki, virat, sai alone.

sai:–virat sir would you come with me for amoment?!

virat looks at paki then goes with her, leaving paki all alone.

in their room

sai:- why did you except doning the rituals?!

virat:- didn’t you see my mother condition,she has the right to see her son marriage rituals.

sai:- why didn’t you think about her condition when you get married to me??

virat:- i didnt have the time for thinking,everything happened so quickly,do you think that i wanted to get married like this??

sai:- no,it was my biggest dream to get married like this and to you.

virat:- excuse me,what is wrong with me??

sai:- not that much,just arrogant, stupid,guy with no mind.

virat:- oh,stupid,guy with no mind,do you knew how intelligent you have to be just to be an Ips??

sai:- do you knew how intelligent you have to be to get to the medical college?? and you did’nt opposed about arrogant do you except that??

virat:- what you call arogance for me its maturity.

sai:- and what you call maturity is pain in the and she bites her tongue.

virat laughes and so does sai, then comes ashwini getting sari and some jewelry and asks sai to wear it and not to put vemrilion and not to wear her mangalsutra.

they come to the hall which is now decorated,everyone is there even bhavani and ninad.

ps: some rituals are from my mind.

ashwini makes their bad sights ritual, then asks them to sit Opposite each other and asks to give their right hands and ties them together and gives the mangalsutra to virat’s left hand and asks him to tie it for sai with one hand, he tries to tie it two times but failed,the third time sai hold one side and virat the other one and this time they ties it together.

bhavani smiles for a moment then control her self.

ashiwini also smile and says:- this is what marriage mean,both of you have to make its work,not one doing all the effort and the other just watch, then asks virat to put vemrilion on her head so he does.

sai and virat look at each other and paki sadly watch from far.

she untie their hands and comes karishma with bowl filled with water and flower, puts it in front of them,then ashwini gets a ring, she puts it in the bowl asks them to find it,

they put their hands in the bowl with out even trying to find it.

karishma sees them and syas:- come’n the one who find the ring will rule the relationship,but they ar not motivated,so says ashwini:- the one who dont find the ring will have to wash the dishes for two days.

now thay are motivated and look for the ring,their hand across and they look at each other,taking advantage of their ayelock sai slowly try to find the ring and find it, so she scream happily.

ashwini asks her to give the ring to virat to put it in her finger,he does.

then they take older blessing bhavani and ninad give this time,they come to mansi she says:- i didnt have the time to get you agift but this is what i have for you both,takes a black cloth and say:- this i get for samrat and paki but didn’t have the opportunity to give them,so its yours now and ties it on their hands.

paki looks on.

precap:- dish washing for virat but with who,and college admission

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    I am confused in one thing is it paki or pakhi?

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