Sadda Haq 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Vardhan says what is up genius engineers ? Can’t you make a small clock ? I have brought books for you. Everyone is busy in discussing and working on the clocks. Vardhan asks how is it going ? Sanyu starts explaining he says I want result not procedure. Randhir comes and says I know what your result will be. Use K.E to P.E formulae maybe they will help you. SAnyu throws a tool at him. Yoyo says why have you started again. Jiggy takes Randhir away. Randhir’s watch is working fast. Jiggy comes and says Randhir Bhai your clock has 65 seconds in one minute.
Randhir says focus on yours. Vidushi says to SAhil I won’t take minutes to hit you with this spana as he tries to interfere.
Randhir says to sanyu use 6 gears. Sanyu says you should keep it you can make a garland of it after you lose. Vardhan comes in and says time is up. he starts checking and disqualifies, parth, SAhil and some other. He goes to sanyu and says I hope you won’t disqualify. Sanyu says surely not sir. he starts checking sanyu watch starts throwing bearings. Sanyu collects them and bows in front of randhir to pick one. he says you are at your right place. Sanyu goes back and says sir give me 5 minutes I will fix it. Randhir says sir my clock is ready and it will match yours. Vardhan checks and says good job. Here is one student who has not disappointed me. Except Randhir everyone has failed. Wait for the second task. Jiggy says Randhir I thought sanyu will give you competition. Randhir says there is no competition between losers and champions.

Sanyu gets a call from palawi and says I wanna meet you. I am in college. Randhir says you won’t be safe from me sanyu. SAnyu asks does everyone know you are here. Palawi says no. I wanted to meet you. he shows her a toy car and says it isn’t working. SAnyu says there maybe something wrong with wiring. SAnyu fixes it. palawi says you are awesome bhabhi I want to be like you. Palawi says I have to go home. Samir asked me to come home early. is it 3? sanyu says no 2:45. Palawi asks how do you know? Sanyu says the task.. she is quite. Palawi says I have to go bye bhabhi. SAnyu says in heart I had to make the clock. Sanyu says all engineers can’t ignore small things. I never thought there will be a girl like palawi in Samir’s family. At least I will find someone I can relate to. She smiles.

Randhir says you are smiling for no reason even after losing. you woll reach asylum after internals. Sanyu says I won’t go but I will reserve a place for you/ Randhir says yeah people like yoe are insecure. Sanyu says you will lose the next task. He says I will break your ego sanyu. They both leave.

Scene 2
SAnyu is in her room trying to study. kaustki comes and asks what are you doing ? Sanyu says I could beat randhor easily. Kaustuki says get over it. Tomorrow will be your day. Sanyu says I will beat him for sure.

Scene 3
Next morning siren wails, everyone wakes up. They all get a text from Vardhan reach lab at 9. They all wake up. Yoyo says people see dreams in love but I have to sleep for that but I am coming to you. SAnyu, kaustuki vidushi get ready. So do all the boys. Vardhan says reach lab in 5 minutes. Sanyu runs to the lab and collide with randhir. They see that the lab is still locked. A guys says sir is giving stupid tasks, my head got hurt. Vardhan says you had 19 minutes deadline only 6 students came on time. Yoyo, sanyu, kaustuki,ranhir, sahil,jiggy and parth. Rest of you leave.

Vardhan asks them to close their eyes and hold their breaths. Vidushi says what is that. Vardhan says you considered yesterday’s task easily too. Vardhan says just like we can detect our body parts in dark too a mechanical engineer should make machines in the dark as well. Now open your eyes. Now you all will blindfold each other. Randhir blind folds sanyu. Vardhan says this task is actually to open your eyes. When they are all done Vardhan asks them to come in the lab. They go in with guessing the locations. Vardhan says you have all those components in front of you that are needed for setting a refrigerating system. yoyo says what if it blasts? Vardhan says by touching and feeling them. you have only two hours. Your time starts now. Sanyu says to randhir you will lose and you won’t even see. so good for you. They all start moving my guesses to the tools. Everyone starts working. Randhir is efficient. SAnyu holds Sanyu’s hand while looking for a tool. He says in heart sanyu.

Precap-Randhir says I just need a rely Sanyu says you won’t get it. She takes the rely. Randhir holds her and says that’s you. why are you cheating. Even if you open your blindfold and cheat I will beat you. they starts snatching the rely from each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kk pradipta didi-eta translate korbo naa. Sorry!
    Ami born hoyechi ambernathe,kintu then aamre thana the shit hoye gachi….aar ha,ami ghore bangla boli

    1. nupoor tumi kokhono west bengale asoni?

  2. Congratz dear nupoor u r so lucky,m feeling jealous yr mene to param ke liye itne badiya edits bhi banaye the 🙁

  3. pradipta হবে একটি পশ্চিম বাংলা হয় ???

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