Sadda Haq 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes in her room both kaustuki and vidushi ate sleeping. She turns on the light. kaustuki asks where were you > Vidushi was doubting you I sad you were serving for maya’s punishment. She asks what happened sanyu ? Sanyu says I am doing worng I lie to randhri every day I feel guilty. kaustuki asks what happened between you two. Sanyu shows her the ring. She tells her that randhir gave her Samir’s ring. sanyu said you still had it. He said it was in my pocket I found it and thought you should return it to Samir as there is nothing between you two. SAnyu says lets go and sleep get some rest.
She says I don’t know what to do. I can’t take risk and can’t say truth. Kaustuki says just saty focused. Everything will be fine. Sanyu says how can I ? Vidushi wakes up and says you have fail again and I have to top so let me sleep. Sanyu says to kaustuki I met vardhan sir. Kaustuki asks what did he say ? SAnyu says i8 will tell you tomorrow.

Randhir is sitting out. he looks at sanyu’s earing and says I will not return this, I have returned the ring. Yo yo comes and says when did you become yo yo. Randhir says what you mean ? Yo yo I used to sit here and stare and girls’ hostel. randhir says I wasn’t sleepy so came here. Yo yo says your couple is so good. How did the fight ended between you and sanyu. Randhir says yeah everything is fine now we are nest friends. Yo yo You remember how you gave her the drink. Randhir recalls the freshers’ party. Yo yo saus and how you made her wear those clothes and vardhan was angry at her. You made her girly for three days and there is so much more. How did you both settle ? DId you apologize to her ? Randhir says no I didn’t say sorry.

Sanyu’s phone rings, she wakes up. Its randhir. She asks why aren’t you asleep. He says I wanna meet you right now. Sanyu saus whats so urgent? He says just meet me I will tell you.

SAnyu goes to randhir and asks why you called me here ? He says sit I will tell you everything. He plays a video in which randhir was giving her list of things she had to do, you will write that you are an imaginary engineer. Randhir says I was wrong and I wanna rectify my mistakes. I know you are not an imaginary engineer. He says in video I will never make you my partner in video. He says truth is I could never find a better partner than you. He says I have no reason and excuse for these thing. He starts explaining all the things. SAnyu is in tears. He said to her why you girls come here when you can’t do anything there is no place for you in mechanical. He says I don’t know about rest but you can do mechanical engineering. I take all my words back all the wrong things I said. I am really sorry. He goes to her and say why are you crying ? I thought you will tell me rest of the incidents, I was about to say tell me what have I forgot I will apologize for everything. I would have made you my best friend in first year. Sanyu says its okay. He says I was right that girls can’t do mechanical engineering except you. Snayu says they can. He says yeah you are not a girl. She says I am a girl. He says yeah yeah I was just kidding. Sanyu lays her head on his shoulder.

Scene 2
Next morning Sanyu and parth wake up to their alarms. SAhil wakes up too.
Sanyu is in her room. Vidushi wakes up. SAnyu says on a call yeah I am have a lot to paint. I am telling you I will die. She is doing this to pretend in front of vidushi. Vidushi says I have to sleep for more minutes. I have topped after all I deserve 5 minutes.

Sanyu says its so difficult to pretend in front of vidushi, Sanyu goes to lab. Parth says we have to escape from maya. SAnyu says like vardhan said we have to save ourselves and stop sponsors too. They all contemplate what could they possibly do. Sanyu says I have got an idea. SAnyu says there is one thing that can over take her anger. Our performance. We have to change her thoughts by our performance. We have to do something that will be appreciated publicly. She won’t be able to suspend us. Radnhir says brilliant idea sanyu you are a champ. Sanyu says I spend time with champ. Parth says lets thinks something after that you can praise each other.

Sahil says portable TV so people can watch it on the go. Kaustuki says or portable AC. Sanyu says no something that can relate to their emotions.

Sahil and parth are talking in the corridor. Vidushi hides to over hear their conversation. Parth says stay away from her you used to make your assignments with her. SAhil says she used to come with me. Parth says She will never be good. Vidushi says I tried to save you parth but your bad luck will never let you achieve anything.

