Thank you guys for supporting me to write this fan fiction. This is an intro cum character sketch. So, here I go:

SANYUKTA AGGARWAL: Captain of Dream Team, FITE and a very successful Mechanical Engineer. A strong, intelligent, bold girl who went against her own family for her dream. Married to Randhir before the final competition. But after the accident she was not in news though she gained fame during the competition. A born leader.
RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT: A true topper and scientist. A sheer genius but very short tempered. He is kind hearted, helpful but he has lack of common sense and situational judgement. After Dream Team competition, he assumed Sanyu to be responsible for the accident and left her.
PARTH KASHYAP: He is a good friend of both Sanyu and Randhir. He was the co-driver, met with accident and is in coma from two long years. He was in love with Vidhushi but left her due to her money-minded nature.
VIDHUSHI KUMAR: She is a common friend of Sandhir. A little selfish and money minded girl for her troubled, insecured past but loved Parth passionately. When Parth left her for her nature, she married Ankit, Sanyu’s brother.
ARYAN: He is an illegitimate child. An IT Engineer and Sanyu’s friend and secret admirer. A person with secrets.

SANAYA JHA: Randhir’s friend who was with Randhir in these two years.
NIRMAAN NAMBIER: The director of ISRC. A genius scientist with many shades. He believes that he is always right.
YOYO: Sandhir’s common friend and respects both of them a lot. A quite casual personality and not a good engineer at all. But his friends deeply. Somewhere he is a stupid but always makes other laugh in stressed situation. A kind of chatter box.
ABHAY SINGH RANAWAT: Dream Team mentor who took Vardhan’s place after his death. He believes in innovative approach and determination more than anything. Thus could connect with Sanyu well. Only Sanyu used to understand him and control him.
VARDHAN SURYAVANSHI: First mentor of Dream Team. He died in the terrorist attack in FITE. A father figure for Sanyu who always motivated her. Though he used to like Randhir for his knowledge but always preferred Sanyu for captaincy and any kind of problematic situation for her innovative approach and common sense. He used to use Sanyu for motivating Randhir.
KISHOR AGGARWAL: Sanyu’s father and a orthodox persona. He always prohibited Sanyu in doing engineering but understand his mistake in Dream Team final Competition and supported her in these two years. Owner of AGGARWAL AUTOMOBILES.
ANKIT AGGARWAL: Sanyu’s elder brother and an another orthodox persona and somewhere a stupid.
ANJALI AGGARWAL: Sanyu’s mother who is in coma for two & a half years due to the failure of her brain tumour surgery.( In my FF Sanyu’s mother is not dead)
HARSHVARDHAN SINGH SHEKHAWAT: Father of Randhir. A drunkard and deprived Randhir towards his mother and made him hate her.
RENUKA SANIYAL: The owner of SANIYAL GROUP of INDUSTRIES and Randhir’s mother. She neglected Randhir in his childhood for business thus Randhir hate her.( She is also not dead in my FF)

Other Characters are-
Sumit- At first a intern and later a scientist of ISRC. An innocent boy.
Joy Dasgupta: Another scientist of ISRC and too much innocent. Its very easy to make him fool.
Arjun: An ex-pilot who joined ISRC as scientist. Had a tortured childhood and loves to throw tantrums, thinks himself best.
Kritika: Another scientist of ISRC. A good friend and good scientist as well.
Becky: Nirmaan’s secretary. A bubbly, happy go lucky girl.
Mrs. Subramaniam: An employee of ISRC who has every kind of information.
This is the character sketch of my FF. I know many of you will think why I added Vardhan here. So, my answer is though he is dead he had an unseen presence in whole SADDA HAQ and I will later tell the real reason of adding Vardhan.

I almost add each character but if I introduce more characters, I will give the description there itself.
So, keep reading guys.

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