Sadda haq – eternal love (Part 1)

“It’s 2 years since I have last seen him, no idea where he is and what he might be doing at this moment. Wish I could say boldly that I don’t care where u are, but..why am I so attached to u, Randhir ?” I was thinking over all this, with a cup of hot chocolate and breaking in my thoughts, my dad called out,’Sanyu! Sanyu!!’.

I immediately rushed down the stairs and replied,’ Yes Papa!’. My father asked,’Did you find out where he is?’. My dad had got to know about my marriage with Randhir and is much more angry on him than me. He said,’ I don’t expect him to return back. Why don’t you send him a legal notice for divorce?’. I looked blankly at Papa. I replied,’ You know how much I loved him. It’s not easy for me to forget him and move on. This is a huge step for me’. Papa got up angrily and said,’ I am done with explanation. Now it’s up to u. I give you 1 year’s time. Either you patch up with Randhir or find another guy for yourself. Get married and please leave us’. I stood their bewildered over what he said. Patch up?.. Not a chance. And find whom? Will I be able to love him the same way I used to love Randhir?. I pondered over my Papa’s decision and decided of my own, ” I’ll leave Randhir forever”.. I won’t give up easily. I am not of that type who gets distracted because of a farsi. I will accomplish my dream and I know where to start.

Precap: I get my first job, I am so happy to roam around the premises and seeing engineering equipments, they reminisce me of my initial days of FITE.. FITE…those moments I spent with Randhir. Tears swelled up my eyes

  1. SidMin

    The episode was so emotional hope Sanyu finds Rd soon please post the next episode asap

  2. The epi was very heart touching.waiting for next update.

  3. very nice…im so happy that a lot of ppl write ffs on SH…keep going

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