Sanyu says we have to make something that is GPS enabled so everyone can use it. They start working on it. Randhir says to sanyu how can I think that you have oardoned me ? She says you apologized and your thoughts about girls’s have changed. He sasy just for you not for rest of the girls. Sanyu says you will never change randhir. He says you are genius why don’t you find a way. You are the second one always. Oh no you have failed this time. Sanyu says okay I will come up something don’t worry.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in her room. She says he will ne er change intelligent and arrogant. She recalls him saying I will never change. She says I will change you. there is no place for girls in mechanical engineering. I know how will you change. Sanyu is working on something. SAmir is calling her she prefers to ignore. She calls radnhir. he asks where are you ? She says I am coming. Sanyu says please say once girls can do mechanical engineering. he says I have apologized already. Sanyu says please just once. He says girls should do mechanical engineering. Sanyu records it and says now he will look at this gift and will be dazed. Samir comes there and says whats is going on sanyu. Why don’t you pick up mu phone. Why are you avoiding me.

Precap-SAmir says I was just saying I never heard I love you from you. Say it today. Randhir is coming that way but he I looking at his phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ATIBA U R AWESOME… do u type during Sh’s ad break???? so fast dear..

  2. aaj kaa epi MASTH thaa… Rd to Sanyu in AV class.. I take back all my words… I am sorry my friend… wow… & when is Sanyu going to get that ♡ feeling towards Rd?? mere qayaal se, engagement ke baadh toh thodaa mushkil hai…

    PRECAP : WTH??? Will sanyu say I ♡ u to SAMIR??? No, no no….. i can’t stand it…

    1. me too but why did sanyu said that when she does not have any feeling

      1. u mean sanyu saying i love u too randhir while drunk??? that was just friendly… nothing more fdom her side…

    2. sorry @meera i thought that sanyu said i love you to samir without reading precap carefuly

  3. I SAW THE VIDEO OF NEW PROMO. QUALITY IS NOT GOOD. thats y i hv not gvn the link…






    in the above link, the page number is given against every chapter.. CHAPTER 5 is in PAGE 55… all one has to do is type the gvn page number in the box above (which reads – NEW TOPIC, POST REPLY) and click “go”…. voila. u can read the full ff there. link to thread 2 is also gvn there…

    1. Tnx meera di for the link I have read till the latest epi of the fanfic ….I think the FF is not written regularly so whenever the New epi of the FF is written can u give the links pls

  5. Awsme epi 🙂

  6. a/one interested…. check the blow link….

  7. Really awsme epi 2day 🙂 sanyu ws crying happily seeing randhir’s video oww at last he says sorry to her 😀 HOLY CRAP will sanyu say “I love u” to SAMEEEEEEER Well don’t say it sanyu Only randhir deserves this “line” :*


  9. Sanyu please dont betray him he will be totally broken and vardhaan sir please make her relise that she is in love just like he made her relise he was a friend to her !!!!!

  10. Problem is ki ghar pe laptop nahi hai so i have to wait till mom comes [email protected]:30…so updates r late. I really cant help it. So,do u guyz still want me to post them here or will u read them at the given links?????


  12. achanak sab kahaan gayab ho gaye hai??? no comments on tdys epi….

  13. fingers crossed!

  14. Y do v fall in luv? Experience ki kami. Y do v break off luv? Patience ki kami. Den y do v want fall in luv?………..dimag ki kami.

  15. Kk guyz,here comes part 6!!! 😉
    CHAPTER 6 : The Drunken Confession

    “It’s ok to be bad if you can make ‘bad’ look ‘good’!!!!



    Dr Dinesh Shekhawat entered Dr Vardhan’s room looking exhausted.

    “Vardhan, i need to talk to u..” said the former.

    “Dr Shekhawat…Sir, are u alright?”

    Dr Dinesh Shekhawat had once been Dr Vardhan’s mentor, just as Randhir’s parents had been as well. Vardhan had always been respectful towards the Shekhawats.

