Sadda Haq 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes in her room both kaustuki and vidushi ate sleeping. She turns on the light. kaustuki asks where were you > Vidushi was doubting you I sad you were serving for maya’s punishment. She asks what happened sanyu ? Sanyu says I am doing worng I lie to randhri every day I feel guilty. kaustuki asks what happened between you two. Sanyu shows her the ring. She tells her that randhir gave her Samir’s ring. sanyu said you still had it. He said it was in my pocket I found it and thought you should return it to Samir as there is nothing between you two. SAnyu says lets go and sleep get some rest.
She says I don’t know what to do. I can’t take risk and can’t say truth. Kaustuki says just saty focused. Everything will be fine. Sanyu says how can I ? Vidushi wakes up and says you have fail again and I have to top so let me sleep. Sanyu says to kaustuki I met vardhan sir. Kaustuki asks what did he say ? SAnyu says i8 will tell you tomorrow.

Randhir is sitting out. he looks at sanyu’s earing and says I will not return this, I have returned the ring. Yo yo comes and says when did you become yo yo. Randhir says what you mean ? Yo yo I used to sit here and stare and girls’ hostel. randhir says I wasn’t sleepy so came here. Yo yo says your couple is so good. How did the fight ended between you and sanyu. Randhir says yeah everything is fine now we are nest friends. Yo yo You remember how you gave her the drink. Randhir recalls the freshers’ party. Yo yo saus and how you made her wear those clothes and vardhan was angry at her. You made her girly for three days and there is so much more. How did you both settle ? DId you apologize to her ? Randhir says no I didn’t say sorry.

Sanyu’s phone rings, she wakes up. Its randhir. She asks why aren’t you asleep. He says I wanna meet you right now. Sanyu saus whats so urgent? He says just meet me I will tell you.

SAnyu goes to randhir and asks why you called me here ? He says sit I will tell you everything. He plays a video in which randhir was giving her list of things she had to do, you will write that you are an imaginary engineer. Randhir says I was wrong and I wanna rectify my mistakes. I know you are not an imaginary engineer. He says in video I will never make you my partner in video. He says truth is I could never find a better partner than you. He says I have no reason and excuse for these thing. He starts explaining all the things. SAnyu is in tears. He said to her why you girls come here when you can’t do anything there is no place for you in mechanical. He says I don’t know about rest but you can do mechanical engineering. I take all my words back all the wrong things I said. I am really sorry. He goes to her and say why are you crying ? I thought you will tell me rest of the incidents, I was about to say tell me what have I forgot I will apologize for everything. I would have made you my best friend in first year. Sanyu says its okay. He says I was right that girls can’t do mechanical engineering except you. Snayu says they can. He says yeah you are not a girl. She says I am a girl. He says yeah yeah I was just kidding. Sanyu lays her head on his shoulder.

Scene 2
Next morning Sanyu and parth wake up to their alarms. SAhil wakes up too.
Sanyu is in her room. Vidushi wakes up. SAnyu says on a call yeah I am have a lot to paint. I am telling you I will die. She is doing this to pretend in front of vidushi. Vidushi says I have to sleep for more minutes. I have topped after all I deserve 5 minutes.

Sanyu says its so difficult to pretend in front of vidushi, Sanyu goes to lab. Parth says we have to escape from maya. SAnyu says like vardhan said we have to save ourselves and stop sponsors too. They all contemplate what could they possibly do. Sanyu says I have got an idea. SAnyu says there is one thing that can over take her anger. Our performance. We have to change her thoughts by our performance. We have to do something that will be appreciated publicly. She won’t be able to suspend us. Radnhir says brilliant idea sanyu you are a champ. Sanyu says I spend time with champ. Parth says lets thinks something after that you can praise each other.

Sahil says portable TV so people can watch it on the go. Kaustuki says or portable AC. Sanyu says no something that can relate to their emotions.

Sahil and parth are talking in the corridor. Vidushi hides to over hear their conversation. Parth says stay away from her you used to make your assignments with her. SAhil says she used to come with me. Parth says She will never be good. Vidushi says I tried to save you parth but your bad luck will never let you achieve anything.

Sanyu says we have to make something that is GPS enabled so everyone can use it. They start working on it. Randhir says to sanyu how can I think that you have oardoned me ? She says you apologized and your thoughts about girls’s have changed. He sasy just for you not for rest of the girls. Sanyu says you will never change randhir. He says you are genius why don’t you find a way. You are the second one always. Oh no you have failed this time. Sanyu says okay I will come up something don’t worry.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in her room. She says he will ne er change intelligent and arrogant. She recalls him saying I will never change. She says I will change you. there is no place for girls in mechanical engineering. I know how will you change. Sanyu is working on something. SAmir is calling her she prefers to ignore. She calls radnhir. he asks where are you ? She says I am coming. Sanyu says please say once girls can do mechanical engineering. he says I have apologized already. Sanyu says please just once. He says girls should do mechanical engineering. Sanyu records it and says now he will look at this gift and will be dazed. Samir comes there and says whats is going on sanyu. Why don’t you pick up mu phone. Why are you avoiding me.

Precap-SAmir says I was just saying I never heard I love you from you. Say it today. Randhir is coming that way but he I looking at his phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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