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“Let’s do some changes in rules guys” Vidhushi says “Look guys, we don’t even know each other properly … I mean e-o’s comfort and discomfort. In college, we used to share everything so that we can understand our partners. But here, I guess we are still new. And forget about me. I toh just come today. So, I think we can use know e-o through this game.”
“What changes?” Shayana asks enthusiastically.
“Look, we will just keep one option that is ‘Truth’. So, everyone will have to say something about themselves, through which we can know about e-o.” Vidhushi says smirking.
“But everybody has their own life…I mean personal space which can’t be shared with anyone.” Aryan says annoying.
“Yeah..I agree. But we all are matured enough to ask question which will not make you uncomfortable. If the question becomes that much annoying for you then you can skip that.” Vidhushi says.
“But then nobody will answer properly” Kritika tells.
“Yeah, she is right” Joy supports her.
“Look… I am telling about knowing e-o not sharing personal space. We can ask our professional secrets or our thought regarding some matter. Like I ask Arjun if he believes in love or not. He can share his thought but it is not that important to share the reason if doesn’t want” Vidhushi says in a go.
Everybody likes Vidhushi’s idea.

“Hey… what if we twist it a little more.” Vidhushi again exclaims.
“Now what?” Arjun says feeling irritated.
“Anybody can ask the question to the person and if it happens at a time two or three question is asked by different persons then he can only answer that question which is comfortable. Even that person can answer more than one question if he don’t have any problem” Vidhushi smirks a little saying this.
“Not bad..what say Sanyu?” Shanaya asks.
“Yeah” sanyu answers without any excitement.

Randhir’s POV
Smile as much as you Sayukta Aggarwal. Coz after sometime you will cry at your fate. Well done, Vidhushi Kumari.
“Let’s start the game…and Sheikhu…no excuse…you also playing” Shanaya orders.
“As you say madam” Randhir smiles (in heart) “How can’t I play Shanaya..after all this is the biggest chance for me.”He says while getting close to Shanaya.
But unknowingly he starts stealing glances of Sanyu to see whether she is getting affected with his and Shanaya’s closeness.
And to his utter dismay, Sanyu remains unaffected with the happenings.
Shanaya spins the bottle and it directs towards Aryan.
“I will ask” Shanaya almost shouts “Do anyone have any problem?”
“No” others says.
“So, Aryan, have you ever fallen in love?” Shanaya asks while winks at others.

Aryan’s POV
Oh! God. What will I do now? What will I say? Of course I love someone and that someone is Sanyu only. But for her I am only her friend. And if I say the truth, then what if I lose her friendship also. This mad stupid girl land me in this problem.
“What happened? Please Aryan answer.” Joy tries to poke him “Or you don’t want to.”
“Come on Aryan, be a sport” Arjun also starts instigating him.

Sanyu’s POV
That day Aryan confessed about liking. I know very well that it is not only like. And he is scared of confessing his love as he doesn’t want to lose our friendship. How to tell him that I can’t love him. I am helpless regarding this feeling. I don’t want to get hurt again. I have to do something. I can’t let him getting hurt. After all he is my true friend.
“Yes…I love someone very much in my life but I don’t want to take her name. But all I can say that she is not for me” Aryan says with a sigh.
“Oh! I am really sorry.” Shanaya says getting confused.
“It’s ok” Aryan replies.

Sanyukta smiles and says in heart- she is for you Aryan and I am sure about that. She is for u and she will be with you.
Shanaya again rotates the bottle and it points towards Joy.
“Can ask him?” Kritika asks others while they nod in positive.
“Okkk…….Joy, then tell us about the best moment of your life” kritika shoots her question.
Joy in heart-how can I tell her that the best moment of my life was then when I fell in love with you but you are always after this Arjun.
“A won a national level competition at the age of 18 and my parents, specially m father was very happy with me. That was the best moment of my life as I never saw my father that much happy” Joy says leaving a silent sigh.
“Wow..that’s really good” Kritika says smiling.
Shanaya again rotates the bottle and the game goes on like this.
After sometime it points towards Sanyu.
“I will ask her.” Vidhushi almost shouts “Woh…actually I want to know something that’s why. Do you guys have any problem?”
Sanyu gets confused while Randhis interrupts saying that who will have problem.
Others also nod in positive.
“So..Sanyu, what is more importent for you, anybody’s life or your ambition” Vidhushi says smirking evilly.
Others get totally confused with this type of question.
Sanyukta understands everything within a second. She had already seen Randhir and Vidhushi talking with e-o and then Vidhushi proposal about playing truth and dare then changing the rules. She gets everything and looks at Randhir painfully.

