Sadda Haq 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says you won I lose. randhir says me too. He says I don’t want this night to end. Do something that night never ends just like your complain. He takes sayu to hall. He gets closer to her and kisses her.

Vidushi is still cleaning the room. She says who am I doing this for? Parth? who always ignores me. She has a text a from varun, I love vidushi. please reply I am waiting its important. She goes out.

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Scene 2
Next morning, maya comes to class and says whats happening here? Whose class is this? Students say PKC. Maya goes to pkc who is sleeping in the ground Maya says what is this pkc? He says I don’t know when I came here? maya says your class is disturning everyone. you are professor and you better learn your responsibilities. She leaves. PKC comes to the class he has forgotten to wears his pants and is in boxers.Everyone is laughing on him but he is oblivious. SAnyu stands from under the desk in and says I haven’t done anything. PKC says what a4re you doing here randhir and sanyu? Sanyu syas ou are such an awesome professor. We never wanted to miss any of your class. Sanyu syas I know this is against rules but we can break rules for you. pkc syas you can sit and attend my lectures. SAnyu and randhir run outside when he faces the board. PKC turns back and says where are randhir and sanyu?

Sanyu says to randhir isn’t your head aching? He says lets go and have some lemonade. Sanyu says yeah sure. When they go to canteen everyone is having a lemonade. They are all having a headache. vidushi comes and gives parth his clothes. he says anyone remembers where was I last night? Everyone says we were all drunk. Parth recalls when he went to vidushi. Parth goes to vidushi and says I wann talk to you. I am sorry for what happened last nght? She says can I go now? He says please pardon. vidushi says leave me hand. He says I wont let you go. She slaps him and says I am not a video game that you can play me whenever you want and switch me off later. You give me attention whenever you want. I have had enough of you. stay away from me and my life.

PKC is teaching in the class. everyone is asleep. PKC says why are you all holding your heads? yoyo says its heavy. Jiggy says please sir leave us early today. PKC saus quite and concentrate. maya comes in an says is this classroom or some lawn? she says sit down everyone. She says you have to prove yourself. You will be hired from companies for internships. You have to fill the form and for that you need certificates of 10th and 12th grade.

Parth says our certificates are home. sanyu says currier will even take some days. maya says that’s not my problem. Randhir says how will we get it from home?

Sanyu calls anju and says where are my certificates. SHe says your papa burnt them all with your books. sanyu says I can’t believe papa cant do this. She says are they in locker? oh crap. randhir says all my marksheet are in renuka’s house. sanyu calls randhir. she tells him about the marksheet. Randhir says meet me outside admin office I have a plan.

Parth recalls when vidushi asked him to leave her alone with varun. He says why am I thinking about her? He recalls vidushi with varun in the canteen. He screams. yoyo comes in and says are you in icu? Internal confusion unit. I saw you with vidushi. we are all in love confusion. Parth says what are you saying? He leaves.

Randhir says to admin they are my photocopies. The admin says you need original. That the order from HR department. Sanyu says photocopy and original are same. He says cant help it. Sanyu says all right give us some time. He says you have only 3 dqays. SAnyu says to randhir we have only 3 days. randhir says where will you bring them from> sanyu says from home/ We have to go home. Randhir says do you think they will give you. I don’t wanna go to renuka’s house. I don’t even wanna see her face. sanyu says we will break in the house. first mine and yours. Randhir all right I haven’t met ny dad in law. SAnyu says first my house and then yours.

Sanyu says so what will you do after college? He says I wanna arrange some money for further work. SAyu says there are many companies who pay your fees for further studoes as well.

Everyone is in the class. PKC is farting. Randhir says this is disgusting. parth sees vidushi smiling to her texts. he snatches her phones and throws in on the floor. He says I am sorry is it broken? vidushi says have you gone mad? Parth says oh how will you text him now? Vidushi says you both guys have go me mad. Why don’t you handle your own life. Sanyu says what are they talking about? Randhir says worry for your problems. Vidushi says you interfere in my life. PKC tries to control they but they don’t listen. PKC says leave my class right now. They both go out of the class. Everyone is shocked.

Scene 3
Sanyu and randhir are ourside sanyu’s house. Sanyu hides her face with dupataa. He says what ar you doing? sanyu says how will we go in? He says this is your house. Sanyu enter from the back door. Randhir says come on. They jump in. he throws her in sanyu says I am not furniture. He gets her up. Sanyu is emotional to be back to her house after long. Someone comes in. Its Agarwal. sanyu and randhir hide behind the door.

Precap-agarwal turns on the lights. He moves in and looks everywhere. He says ramu?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. She was wearing western green dress & was looking sooo…cute

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