Sadda Haq 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth is shocked to see his fight club rival in front of him. Parth syas to vidushi go to your room, don’t worry he can harm you. Vidushi leaves. He says wow parth you got that bomb? Parth says I left you before but I wont do that mistake again. parth hits him and says want me to recall you your worth? He says you have no more power like before. your hands have been holding bars now they are holding a girl’s hand so they are weak. He hits parth. Parth shoves him with an attack. Parth grasps his neck. Kabir comes and says what’s happening here? rana says we are recalling old memories. Parth is special for me we have old relation. Parth says sir how can this thug come in college. Kabir says security breach right? I have appointed him as new security chief of FITE. I am sure till he is here no one will break rules. rana says yes you are right till I am here no one will break any rules. Kabir leaves, rowdy says get ready Kashp I will get you to your place soon, jail.

Sanyu writes FITE was waiting for me. I got stuck in rules and regulations when I came here. I blasted the lab and had to face cops. I met a lot of people in this small time, randhir. Vidushi comes and says are you going to spend your whole life in laptop. That rowdy rana is in college. sanyu says what? why? Vidushi says I don’t know. He is going to seek revenge. He is with parth. SAnyu says he must be with parth. We have to stop him before he provokes parth. Lets go.

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Sanyu and vidushi are sneaking in the corridor. Rana comes and says whom are you looking for? Should I help you? sanyu recalls when she got him behind bars. Rana says whom d you wanna send to jail this time? SAnyu says what are you doing here? Rana says I can ask you same question. What are you two doing this time here? Kabir comes and says any problem? Sanyu says this thug is in our college. Call cops. Kabir says he is our security chief. Sending him to jail is like a joke to me. He will make all rules here and decide punishment for the one who break it. Rana says now go to your room. Vidushi says kabor became dean and this security chief. We are sucked. Rana says now introduce me in boys’ hostel so they might know how to start their morning.

Randhir is smoking in room with parth. Parth says he has got a reason to seek revenge from me. Randhir says don’t worry we will watch him. Rana and kabir come in. Kabir says how can you smoke in college premises. Rana says t parth this is a bad habit for a fighter. kabir says I am suspending three of you. Jiggy says please sir I wasn’t smoking. I will do all you want but please don’t suspend. Rana says let them go, from tomorrow no one will break rules in FITE. Randhir says you are not the security chief of our room only. RAna says you will soon know who I am.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vidushi gets ready and is drying her hair. The dryer is not working. She says I bought it a few days ago. Is your phone charging? SAnyu says no its not. Parth’s and randhir’s switches are not working as well. Parth says why there is not power in sockets. Guys are discussing about no power in sockets of college. Yoyo asks sahil why are you worried? Sahil says no sockets in college are working. Jiggy comes and checks in labs but they are not working as well. Yoyo goes to randhir and says no socket is working I think some rat ate new wire. parth says everything was okay till tomorrow what happened now? Randhir says they will all be fine soon.

Sanyu takes out her jewelry cases and takes out tools from them. She tries to fix the wiring. sanyu says I ma going to check main switch board. Sanyu goes to the main board. RAndhir comes there and sees her working. Sanyu sees him and keeps working, he says can I check if your time pass is over? The problem needs an intelligent and capable person. Randhir gets up and starts fighting with sanyu to let him work. He takes the tool and says do what you want now. Sanyu says get lost. He says thank God I broke up with a wild girl like you. sanyu says my life is saved. Rectify this if you can. Sanyu’s hand burns with a spark. Randhir holds her immediately. ishika comes and says what are you doing here randhir? Lets go out somewhere. randir says yeah lets go.

All the students are worried they come to complain vardhan. Jiggy says nothing is working we are all worried. SAnyu says ahs some done it deliberately? This is our task? Vardhan says intelligence and capability, you still have to prove. yoyo says we don’t get the task.We have to get the power back? or have to start living without laptops. Vardhan says this is dean’s task. Sahil says when did he start giving tasks? Vardhan says you new dean will answer that. They all leave.

Precap-Yoyo says this is military phone and charger. Kabir says you have to generate alternate source of energy. If you fail this task you will fail this semester and you wont get internships as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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