Sanyu’s POV
Today also you are doing the same thing Randhir. Today also you let your ego win. Just because Nirmaan Sir chooses me over you, you want everyone to lose trust on me. You want to humiliate me. You never bothered to know the truth; you never bothered to ask me. You just assumed whatever you want. That day you didn’t give me any chance to explain, fine then… today I will not explain. I really don’t care what others think about me.
“Why are you asking me when you know the truth?” Sanyu replies without any emotion.
“Yeah..Vidhushi..why are you asking her. You know nah it’s useless. The answer is obviously ambition” Randhir says.
Though in other’s eyes it may seems that Randhir is grinning but there was much more in his face. Anger, frustration, pain, agony all were seen in his face. Though he himself plans all these but he feels quite restless. But he shrugs off his thoughts.
“What the hell, Randhir, are you out of your mind?” Aryan says angrily.
“No…I am not. Do you even know about her college life?”Randhir snaps back.
“Randhir, can you plz tell us clearly?” Arjun asks.
“Yeah…why not. Sanyukta Aggarwal, she was the captain of FITE Dream Team. We qualified to the final. And our final round was racing. She chose herself as the driver. Parth was co-driver. Our car’s engine was little unstable. So it was needed to drive it carefully. Team India and Team Korea was doing well. Actually these two teams were competing for the first position. Ranawat Sir used a third engine in our car which was made in such way that we can use it according to our wish. Ranawat Sir warned us long ago that if the engine would not have been used properly then the car can even blast. When the final point was just 50 m ahead, she used the third engine despite knowing the car’s condition. Though the car didn’t get blast and we won the competition, she couldn’t handle the speed and the car dashed with nearby upland. She was perfect after the accident but Parth almost died. He slipped into coma for more than 2 years.”

Randhir stops for a little, look at everyone’s shocked expression. Then again starts “It was her dream to become Dream Team champion. It was her ambition. For that, she even risked Parth’s life. That was an accident, but it was made deliberately. If she wanted, she could have stopped the accident. For me, it is as same as murder.”
Saying all these, Randhir looks at Sanyu but to his shock, she is still calm as before. Her face is still emotionless, expressionless.
“How could you, Sanyu?” Shanaya asks getting perplexed “How can you risk one’s life just because of your ambition.”
“She never felt any kind of guilt even” Vidhushi adds “She just lead her normal life..join an office…doing job in these two years. But Parth’s life is all destroyed. She just used to meet Parth at hospital when she used to get time. That’s it.”
“Did you really never felt bad or guilt for that incident” Kritika asks her.
“No…I never felt any kind of guilt. That was an accident, it was not planned.” Sanyu answers and leaves the place immediately.

She directly goes to her room. She enters in washroom and opens the shower and putts her under the water.

Geela geela bas paani palkon pe reh gaya
Dhire dhire sapna wo aankhon se beh gaya
Thoda thoda kar yaadein saari kho rahiin
Toota sa pal ik haath mein reh gaya
Hum hain adhure, lamhein adhure
Sawaal adhure, jawaab adhure
Woh khwaab bhi adhoora reh gaya
Geela geela bas paani palkon pe reh gaya
Dhire dhire sapna wo aankhon se beh gaya
Thoda thoda kar yadein sari kho rahiin
Toota sa pal ik haath mein reh gaya
Tanhaai haathon me le waqt khada hai
Ye dil bhi seene me behosh pada hai
Aaj aake mausam saare humko satate hain
Bejaan hai hum haare aur ye rulaate hain
Har pal andhera reh gaya..
Neela neela bas dil ka zakhm wo reh gaya
Zara zara kar saara hausla beh gaya
Thoda thoda kar yaadein saari kho rahiin o..
Toota sa pal ik haath mein reh gaya
Hum hain adhoore, lamhein adhoore
Sawaal adhoore, jawaab adhoore
Wo khwab bhi adhoora reh gaya
Geela geela bas paani palkon pe reh gaya
Dhire dhire sapna wo aankhon se beh gaya
Thoda thoda kar yaadein saari kho rahiin
Toota sa pal ik haath mein reh gaya

Each word of this song is defining her state. She is broken, fully broken. She is again hurt, again in that place which was already wounded, her heart.
Here, Aryan also leaves the place and others remain there not understanding what to do.
While entering in ISRC, Aryan notices a man in Black Tuxedo entering there. He directly goes towards admin section.
Aryan looks at that man getting confused.

This is it for today. I guess this chapter is too long. Please comment guys. Both positive and negative comments are accepted.

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