Sadda Haq 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 7th February 2014 Written Update

Sanyu is annoyed when she finds out from Kastuki that they will have to share their room with Vidhushi. She tells Kastuki about her horrible holidays. Other hand, Randhir is wondering how Sanyu came back to the college. Sanyu tells Kastuki luckily Sameer had to go to Dubai for 10 months, so her engagement is after 10 months. Sanyu is tensed thinking how she will get consent letter. Kastuki tells her to think as she always comes up with a solution. In the mean time, Kastuki calls her dad to tell him about the consent letter.

YoYo comes to Vardhan and pleads him to take him as well. Vardhan tells him he is not worth to stay in any team. YoYo says he will help him out in all work etc etc. In end, Vardhan agrees. YoYo hopes to win Kastuki this time.

Kastuki tells Sanyu to lie to her family that she is sick and she needs consent letter to go to hospital. Sanyu says no and she gets another idea. She waits for Vardhan to go to his office with the Dean. She then comes in and tells them there is no way she would get permission from her family. She requests them to let her take part without consent letter. Randhir is hiding and listening their conversation. Vardhan says rule is rule and she must get consent letter. Sanyu still argues and says to Vardhan he also breaks the rules. What’s wrong with her breaking this simple rule. It’s not a legal documents or anything. The Dean explains to Sanyu that it’s for her safety. Many incidents can happen… one like 12 years ago. Vardhan gets mad and asks the Dean to be quiet. He tells Sanyu to bring consent letter or forget about the dream team competition. Sanyu wonders why Vardhan got so mad. Vardhan asks her to leave. Sanyu leaves. Randhir follows her. Vardhan tells the Dean to be careful and not talk about his past to anyone. Dean suggests him to leave his past in past and leaves.

Kastuki gets permission from her dad. She’s printing the letter, but printer is not working. YoYo comes and offers her help. She refuses, but he still helps her. In that, Kastuki puts her hand on his hand. Jiggy comes and sees that. He shouts Kastuki and walks out in anger. He takes out his frustration at a random guy. Kastuki comes there and Jiggy gets mad at her asking her what she was doing so close to that YoYo. Kastuki tells him he’s over reacting. Jiggy says yes because he loves her. Kastuki says she too loves him and she won’t look at any other man. Jiggy now calms down and hugs her. YoYo was getting happy seeing them fighting, but that doesn’t last too long.

Sanyu is tensed. Randhir stops her and says he can help her out, but for that she will need to join hands, say sorry to him and beg him. Sanyu says she has been fighting alone since she came to this college and she will keep fighting alone. She doesn’t need any help. Randhir asks her why she went with crying face to Vardhan then. He says by crying, nothing is going to happen. Even if she had cried to him for help, he wouldn’t have helped because he hates her and he loves seeing her crying face. Sanyu says it’s not over yet.

Sanyu is frustrated in her room. Kastuki tells her to think something or ask her bro. Sanyu says her bro is no less, he would ask her to return home instead arranging consent letter. Vidhushi gets happy knowing Sanyu won’t be able to come for the competition. She tells Sanyu they should never disappoint their family, as it’s only them who stay with you for ever. She asks her to think about it and leaves from there. Sanyu wonders if she really meant that or said to discourage her. But whatever it is, she gets an idea from what Vidhushi told her.

She calls her bro and says she said no for the competition because she doesn’t know anything and she would definitely fail. And then college authorities would send her back home. Her bro had told her first that he would definitely not let her ago, but after what Sanyu said, he seems to changing his mind. Sanyu tells him she will make him talk to Randhir and he can say no to him as he’s in charge for this. After she hangs, she says one dumb guy agreed, now it’s time for 2nd dumb guy, Randhir.

Vidhushi brings the consent form to Randhir and he tells her to pack her bags. Sanyu is passing from there. Randhir tells her to pack her bags as well, but to go to her husband’s house. She is not going to get any consent letter, so there is no way she would be able to participate in the competition. He leaves. Sanyu smiles and says she has already found a way. Two dumb boys, her bro and Randhir, will get her the consent letter.

Precap: Randhir talks to Sanyu’s bro on the phone. Sanyu’s bro tells him to let Sanyu go. Randhir gets surprised. Vardhan brings all the students somewhere putting blindfolds on their eyes. Sanyu is also with them.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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