Sadda Haq 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes home, she says why haven’t you people eaten ice cream till now? Akash says thank God, we thought we wont get to eat it. Akash says taya ji said no one will eat unti sanyu is here. Sanyu serve ice cream to everyone.
Randhir talks to mason’s agent, they say don’t take it lightly you are part of masons now. Randhir says i am previliged to work with you people. Sanyu comes in and says what is this randhir? Since when has been this happening? i thought you tell me everything. i am a fool i trusted you.

Randhir opens his eyes in a lab, he is roped on a chair. Sanyu recalls how sanyu fainted after being mad at him. Randhir says i asked you not to harm sanyu. He then fainted himself. randhir says where is sanyyu? What the hell is this. The voice says don’t shout. Randhir says i wont leave you if something happes to sanyu. SAnyu says adda do you think this is funny? and who roped me like this? adda says you need to know what is gonna happen to you. There is poisonous gas in the lab, you have two minutes to run from there. Randhir says tell me where is sanyy? The message is turned off. Randhir picks a screw drivers and releases himself. Randhir comes to adda and says what are you doing? where is sanyu? Adda says i asked you not to tell anyone. This was your punishment. Randhir says punish me i will be careful next time. Randhir says where is sanyyu? Adda says she has forgotten what she saw, we edited her memory.

Randhir goes to medical room and sees sanyu there. She says i came to your room and i slipped. Randhir says relax. She says what happened to me? Rnadhir says you fainted because of dehydration.

Abhay and Tania text each other. Tania says have you tried adventure in library? He says many times, just kidding. Never got a chance, she says how will you get chance when you dont avail. Abhy gets up and goes in corner, tania comes and kisses him. yoyo sees them. Tania says don’t worry about people. This will ruin my image more than yours be mature.

Ranawat comes to adda’s cabin and sees a microphone there. adda comes in and says hello Mr. Ranawat, he says hello, i came with these files, review them and send them back to me. While leaving he says this shirt is nice, suits you. Ranawat goes out and says I have seen her and this microphone as well. He tries to recollection.

Tania comes and sits with yoyo. she says why you look like you saw something you shouldn’t have. Yoyo says i was just walking past that place. Tania says life should be spicy, if you don’t do that it becomes boring. I and Rishap we were just having fun, none of us have a problem with that. And so shouldn’t you. If you make it a sensation in college it will create problems, so don’t be a spoiler.

Sanyu is picking a machine, rishap comes and helps her. she says thanks it was heavy. his phone rings, sanyu sees tania’s name on his phone. sanyu says you know her? He says just hi hello. Sanyu says she is amazing, just a weird. Rishap says yes she is weird. Randhir comes in and sees them talking. Randhir says what are you doing here? Rishap says i was helping here. Randhr says i am here to help her, you loser better help yourself. Rishp says i am not one of those losers, i will beat you in front of everyone. sanyu says what did he mean? Randhir says he is a loser. And call me when you need help.

Sanyu asks tania about him and rishap. She says nothing serious i am having fun. Tell me whats new in sanyu randhir love story? you fought with him again? Come with me. sanyu says please i dont want to do anything. Tania says if you consider me your friend come with me.
Sanyu says i feel like he is concealing something. Tania says you should spy n him. Sanyu says he is not a theif. Sanyu sees randhir going somewhere. She says where is randhir going at this hour? They follow randhir, adda says what are you two doing here?
Sanyu says just walking.

Sanyu comes on breakfast table and says you called me papa? Agarwal says you dont do breakfast, you will eat with us. Ankit says put butter on bread. SAnyu says maybe papa wants to give me another chance.

Precap-Randhir says to pals i wanna arrange surprise party for sanyu. Its her birthday today. I have to make this day specail for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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