    “Yes..yes..I’m fine…It’s about Randhir…We are organizing a press-meet today to formally introduce him to everyone…I was just hoping u could pep-talk him a bit. He’s only 18…he will be scared…But before the media, one slip of the tongue could cost us a lot…”

    Prof Vardhan looked doubtful.

    “Why are u asking me to talk to him? Can’t u do it?”

    Dr Shekhawat smiled a little and said, “I see a lot of you in him Vardhan…If there’s anyone that can motivate Randhir, it’s u…Please do this as a favour to me…”

    Prof Vardhan nodded and replied, “Sure…It will be my pleasure sir..”

    “Thank u..” said Dr Shekhawat and left.

    Prof Vardhan frowned. Why were they making Randhir go public? And why did Dr Shekhawat look so worried and exhausted? Something wasn’t right.

    He called in the peon and asked him to send for Randhir.


    Randhir lay wide awake on his bed, the moments inside the conference hall replaying in his head. True, he wanted to be a part of what his parents had started. But this was a huge responsibility. Would he be able to handle it?

    “Randhir Shekhawat?” called the peon from outside his dorm-room.

    Randhir got up and walked out.

    “Kya hua bhaiya?”

    “Dr Suryavanshi ne aapko unke chamber mein bulaya hain..”

    “Ok…abhi ayaa..” said Randhir and quickly got dressed.

    He went over to Prof Vardhan’s office wondering why he had called him.

    “Sir, may I come in?”

    “Randhir…Yes come in…Sit..” instructed the professor.

    “Sir, u called me?”

    “Uhhh…yes…I just wanted to know your opinion regarding what you are about to do..”

    Randhir looked perplexed, “I didn’t get u sir..”

    “The press-meet…What are u doing Randhir? How do u expect to run an entire foundation at this age?”

    Realization set in on Randhir. He sighed and replied, “The board’s decision sir…I had no part in it…I merely agreed to their proposal..”

    “That is what i want to know Randhir…Why did u agree?”

    “What choice did I have sir? It’s my parents’ foundation and they needed me…I obliged merely…”

    “Don’t u find it strange that they need u now, all of a sudden?”

    Randhir’s face turned hard.

    “What are u implying sir?”

    Prof Vardhan looked at his student carefully before replying, “All i am saying is, you are 18…U are in med-school…U may be a genius, but this isn’t just any professional course..You are dealing with lives here…If u want to be like your parents, you have to focus on medical and nothing else…Don’t lose your focus Randhir…Don’t let vengeance get in the way…”

    His words hit Randhir hard. Prof Vardhan was right. But…

    “I watched them die when I was 10…I grew up all alone in a 12-bedroom plush apartment with no one to guide me but Ramu chacha…I made it this far just out of sheer determination…Don’t worry sir…Nothing can deter me from my goal now…But I will keep your advice in mind…”

    “He really is a lot like me…Pig-headed and chivalrous…” thought the professor.

    “If u need any help, I’ll be more than happy to assist u…Just think carefully before taking any step…” Vardhan told Randhir.

    The latter thanked him and took his leave.


    Sanyukta Agarwal woke up to find the entire girl’s dorm buzzing about something.

    Kaustuki had gone to take a bath and so Sanyukta approached Vidushi and asked her what was going on.

    “Randhir, that is, jiske saath tumne lab mein panga liya tha…He is Dr Harsh & Dr Renuka’s son…Aaj woh media ke samne aaney wala hain…”

    Sanyukta’s jaw dropped!

    “Media??? But why? Kya kiya usne?”

    Vidushi rolled her eyes and replied, “Arey kuch kiya nhi…Karega…He is taking over the ‘Hope Foundation’…Matlab ki this college now officially belongs to him…Bohot achha kaam kiya tumne…College ki owner se panga le liya! Ab toh tumhari waat lagne waali hain!”

    But Sanyukta barely paid attention to what Vidushi was uttering.

    “Randhir taking over the foundation? My god!!!! This is so awesome! Imagine owning a whole organisation at 18…”

    “Kahan kho gayi ho?” called out Vidushi.

    Sanyukta came out of her trance and mumbled, “Woh nhi bas…I have to be careful not to end up on the wrong side of him!!”

