Sadda haq – eternal love (Part 2)

With my father’s support, I decided to start fresh. But, engineering..! How can I do that after all the incidents that happened?. My phone beeped. A message from .. an unknown contact. The message read : It’s really so sad to know whatever happened to you in your past. You really didn’t deserve it. I wish to give you a chance. Please join my automobile company in US. Everyone deserves a second chance and so do you.. Think over it. I looked over the message again and again and tried to analyse it. Whatever happened in the past wasn’t my fault. The dream team race, was an accident. I didn’t kill Parth. I have to boost up. I will accept this job. I typed her back,’I would be glad to work with you. So from when do I have to join?’ . A reply came,’ Day after tomorrow, Delhi airport, boarding at 5. Don’t worry,we will make all the arrangements. Good luck!’. The day came, and i
was half-excited for my job. Papa said,’Its alright beta. Pursue your dream, when your determination is strong enough, nothing can stop u from achieving it’. I hugged my dad and
went off. The next morning, I reached US. It was like a dream come true. The roads, shops , everything was.. beyond imagination. I reached at the address given to me and i was shocked
to read the name of the automobile company. TESLA automobiles!!!!. I reached inside and was amazed to see so many engineering equipments. That reminded me of my initial days of FITE..FITE… tears swelled up my eyes again at the thought of Randhir. The way we used to challenge each other and the time we spent. Cool down Sanyukta… you can’t give up, especially after coming so far. I wiped my tears and asked on the front desk, ‘I need to meet Jessica Walton’. The girl replied, ‘She’s eagerly waiting for you mam, on the front right corner, is her cabin ‘. I stepped in her cabin and was shocked to see her

  1. very nice dear…keep writting

  2. SidMin

    Loved the episode Sanu doing job in US waiting for the next part want to know who the person is who made Sanyu shocked please post the next episode asap

  3. Very nice epi.waiting for the next epi.

  4. Radhika

    Why sanyu is shocked seeing that girl? Writing is good dear. What I miss in most ffs is connection between story and reader but you are good at this. Your story didn’t break at a single point. Nice story keep writing.

  5. Thanks a lot

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