Is Sadda Haq ruling your hearts?

Sadda Haq premiered on 25 November 2013 on Channel V and still going strong and ruling the channel, but is it ruling your hearts too. Check the current track and let us know what is your opinion about the show which became an instant hit among the youngsters with its gripping story and good cast. The show is set in a top-notch engineering college, a setting quite different from what we have seen on television up till now.

The dream team strives to assemble the parts of refrigerators, in a blindfold state. Randhir and Sanyukta confront each other, while executing the task. Vardhan praises Randhir for completing the task. He condemns Sanyukta and the other team members for failing in his test. Vardhan rebukes Sanyukta for competing against Randhir. On Vardhan’s motivation, Sanyukta focuses on her work, and vows to achieve her goal. Parth insists Vidushi to meet him in the auditorium. Parth scolds Vidushi for showing her concern for him. He suspects Vidushi’s intention.

Vidushi tends to Parth as he falls sick. Vardhan assigns a new task to the dream team. He asks the team to design air filters, and wants them to control the smoke of the generator. However, the team fails to design the air filters. They suffer from suffocation due to the effect of poisonous smoke. Sanyukta strives to switch off the generator, but in vain. Randhir falls sick after inhaling the smoke. Maya berates Vardhan for assigning a risky task to the dream team. Randhir and Sanyukta qualify in Vardhan’s task. Randhir tortures Sanyukta on recalling Harshvardhan’s sufferings. Sanyukta breaks Randhir’s phone as he tries to contact Sameer. Randhir manages to contact Sameer using Sanyukta’s phone. He pretends to be Sanyukta, and invites Sameer to FITE. Randhir and Sanyukta confront each other. Later, they make each other unconscious. Sameer searches for Sanyukta in FITE.

  1. I love SADDA HAQ……….nd its actors are doing a fascinating and fantastic job!!!

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  3. Sumedha varshney

    Lots of love to ankit gupta. U r awsm man!

  4. love sadda haq! All are doing their best to put this show on top.. N love sandhir.. <3

  5. d best youth show ever watched which shows all d things related to engineering nd d creatvity using is just awedome …….
    love sadda haq ……
    love u param nd harshita………

  6. i looove the show… par aaj kal dekh nahi pati hoon so i just read the written update on tellyupdates…….

  7. sadda haq aithe rakh.!!!!!! awesome blossom randhir,parth and sanyukta and vardhan and yoyo and kaustu and vidhushi and maya and everyone love love love love

  8. A big yes to this show. .awesome show. .luv sandhir. …

  9. We wnt to see the luv track of sandhir..plss no more fights..but above all these thevshow is awesome. .

  10. i am truly madly deeply in love with this serial and sanyukta.. :* i wish i was randhir… this show keep rocking sadda haq aithe rakh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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