Sadda Haq 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says i can support you at least. randhir says i don’t need anyone, go from here, he twists her wrist and shoves her. Sanyu leaves in tears. Randhir calls Raghii from voice modulation app as Karan. He says hi baby how are you? Where have you been? She says i wanted to talk to you,why did they shift you? Karan says they brought me here for surgery. Dont worry i will be fine. She says i am waiting for you and we will start our new life, i dont let anything happen to you. He says i feel sleepy now. Raghini says will you call me again? Randhir says yes i will. She says i love you, randhir says i love you too.

Sanyu comes and sees that the print outs are burnt and the page she opened was not found. she ooks at the match stick and recalls its always in Ranawt’s teeth.

Sanyu recalls how randhir said he doesn’t need anyone. Sanyu says what can it be? or am i over asuming? She says there is something for sure. She goes to randhir’s room.
She takes his phone and checks, randhir comes in room after shower, sanyu hies behind a curtain. randhir changes his clothes, sanyu close her eyes. randhir goes out again, sanyu comes out. She says thank God he didn’t see me. randhir comes in and says will we tell me why you came here? Sanyu says i just came to see you. Randhir says see me after shower? sanyu says i don’t mean it that. He snatches the phone from her hand. he says you came to steal my phone. sanyu says i wanted to know what is troubling you, i will find it out. randhir says stop interfering in my life. He goes out.

Dream team is working on the car. sahil says lets work on the body. Parth says what about cyinders. sanyu says randhir what you think? he says we can use the cylinder space for something else. He sits with the team. Randhir gets a call, nurse says raghini wants to go from here. radhir says don’t let her go. i am coming. sanyu asks where are you going? Randhir goes without answering.

Randhir says to ragini where are you going? She says there is some important thng to do, i have to go to court and extend wedding date. randhr says what are you saying? She says my and karan’s wedding. randhir says you are not well you should be treated. your brothers are following you. Raghini says sit here, you know it was my idea to flee from the house. I wasn’t scared back then neither am i now. I want to start my life with karan As soon as he comes back. randhir says think practically. What will i answer to karan when he comes back. She says call him. randhir says he is under treatment, i will go to court with you when you are okay. She agrees.

yoyo goes to ranawat’s office to complete his dare. He takes out pen from his pocket and says i had to bring ranawat’s pen i will say its his. Ranawat comes from back and says is this lawn to walk? yoyo says sorry sir, ranawt says you shuld stay quite when you don’t have a brain. i hate lies. he takes him out and shoves him. sanyu comes to ranawat’s office. she looks at him playing with a web. Ranawat says i hate people who peek in others life. If you don’t stop involving in my life then i will involve in yours and it will create problems for you.

Precap-sanyu sees randhir, he is drunk. sanyu says you are drunk? He says i can’t take it anymore. sanyu takes him to his room. She says can you tell me what happened? He hugs her and says karan. Randhir gets a call next morning that raghini is not in her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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