Sadda Haq 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 8th April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta’s mum calls her and asks why she didn’t pick up Sameer’s call. Sanyukta says he always calls on wrong time and talks nonsense. Sanyukta tells her it doesn’t work like that. She can’t ignore other responsibilities because of their personal matters. She says, fine, she will call him and apologize. She then asks her mum about her dad. Her mum tells her about the calls from clients and investors, and then says she has hopes only from her. Ankit comes and tells his mum about ink on his shirt. His mum gives him the solution. Sanyukta hears it and thinks of doing same thing with ink on her paper. She comes to a room to get iodine and Parth is there. Sanyukta asks what happened to him and why he’s acting so strangely. If she’s giving him stress by getting him involved in her personal

matters. Parth says its nothing like that. He then asks her why she’s there. She says she came to get iodine and shows him inked paper. Parth tells her to let him know if she needs any help and he leaves. Sanyukta feels something is wrong for sure.

Sanyukta is trying to get rid off ink. Randhir comes there and teases her. He says she will need a genius’ help now and asks her to get help from Parth. Sanyukta tells him about Parth’s strange behavior. He asks if he didn’t share his problem with her. She says she figured it out as a friend, and him, being his room-mate, should show little concern. He then tells her ink won’t go like that and gives some advice. Sanyukta tricks him by provoking his genuineness and making him remove the ink. She says in her mind, he’s irritating, but sometimes he’s very helpful. After all ink is gone, she tells him that he was right. Randhir says, “as always” and asks her what that design is for. It’s so wrong. He leaves. She wonders if the design is really faulty or he just said like that.

Later, Sanyukta is working on the design. Vidushi comes there and is shocked to see the paper. Sanyukta asks her what happened. She says nothing and leaves. Sanyukta is really in doubt now after what Randhir said. She thinks of getting Parth’s help. She calls him. Parth says he can’t talk right now. Some noise comes from the background. Sanyukta wonders what that noise was.

Randhir is working on his robot. Jiggy praises him. Sanyukta approaches to them. Randhir says she won’t let them chill in peace. His robot also tells Sanyukta that she is not needed here. Sanyukta discusses about Parth and weird noise that she heard with Jiggy. Randhir says he’s criminal so such noise will surely come. Sanyukta asks him to stay quiet if he can’t care about his roommate. Jiggy helps Sanyukta. He finds Parth’s location. YoYo comes and says that area is of goons and criminals. What Parth is doing there? It’s like a one way for them, once they go, they can’t return. Sanyukta is the only one who wants to help Parth, rest all are afraid to go and Randhir is quiet. Sanyukta then says whether anyone comes or no, she will go to help him. Randhir tries to stop her, but in vain. He tells her to get out of her dream world. Parth is her dream, and she can do anything for him, but that doesn’t mean they should all agree with her. She tells him that she had no hope from him and she doesn’t care what he thinks. She leaves.

Sanyukta comes to the location. It’s all dark there and lots of noise is coming from there. Other hand, Randhir is angry. He asks what does she think of herself? She will go alone this late and bring him back? At the location, lights come on and there are bunch of people cheering for Parth. Sanyukta tries to go there, but she is stopped by someone. He says girls are not allowed here. YoYo and his friends join Sanyukta. They say their friend is there, they want to see him. The guy asks what they will do? They want to fight? Now Randhir comes and says, yes. The guy gets quiet and leaves. Sanyukta asks Randhir why he came now. He asks her to shut, if he didn’t come, then no one would be able to enter. They go in and are shocked to see Parth playing a boxing match. Parth asks someone how much money gathered. He wants more and for that, he will have to fight more. Sanyukta wonders what emergency Parth has that he’s earning money like this.

Next opponent comes and it’s inspector Rana who arrested Parth and tortured him. Sanyukta and team recognize Rana. Rana and Parth glare each other with anger. Both remind each other how they had beaten each other. Parth had beaten him up at the age of 7. Rana says he made mistake by letting that kid go, but today he will rectify his mistake.

Precap: The boxing match starts between Parth and Rana. Parth struggles and Rana doesn’t stop beating him. Randhir goes inside the ring to help Parth.

Update Credit to: Tina

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