Sadda Haq 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 7th January 2014 Written Update

This episode starts of with Sanyukta putting something in the watchmens bicycle and takes it. The watchmen runs after her while Randeer says you have 2 options vardushi either i tell u the answer or how to approach it. She picks the first choice. Everyone gathers outside and looks at Sanyukta and wonders what she is doing while Vardushi says ” Hey losers are you all even going to try to find the answer” and Sanyukta is still counting 982,983…etc. Everyone gathers around Vardaan sir and one by one he asks them to bring up the answer and also tell him how they had approached it. Randeers idea was super clever 🙂 His answer was correct it was 26.7 acres and Vardaan sir asks how did you get this he says by using the internet ( Remember the electricity was not working so they couldn’t use it at all to access the schools website to find the exact location of it) He said the drained out batteries were no use so he took all the drain out batteries and made a circuit with that circuit he got enough power to switch on his phone 😛 He says “Sir I even know that you blocked the schools website” Vardaan says then what he says Satellite Images He says this Satellite images is this College scaled on version so he used a simple method and multiplied it by the factor and output to find the measurement of the canteen Vardaan says how did u measure the area of the canteen? Reply” Sir i went to the Canteen and i measured it” Sanyukta comes in with her bicycle all in a rush and gets the answer of 27.2 acres. She explains she got this bicycle and went around the college and whatever the circumstance of the tire is she multiplied it by each Revolution. and once the revolution was over to mark it she put a marker and once each revolution was done and with the sound she could tell when each revolution was complete. Then with every revolution she multiplied it by the tires circumstance and thats how she got the area. She demonstrates it on the board by drawing the school. Vardaan sir says to the class that its 27.2 and Sanyukta thinks how can she get it wrong then thinks she accidentally went around the other ground of FITE isn’t suppose to be calculated and tell that to virdaan after he says Randeers idea is interesting and #1 Vardaan asks Jignish to call out the people who made it from the list on the table.1st is Randeer 2nd is Vardushi …… 8th is Kaustaki 9th is Jignish SANYUKTA’S NAME DOESN’T GET ANNOUNCED 🙁 Vardaan sir says that whatever names aren’t announced their not in the second round. Vardaan sir says i want better performance from the winners of this round.BUT WAIT VAARDAAN GOES TO THE BICYCLE AND SAYS BUT WAIT THERE IS ONE MORE NAME #16 IS SANYUKTA 🙂 only because of her approach she got in:) She’s happy. She’s in the canteen sitting when Kaustaki comes in and tell her why re u upset but she says she’s very happy and tells her learning from your mistake is good and she’ll check her answer even more from the next round. She says rank 1 is my position not Randeers. YOYO singh and boys and Randeer talk to Randeer while Jignish Tells him that Sanyukta’s idea was great Randeer tells him that the idea doesn’t matter the answer does and her way sucked. Vardaan says that next task will start in 2 minutes Randeer goes while YoYo tell Jignish that your suppose to be smarter to woo the girl (Kaustaki) Everyone is outside looking at Vardaan riding Sanyukta’s bicycle and tells them that her idea wasn’t bad at all She smiles. Randeer looks irritated. Vardaan says every mechanical engineer should know how to handle each critical situation not only knowing the machine. He’s going to put people in pairs but they will be working against each other. The member will ask the other person 5 questions and they won’t know the answer The question doesn’t have to be related to Mechanical Engineer at all!!!!!! it could be anything They are all placed in 2 lines Vardaan sir arranges them says rang number 16 will be facing #1 !! Randeer/ Sanyukta look irritated Their all facing each other Randeer and Sanyukta remember the times they each bothered each other in the party, machines…..

Next episode is intense :D- Randeer and Sanyukta are Library Sanyukta asks who Can tolerate more pain men or women he says off course men. She says oh really you think men can handle child birth pain he says JUST SHUT UP. He says you think women are stronger then men then now you will show ur girl power to me He says remove this rack ( Surrounded by library bookshelf’s) She says you have gone crazy Randeer corners her she Says move Then he says if u want me to move then show me that you can move me-otherwise your pretty stuck here. Sanyukta says Randeer- IS ANYONE THERE and he covers her mouth and corners her extra tightly plus he holds her hand tight -He says you asked who is stronger- this is called strength <3

Update Credit to: Ransya Fan 1

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