    Vidushi smirked, “Exactly. Or else be prepared for hell!”

    As the two girls were talking, Sanyukta saw Ishita and Smriti come out of their rooms and walk out of the hostel without sparing a glance at anyone.

    “Ab toh yeh dono maharaaniyan aur bhi zyada bhao khayengi…Goddd!” lamented sanyukta mentally.

    She then went and told Kaustuki about Randhir’s press-meet and the two girls decided to watch it on their hostel TV.


    If you thought this was your customary press-meet, then think again. Because instead of dressing himself up in formals, Randhir appeared before the media in jeans and t-shirt, that too a t-shirt that read ‘Question Authority’!!!!!!

    The media room was packed with journalists, all waiting impatiently to catch a glimpse of the Shekhawat heir!

    Randhir sat in front of the microphone and faced the media for the first time in his life. He inhaled deeply to steady himself, thought about his parents and started speaking, “Ladies and gentlemen, today i am before u to declare a very important news. I, Randhir Shekhawat, am taking over as the new ‘Director’ of the ‘Hope Foundation’. As u know, this foundation was started by my parents. And in their absence, I as their sole heir, am taking over this position because I am now a legal adult and eligible to do so. I hope all of you will support me as much as u had supported my parents and my uncle. Thank u.”

    The other board members including Dr Dinesh & his friends Ishita, Smriti, Parth and Karan were all holding their breathes while he spoke. But his confidence surprised them all. He spoke with the aura of a true ‘entrepreneur’!

    The journalists asked him a few questions which he answered in detail and finally left the press-room. And the news flashed all across.

    “Junior Shekhawat takes over the ‘Hope Foundation’…Is this a new beginning?”


    “You were brilliant…How do u manage to be so composed all the time?” ishita asked him once he came out.

    He rolled his eyes and held her hand. His palm was as cold as ice.

    “That’s how scared i was inside there…It just didn’t show on my face…” he said quietly.

    She took his hands and gave it a squeeze as the others came over to congratulate him. The proudest of them was Dr Dinesh.

    “Well done my son” he said, his face beaming, “You will make a great director…Just like harsh..”

    Randhir smiled politely at all of them, but he was exhausted.

    “Let’s go” Parth told him all of a sudden.

    Randhir looked at him in surprise.

    “U must be tired…Let’s head back to FMC and u can rest…” Parth explained and Randhir was grateful to him.

    And so the 5 of them headed back to college.


    Sanyukta and Kaustuki sat glued to the television and watched the press-meet live.

    “Wow sanyu, he is so confident…kitna educated aur sophisticated lag raha hain, right?” asked Kaustuki, clearly in awe.

    “Yeah..” replied Sanyukta unmindfully.

    “He’s taking over the entire foundation…My God…He’s doing press-meets…He’s on TV…How can life get any better!!!!!” she thought.



    It was time for the most awaited event for the first years. The freshers’ party.

    They hardly had any amusement in med-school, so this ocassion was one where they wanted to enjoy freely.

    There was no dress code, no rules, no bindings…It was a night to be enjoyed…A night to remember.

    “What do u think of this? Will Karan like it?” asked smriti to Ishita, showing her a knee-length sea-green outfit.

    “It’s elegant Smri…But since when do u care what Karan likes? That duffer is smitten by u…He’ll like u in anything!”

    Smriti smirked and asked Ishita what she’ld be wearing.

    “My mom’s boutique collection…This time i’ve gone for blue..”

    The dress she picked was a mid-lenght ‘Shiftdress’ with a low-cut back and a matching pair of dangler earrings to go with it!

    “Ishi, u are by far the hottest girl in this college…But today u’re gonna look smoking hot! I wonder how jealous Randhir will be when he finds everyone oggling at his girlfriend!”

    Ishita laughed as she got ready!

    “Be ready to drool, Shekhawat” she thought!


    Kaustuki wore a ‘Floral printed prom dress’ and looked utterly cute in it. She had gotten rid of her glasses for the ocassion and wore contacts. She also wore a pair of wedges of matching color!

