Sadda Haq 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is is in canteen and reading book. She can’t focus. She says he is not here still not letting me study, I need to know. She sees a couple talking and smiling together. She recalls their time together and song ‘teri jhuki nazar’ plays in background. She recalls when they danced together.

Parth is sitting with two girls, A girl says i like guys with good sense of humor. Vidushi sees him and says sahil, sahil you are so charming. sahil says we should go for a movie tonight. Parth says to the we should spend more time together. see you tomorrow, he leaves. Vidushi goes to the girl and says parth cant date you, if i ever see you around him i wont leave you. she says is he your bf? her pal says no he was, he dumped her. They both laugh.

Randhir comes drunk to college. he says i am sorry karan, he falls on the stairs. Sanyu sees him, she holds him nad says are you drink randhir? For yourself tell me what is it? you will feel better, she takes him to his room. She makes him lay on the bed, and caresses his hair. She says i never saw you like this before, what happened? Randhir puts his head in sanyu’s lap and cries, he says karan.. sanyu says yes karan what? He falls asleep.

Scene 2
Next morning, randhir recalls karan’s accident and raghini saying i want to start my new life with him. He gets up. he looks at the bottle of water and recalls sanyu taking him to room last night. He gets up and goes to sanyu. He says hi to sanyu. sanyu says are you fine? He says i came to thank you for lemon water, i feel better now. All okay? She says no what happened. He says i am rude when i am drunk. sanyu no you didn’t say anything. I asked you what happened? You said karan’s name and then you slept. Did you fight with karan? Randhir says stop it. sanyu says okay don’t tell me, i don’t like to ask again and again and face this behavior of yours.

PKC says you all can’t do anything about the tractor project. Lets look at the things we know. These tractors were low cost and with good maintenance. The company is closed since 10 years, no one know about the compaany or engineer. Ranawat comes on the door. sayu says i don’t think the engineer was a genius, he wont have concealed his identity. He must have stolen the idea form somewhere that is why he never talked about it. Ranawat comes in and says you and you PKC, you both are correct. First time someone is speaking wit in this class, that engineer, he must be a loser. a joker he must be fraud, you know why because its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Randhir gets a call from citi hospital, nurse tells him that raghini is not in her room. He wonders if her brothers came. Randhir comes to hospital and asks everyone about her. nurse says she was not on her bed. Radhir says someone came to meet her? She says i don;t know. Randhir asks everyone in hospital. He comes and sits on the bed karan died and said take care of raghini. He says i am sorry yaar i couldn’t fulfill my promise. Raghini comes in, randhir is dazed. She says you here? randhir says where did you go? we were all worried for you. you should have thought about karan,how would i face her when he came. She is in tears. Randhir says i am sorry,someone told me you were lost. you should have informed someone. she says i went to court to get the wedding date extended. raghini says i had to do this. Now i took a risk of running from house now i have to complete the thing i took risk for. I can’t sit here scared. randhir says you wont go anywhere until your treatment is over. now go and rest. Randhir leaves her room.

Precap-Anju says i am sick of coming to your clinic, Thruv says you have a tumor in brain, you should share the stress with someone, i should talk to your daughter. anju says no don’t tell anyone. Sanyu asks anju what happened tell me, anju says nothing. sanyu goes to thruv’s clinic and starts looking for reports.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Now this sadda haq is becoming borring day by seems now tht they r short with any interesting scripts…

  3. I want one confirmation from director of sadda haq. Is he directing a serial about a girl studying mech. Engg. And her problems she faces against the society or is he directing a serial about a gang of students who are studying mech. engg in top univ. and balancing their personal and college life.

  4. oh no! Anju hs a brain tumor! wat s tis, alrdy karan s dead nw anju, donno who ll die nxt! wat ws the need to kill thm?

  5. Hi guys

  6. Any1 up now

  7. Dishant congo for cuming first agn

  8. Priyanka i think u r interested in DT compition dats y d show seems boring to u if yes den let me say dat it will begin from june

  9. Akhil hi i think it is a girl studing in mechanicals ka serial n director is also trying to show what chalenges n stuggles she have to face for reaching her target n achiving her dreams so indirectly it is related to every person in her lyf

  10. Hi nisha hw r u dr
    N i hope ki sanyu ki mom ko kuch na ho otherwise sanyu will not b able to live without her mom n will continually blame herself for her mom’s death

  11. But at d same time i dont want anything to happen to raghini also

    Sandhir k distance badne wale hai guys according to d new promo dats sad but dono kya kar sakte hai for sanyu anju is her responsibity n for rd raghini aur Dr. Thruv sanyu k paas aanewala hai

  13. Still no1 here sara where r u tum tho n8 bird ho na with me den where r u dr

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  18. Atiba di tk u for d update

  19. Liya dr hope everything in ur lyf like school frendz family all going gud

  20. Still no1 saraaaaaa

  21. Ok guys mera ph tuesday tak thik ho jaiga so hope to see u all till dat time

  22. U guys r thinking d shw is going boring but i m still in luv with d shw as i was from d first day when i saw sadda haq ka first epi n den sandhir lab f8 luv etc etc i just LUV SH TEAM N D SWH A LOT N I M THANKFUL FOR SH TEAM FOR BRINGING D SHW IN MY LYF IT HAD INSPIRED ME A LOT SO A BIG TK U FOR SH TEAM N FOR ALL LOVELY SANDHIRIANS

  23. Nisha hw is everything with u going on dr?

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  29. Gm guys have a beautiful day ahead to all my lovely frendz on tu n for lovely sandhirians

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