Sadda haq – eternal love (Part 3)

There was a similar figure standing in front of me, the one I know I hate the most,.. Randhir Singh Shekhawat. He too was equally shocked to see me. Both of us stared at each other, reminiscing all the moments we spent together. Jessica entered and saw us both, standing at staring at each other. She coughed, and that grabbed our attention towards her. She was a fair looking woman, wearing formal white shrug, an expensive short and trousers. Her watch was a symbol of her power. She sat on her chair and said,’Welcome both of you. To TESCA automobiles. As u both might be aware that ours is a very reputed automobile company. So before hiring engineers, we test them. So both of u will have to give a small test. Are u guys ready for it?’. Randhir said confidently,’I am ready’. I thought over for a moment and decided, “This can be the best way to prove myself. This is the only way I can move on from Randhir”. I said,’I am ready too’. We both exchanged glances and Jessica continued,’ So freshen up and we will start your test in 2 hours’.

Meanwhile Randhir was busy thinking over me,
‘How the hell did she come to US? Herambitious, selfish attitude is still surviving in her. That ego of hers needs to broken. U have
made a big mistake Sanyukta by coming to
TESLA. I promise you that I will your life a living-
hell. Just wait and watch’. I was wiping my face and Randhir appeared from behind saying,’So u have the guts to pursue your ambition even after killing someone?’. I replied,’And you have the guts to come to US after ditching someone?’. Randhir said,’I never ditched you. You got ditched by me because of your selfishness. And I’ll prove Jessica that TESLA isn’t your piece of cake’. I replied,’ Do whatever you want. By the way, by escorting me out of TESLA, you r proving your selfishness ‘. I left him ,who was staring after me angrily.

After 2 hours, we both were standing in an open space where two cars were standing in front of us, demantled, and parts kept on its side . Jessica came and said,’ Hello. So u might have got to know what you r supposed to do. By the way, the task has some twist. You have to assemble the car as well as modify its parts, so that the efficiency is increased much more than the original one. And all this you have to complete in 1 hour. You also have to improve the looks of the car, so that it looks like a brand new car. Treat it as your own’. I knew all this wouldn’t be possible in 1 hour, but I can’t give up at all. I have to prove myself. Randhir smiled at my nervous looks and said,’What happened captain? U know there is always an option of backing out instead of wasting your energy and time’s. I replied,’It would be better if you stop talking and focus on the task, co-driver’. He glared towards me and started working on his car. I too started to work out. Randhir had a constant watch on how much I completed assembling and was getting jealous the minute he thought he was lagging behind. I completed
the car design in 53 minutes. Jessica was much impressed with me, but Randhir’s car was much more better. The average output of the car had doubled and that impressed Jessica more. She
asked me,’Please sit in your car. I wish to check the speed of the car the engine can achieve’. I sat in the driver’s seat and pedalled on the accelerator and the engine rammed. The car
was up in flames and everyone outside was trying to get me out. Randhir pounded on the glass begging,’Sanyukta! Sanyukta open the door!!’. I opened , completely exhausted after
being unable to breathe. I was rushed into their medical center. I knew I had tried but I don’t know what would be Jessica’s reaction? Will she accept me or reject me?

Precap: Randhir held my hands as I was lying unconscious on the bed. For a moment,he thought,’Whatever am I doing? Why do I care?’. He got up and prepared to leave, and then looked back at me.

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    Loved the episode Sandhir back to action loved it Randhir still cares for her so cute please post the next one soon Riya

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