    “Wow!!! yeh kya hain? Itni saj-dhaj ke? Jiggy effect dikh raha hain Kaustu!!!” said Sanyukta, teasing her friend.

    But Kaustuki was looking at Sanyukta with a hint of annoyance.

    “Yeh kya Sanyu? Tum kurti aur patiala pehen rahi ho?”

    Sanyukta frowned and replied, “Haan..Toh kaunsa humein dress code diya gaya hain…Mere paas aur kuch nhi hain pehne ke liye…”

    “Toh mujhse borrow kar lo!”

    “No kaustuki, thanks! Mein isi mein comfy hoon! Let’s go..”

    Kaustuki still looked dissatisfied, but went along with Sanyukta to the party.


    The first thing Randhir noticed once he entered the party with Parth and Karan was Ishita. She looked ethereal in that blue dress.

    Blue – his favourite color!

    “Hey handsome, how do i look?”

    He smiled and said, “As good as my ‘girlfriend’ should look..”

    She sighed.

    “It’s no use asking u for compliments…”

    “Since when does ishita mittal need compliments from others?”

    “U are not ‘others’ ,randhir…U are my ‘boyfriend’…”

    “Well, in that case…u look ‘ok’!” he laughed and she elbowed him!

    Karan and smriti were already off to dancing while the music played in full volume! Parth was asked by Vidushi for a dance, to which Ishita made a face. But being the gentleman that he was, Parth accepted her offer!

    “Dance?” ishita asked.

    “Itni bhi kya jaldi hain…Let’s have something first…Whisky?”

    She smiled coyly and replied, “On the rocks!”

    He walked towards the drinks counter and ordered 2 whisky.

    And as waited for his order, he saw ‘her’ entering the hall with Kaustuki. Clad in a simple white kurti and blue patiala, she looked the most ‘under-dressed’ in the entire hall and yet, there was a spark in her…A spunk which he didn’t miss!


    She was now smiling at jiggy and moving towards the dance floor.

    “Your order sir”, said the bar-guy.

    He averted his eyes from her, took the drinks and went over to Ishita.

    “Thanks” she said and started sipping. He looked back to where Sanyukta was and his eyes transfixed on what he saw.

    Kaustuki and Jiggy were slow-dancing with the song being played, while she stood at a dimly lit corner, her face half-concealed in the dark, her eyes closed as she swayed to the music, all on her own. Strands of her long hair blew across her face. Randhir smirked disdainfully.

    “Silly girl…Came here dressed so casually,…couldn’t even manage a date!” he thought.

    He went back to sipping his whisky when suddenly Ishita spoke up, “Oh my my…Behenji is dancing all alone! Time for some fun, shall we?”

    Randhir gave her a bored look.

    “What’s on ur mind Ishi? Don’t create a scene here!”

    She winked and went up to the DJ guy and took the microphone from him.

    “Alright everyone…May I have your attention?”

    Parth came up to Randhir as he saw Ishita take the stage.

    “Randhir, what is she doing?”

    “How do i know?”

    “She’s ur girlfriend…”
    “So?? Doesn’t mean i can read her mind, does it?”

    Parth was sure Ishita was going to do something dreadful!

    The whole room was looking at her now.

    “What is she doing?” Kaustuki asked sanyukta. The latter gave her a confused look.

    “I have a challenge for someone who thinks that we are ‘silly rich people’ and that she is as good as us!”

    Parth sighed. He knew what was coming. Karan was looking perplexed, but smriti was grinning. Kaustuki and Jiggy exchanged a look.

    And Sanyukta’s heart skipped a beat. Randhir however walked out of the hall without a word to anyone. He was tired from the previous day’s press-meet and wanted to be alone, away from all the din.

    “Sanyukta Agarwal” continued Ishita, “How about a contest? Between u & me? I am challenging u…”

    The students were murmuring excitedly now.

    Sanyukta’s lips went dry. What challenge?

    “Sanyu, say no” warned Kaustuki.

    “Sanyukta let’s leave” said jiggy.

    “Please don’t accept it Sanyukta” thought Parth wishing he could reach out to her somehow!

