Sadda Haq 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 7th April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta is tensed and angry on Parth as Jiggy says he didn’t see him since last night. She says she can’t rely on Parth. She will make model herself. When she’s leaving, Randhir comes in her way.

Sanyukta’s dad is asking an employee why he’s not able to find out where the problem is in production. Now even their clients started complaining about the products. The employee says the problem is in floorplan and he doesn’t know from where to begin. He shows the design is done very strangely. Ankit says him and his dad made this company before and there was no problem. The employee says he’ll see what he can do. Other hand, Sanyukta is also confused with the floor plan. She thinks of taking Vardhan’s help, but he has gone to Delhi for some conference. Sanyukta again gets tensed. Her mum calls her to ask if any progress. Sanyukta says it’s going slow, but she will surely solve it. She is desperately in need of Parth. He finally picks up her call. Sanyukta asks where he is. First he promised to help her, and then disappeared. She asks where he is now. He asks her to turn. She sees Parth. Parth says his friend was sick, so he went there. Sanyukta asks him why he left climbing the wall then. He says it wasn’t him. They then get back to working. Sanyukta sees a wound on his hand and asks about it. Parth ignores it and says he doesn’t know how it happened. They continue working on the plan.

Jiggy is insisting Kastuki to wear ghaghra-choli, but she says she won’t be comfortable. YoYo adds ink in Jiggy’s cup. Jiggy drinks tea and his lips get blue. Kastuki laugh at him. YoYo comes and tells Jiggy to see his face. Jiggy leaves. YoYo tells Kastuki to go to his village, she can wear whatever she likes. She smiles.

Sanyukta’s dad receives a call from one of his clients who talk about their products and gives him 10 days. Sanyukta’s dad gets tensed. Her mum tells him everything will be fine.

Parth and Sanyukta are working. Parth tells her all will be sorted out as her mum’s blessings are with her. Sanyukta agrees. Randhir hears it. Sanyukta gets up to get some book. Randhir turns his face. She gets surprised seeing him. He pulls her on a side and says, you were discussing about me with Parth, right? I told you not to discuss my personal life. Sanyukta tells him to listen properly, she has better things to do. Randhir says he heard maa, mum. She tells him it’s not only his mum. She was talking about her mum and he doesn’t need to interfere. He says he is not interested in it either, but if she talks about his mum, then he swears, he will kill her. She tells him if he tells this to her again, then she will put that on notice board. Both stare at each other. Sanyukta then walks away. Randhir stares at her.

In night, Sanyukta is still working. Kastuki is learning YoYo’s language. Sanyukta asks her what she’s doing. Kastuki says she was just searching something in Gujarati. Sanyukta asks I Love You? Kastuki blushes. Sanyukta thinks of something and then calls Parth. Vidushi gets irritated, Parth Parth all the time. Like he has taken responsibility to answer all Sanyukta’s questions. Parth doesn’t pick up. Sanyukta asks Kastuki to ask Jiggy. Jiggy says he’s not in the room. Sanyukta wonders where Parth can go. Sanyukta calls again. Someone else picks up and says not to call again and again. Sanyukta thinks that sound can’t be from room. She tries to wake Kastuki up. Vidushi gets mad and asks her to stop making noise and turns off the lights. Sanyukta feels Parth is hiding something or it could be because of her stress. She finally decides to sleep. Vidushi gets up in middle of night and spoils Sanyukta’s design so she stops running behind Parth.

In morning, Sanyukta is shocked to see ink all over on her design. Vidushi says window was open, may be wind caused it. Sanyukta wonders what she will do now. She doesn’t have much time.

Precap: Same as Friday one.

Update Credit to: Tina

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