Saga of Five Sisters – Chapter 1

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Mid Afternoon, A hospital is shown. Doctor is checking scan report.
Doctor: Child is healthy; but Tina has blood pressure little high.
Jennifer looks at Tina.
Doctor continues: Tina your health will affect child’s health also, so you should take care of yourself also.
Tina: fine, doctor.
Doctor: Take medicines correctly and starts go walking, come next month, same date.
Jennifer: thank you, doctor.
Both leaves doctor room. Jennifer’s mobile rings.

Jennifer murmurs: Mrunal.
Tina: what did you say didi?
Jennifer: you sit here, i will be back with medicines.

Tina sit in near by chair.She went to medical shop. Again Mrunal called her. She attends the call.
Jennifer: Hello, Mrunal.
Mrunal: hello, bhabi. How are you?
Jennifer: i am fine. What about you?
Mrunal: how i will be fine without Tina?

Jennifer smiles: you did mistake, so you are suffering now.
Mrunal: bhabi, you too speaking like your sister.
Jennifer: leave it, everything will be alright soon. Now, what is the matter?
Mrunal: today you went to check up na.
Jennifer: yeah, we are in hospital only.
Mrunal: i wish to see her bhabi, please bring her to near by coffee shop.
Jennifer: while she is with you, you not even spend any free time with her. Now you are spending your business hours to have a glance at her. So, funny.
Mrunal: whether my feelings looks funny to you?
Jennifer: ok cool, i will bring her.

Mrunal jain as Mrunal, Tina’s husband who always busy with his work.

A house like office is shown bearing name plate Raj Tharun Music Recording Office.

A man is sitting in his cabin, he is rolling in his chair in deep thinking.
His Assistant: boss, there are so many recordings for voice test. Check it, boss.
Man: play it, Purvesh.
Purvesh played first recorded voice.
Man closed his ears: whether she is singing or barking?
Likewise, he ignored all the recordings.
Purvesh: if you reject everything like this, then our movie won’t get completed in this yuga.
Man look at him: for your kind information, if you didn’t get out of my sight now, then tomorrow you will be in head lines.
Purvesh went out murmuring: no one will listen to good advice.
Two girls enter into their office.
1st: hi, i am Avika and this is Helly. Shall we meet Raj sir.
Purvesh: no, you can’t meet him now. Who allowed you inside?
Helly: please sir, we have to meet him. We don’t have much time.
Purvesh: sir is very angry. He will kill anyone, if we disturb.
Man: purvesh, send them inside.
Avika winks at him and both went inside.
Avika: hello, sir. Nice to meet you sir.
Man: sit down.who are you both?

Helly: sir, we are music college students. We wish to invite you for our farewell and our juniors cultural as chief guest.
Avika: also, we are your big fan sir. Your songs are chanceless. Also, if you come as guest, we will be proud that Great music director Raj Tharun visits our college.

Raj smiles: ok, i will come as chief guest. But my only intention is, i am in search of a singer. If i come there, who knows one best singer may sing for my movie.
Avika joyfully: wow, it’s our pleasure, if you select anyone from our college. Also, all the best for your first movie direction sir.

Raj Tharun as Raj Tharun, music director and director, Handsome guy.

Helly Shah as Helly, music college student and Avika’s friend.

Purvesh Pimple as Purvesh, Raj Tharun’s assistant and friend.

A beautiful house is shown. A girl enters the house fully tensed.
Another girl: Teju chaachi, what happened?
Tejaswi: nothing Anu. Where is Jenni didi and Tina didi?
Anushka: they went to check up. Why are you looking tensed?
Tejaswi: today i went to one interview, that idiot man, he not even know the definition of Fashion technology, he rejected me.
Anushka: why?
Tejaswi: they already selected another girl on recommendation.
Anushka: then why they conducted interview? Whether you leave them simply?

Tejaswi smirks: how i will leave them? I throw their company fuse into the nearby plant pot.
Anushka: chaachi, what if they identified?
Tejaswi: they can’t baby. They not even fix CCTV camera.

She winks and both laughs.

I am ending this chapter here.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Oh tina has BP.its not good during pregnancy.hope she will be fine.surprised to see mrunal as tina’s hero.nice to see mrunal enquiring about tina though they r separated n liked mrunal Jennifer bonding.wonder who that guy is .he gives importance to quality of music.thats why he is not hurrying in recording.oh so he is raj tharun..the music director n movie director.i duno him.but I guess he is a telugu actor.i think he n avika will be a pair in this ff.its a new experience as in every ff avika’s love interest is a new boy opposite her is an awesome experience.naughty tejeswi threw company fuse into the plant pot as she got rejected.funny.perfect was a visual treat.plz add pics in every chapter.update the next part soon

    1. Anu07

      Yeah, Raj Tharun is telugu actor. I like Avika and Raj pair. Also, i like AviMan also. Thank you dear. I will try to post soon

    1. Anu07

      Thank you dear.

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