    “Bring it on babes” muttered Smriti. And karan was laughing now that he realized what was about to happen.

    Sanyukta gritted her teeth. She wouldn’t back off no matter what. She would show them who she was.

    “Challenge accepted” she said firmly.

    “Shit!” said Kaustuki, parth & jiggy in unison.

    Ishita smiled broadly and said, “5 tequila shots…Let’s see who can survive…”

    Sanyukta’s face fell. Tequila? What the heck!

    “T-tequila?” she stammered.

    “Yes…Tequila…5 shots…U scared already?”

    “Done” Sanyukta replied. She could do this. It was just 5 shots!

    The students cheered. The party had finally begun.

    10 shots were placed on the table, 5 each for Sanyukta & Ishita.

    “On the count of 3..” said smriti, “3…2…1…go..”

    And the challenge was on. Ishita poured the first shot down her throat and dived for the 2nd.

    Sanyukta sipped her first and her throat burned.

    “Ouch” she mumbled and gulped down the rest. By then Ishita had already had her 3rd shot.

    Minutes later, ishita wiped her lips and looked at Sanyukta who just completed her 3rd shot and was now coughing randomly.

    “Poor u..” she said feigning pity, “Just 2 more babes and u r done..”

    Ishita and Smriti hi fived. The students cheered aloud.

    Randhir sat outside the hall, the loud cheers of everyone ringing in his ears. He got up and walked back inside to see Sanyukta gulping her 4 th shot and having coughing fits. He saw Parth moving towards her and patting her back. Kaustuki and Jiggy came to her aid as well.

    ” Oh no no no…No helping guys” announced Ishita, “It’s her challenge, remember?”

    Sanyukta’s head hurt, her vision was blurred. She grabbed the final shot and poured it down her throat. She felt dizzy. It was like her first day in the ‘anatomy lab’.

    She felt incoherent. But something inside of her made her brave. She took a step towards Ishita, snatched the microphone from her hands and spoke into it in a drunk voice, “Challenge fulfilled. But guess what? I’m not done…”

    The hall fell silent. What was she doing?

    “I…” she paused and steadied herself, “I wan-t to…” she swayed under the effect of the alcohol but then stood upright, “Dance…I will d-dan-ce…Music please…”

    Ishita’s eyes went wide. Was she kidding? She could barely stand, let alone dance.

    But Sanyukta got up to the stage and as the music played she moved along with it in perfect sync. She messed her hair seductively, pouted her lips and moved her body with the beat. The entire hall watched her dumbstruck. There on the stage was a girl dressed in Indian attire, drunk with 5 tequilla shots and yet dancing like a diva.

    Ishita, Smriti and Karan were throwing daggers at her. Jiggy was looking at her shyly, while kaustuki was impressed!

    Parth smiled. She was so full of surprises.

    And there near the exit door, stood Randhir, his eyes fixed on the girl before him, as he watched her move with grace and sensuality. Nothing about her was vulgar and yet everything she did, attracted many ‘lustful’ eyes!

    The music stopped and sanyukta picked up the mike again.

    “Now I’m done” she said before getting off the stage. But as she walked down, she her vision blurred and she missed a step. She was about to fall, but a pair of strong hands caught her.

    “It’s ok…You’re safe” he murmured.

    She looked up hazily and saw him.

    Parth Kashyap.


    “Where do u think u are taking her?” asked Ishita coldly, “It was her choice to get drunk…Leave her to her scum friends…”

    Parth tried to reason saying, “Ishita, she’s almost unconscious…U can’t leave her like this..”

    “Sure i can…And so can u…Leave her parth..” she said sternly.

    “Leave her…” came another voice. They turned and saw randhir.

    Ishita smiled victoriously.

    “I’ll take her” he said and her smile vanished.

    “WHAT?” she asked in shock.

    “Ishi, someone has to complete what u started…I will take her and make her remember not to mess with us…”

    Ishita, smriti and Karan nodded approvingly.

    Parth hissed at randhir, “Kya karega tu?”

    “Woh mujh par chhod de..” he replied simply.

    “No..” opposed parth, “Let her be Randhir…I will take her…”

    “R-an-dh-ir…Hel-p m-e-..” came Sanyukta’s groggy voice all of a sudden.

    Randhir gave a triumphant smile.

    “See, even she trusts me…I will take her” he said and took hold of Sanyukta.

    Parth let her go with reluctance and warned randhir not to mess with her.

    The latter merely smirked and left.


    She stirred in his arms. He had carried her half way upto her hostel and now was taking a break. She was heavy and his arms began to ache. right now she was sleeping in his arms as he sat on the stairs.

    “Randhir..” she said sleepily.

    He didn’t bother to reply. He had no idea why he carried her, but at that moment, this had seemed the right thing to do!

    “randhir…Mein jan-ti hun tum sun rah-e ho…”

    He kept mum.

    “Theek hain, mat bolo kuch” she said as she tried to sit up, “Mein he bolti hun..”

    He shoved her back into his arms as she struggled to get up.

    “Lie still” he barked.

    She giggled.

    “Tum bade achhe ho…Very nice…but ur problem is u don’t want to be nice…”

    He stiffened a bit. What was this drunk girl blabbering?

    “Pta hain..Tumhara yeh blue eyes kisi ko bhi flat kar sakta hain..” she said and then sat up suddenly and started singing in the most tuneless voice ever, “Blue eyes, hypnotise teri, karti hain meinu…”

    “Shut the hell up” he bellowed. How on earth did he get stuck with her?

    She was giggling now.

    “Get up u fool” he said and dragged her up, “And keep ur mouth shut…”

    But sanyukta now held his collar and gave him a gentle tug. He lost balance and leaned towards her, their faces inches apart.

    “Arey mujhe puri baat khatam toh karne do…”

    “U are drunk agarwal…Tumhe pta bhi hain tum kya bakwas kar rahe ho?” he spat back.

    “T-ruth randhir…t-ru-th…And the best part is…I love those blue yes…”

    Randhir Shekhawat went rigid. What did she say?

    “They pull me in…Those intense looks u send towards me give me adre-na-line r-rush…Toh delhi ke betaaj badshah Shahrukh Khan…Fact is, i love u…I am in love with u…”

    Randhir just stood there staring at her wide-eyed. The girl was going on blabbing things that rendered him speechless. Why didn’t she stop? And ‘Delhi ke betaaj badshah Shahrukh Khan’???? That’s what his friends at school used to call him. How in the seven hells did she know about that?

    But sanyukta agarwal didn’t stop.

    “I love Randhir…Randhir Shekhawat!!!” and she started laughing, “but does randhir love me???”

    “SHUT UP” Randhir yelled at her.

    She blinked and looked at him with puupy eyes before saying, “See…This is it…Bolo…aur do galiyaan…Waise bhi jab bhi tum apna muh kholte ho toh bas galiyaan he nikalti hain…Do gali…Sanyukta Agarwal was born to be ridiculed. Arey mein toh focussed thi apni dreams ko leke…Par then i met randhir…Hormonal locha kar diya chhodke ne…And Sanyukta gayi…Pyaaar mein…” she said emphasizing on the word ‘pyar’.

    Randhir had enough.

    He pulled her towards him and picked her up ignoring her vigorous protests. He walked towards her hostel as fast as his legs took him and crept inside. He then climbed to the first floor and realized that he had no idea which was sanyukta’s room.

    “chhodo mujhe…rapist…” she said incoherently.

    “Murder na kar doon tera” growled randhir.

    “Go to hell…” she muttered against his neck.

    He soon spotted a bench outside one of the rooms and went towards it. He put her down on the bench, but she clung onto his shirt. He released her grip roughly and she giggled.

    “Good Night SRK…Yeh mujhe kahan chhod diya tune” she told him. But he was already walking away.

    Sanyukta Agarwal had managed to disrupt his inner peace. He needed to get away from her and start afresh.

    Sanyukta meanwhile fell asleep on the bench.

    The next morning would be the longest morning of her life when all that she said tonight would come back to her rushing!!!!



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