Sadda Haq 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says I have talked to sanyu, she will be discharged by tomorrow. SAnyu comes there. Randhir says doctor asked you to rest but you never listen. Sanyu says, I was feeling well so I came out. Randhir holds her everyone coughs sarcastically. Randhir makes her sit on chair. Vidushi says can we focus on studies now if you guys are over with this collective soap? Parth says sanyu join us in the studies. We don’t have much time left for exam, its tomorrow. Sanyu sits with Randhir. She says whats your problem. You did all this to help me and bring me back so I can give my exams. And now you are behaving like this. Randhir says I don’t need to do any favor. I have done it for myself. I like defeating you. I needed competition for my exams. Rest I don’t care whether you flunk or pass. Sanyu gets a call from Samir. He says its anniversary tomorrow. Are you practicing the steps? SAnyu says oh shit its tomorrow. Yeah I am practicing the steps.

Vidushi is teasing parth. He says let me study. Vidushi says when did I stop. Keep studying I was just having a little fun.

Sanyu calls Samir and says can we arrange our performance in the end tomorrow? I have an exam and I will reach by the end. Samir says what kind of joke is that. My whole family will be there. You have to be there on time. Sanyu says try to understand, I can’t leave my exam.

Jiggy says to yoyo why is kaustuki texting you? Yoyo says she is checking if I can read English and reply her. Jiggy leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Sanyu is studying and practicing on the dance steps at the same time, in the dark auditorium. The song o re piya is playing. Rnadhir hears the music and comes there. Sanyu I feeling bit low. She falls on the floor. Randhir comes and turns the music off. Sanyyu says what are you doing here. he says you are weak and still you want to dance. Sanyu says I have to. He picks her up and takes her to the sick room. He locks her, sanyu says randhir open the door. He leaves. Sanyu tries to open the door. Samir calls sanyun and says you have to be there on time. sanyu says I will give my exam and coming running there. He says to hell with your exams. I am warning you my parents shouldn’t be insulted because of you.

Sanyu tries to unbolt the door, she is successful. She goes out and practices.

Scene 3
The anniversary has started. Anju and Agarwal are already there. Samir says to agarwal where is sanyu? I asked her to reach on time but she never listens. Sanyu is giving her exam in a hurry. Randhir wonders why is she being so hasty.
Agarwal says to anju she never satisfies until we are insulted. Ankit says I wish I could go there and take her from the exam hall. sanyu is done with her exam. She rushes out. She gets ready and is going out. Randhir ses her. He says in heart at the end of the day you are a girl you don’t belong here. Go to your fiancΓ©. SAnyu says in heart I wish there was someone who thinks differently.
anju says she must be coming please don’t worry. Agarwal says just giver her some more time. Sanyu comes there. Ankit says I won’t leave her today. Agarwal says ankit control yourself. Sanyu comes to anju. Samir comes before she could say anything. Samir says why are you so late. This is all my mistake that I chose someone like you. You never give importance to me andy my family. sanyu says my exams are very important. Your family is insulted due to your own urge. Samir says don’t be loud. sanyu says if you can shout, I can too. My relatives are here too. samir says look aunty this is how she talks. She made us wait and yet she isn’t embarrassed at all. Samir leaves. Sanyu says my exams couldn’t be postponed but this dance performance could. Anju says what are you saying sanyu. She says I am not wrong. I have to do something for myself and I won’t let anyone stop me. Anju says what is wrong with you today? This will break your engagement. Your dad sell the most important thing of life for you happiness. Sanyu is shocked. Anju tells her everything. Go and apologize him. she says in heart papa sold his factory for me oh God.

Precap- sanyu is throwing all the stuff. She is crying. she says my family never back me. Randhir is looking at her. Randhir comes in to console her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. sanyu looks so preity in orange dress. Hav u guyes watched new promo for another special epi??

  2. october ke each sunday SHQ ka special episode hoga i guess..

  3. loved precap…. Awesomest..

  4. Atiba

    Eid Mubarak to all πŸ™‚

    1. @Atiba same to u dear……

  5. @ranyukta what is the new promo dr can u tell??

  6. Guys,sadda haq won the best youth serial award!
    Congratulation team!
    Sandher u rock!
    All sandherians r proud of u!!
    Keep going,luv u!

  7. Kitne duno se sandhir hug miss kar rahi thi….finally sandhir hug is their….

  8. New precap-sanyu to break her engagement as she get 2 know that sameer took dowry!

  9. @Meera jiii.. lagta aap aajkal bahot busy ho……ok ok i can undrstnd yaha cmnts post krne k siwa bhi bahot se kaam aur hote hai ……bt cum back soon…

  10. Hai…mai mar gayi precap dekhke!
    This is what u call a true wala sandhir fan:
    I m having my term exams frm tom,(woh bhi kal maths-me hate math) aur me is not just watching shq,but i even read all ur cmmnts,frm fri,then sun,and now mon. Didnt miss a single one,and u guyz fell short of 75 cmmnts on fri. But ok,225 is good
    Bye now,gotta study!

  11. Finally is chomu ka chapter close hone wala h πŸ˜€ feeling relieved πŸ™‚

  12. Gm guyzzzzz
    Yesterday, in d last few cmmnts,sum ppl were asking if they cud join us. Sorry,i do not remember ur usernames, but u ppl r very welcome to d forum πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  13. I love sadda haq I love sadda haq I love sadda haq I love sadda haq I love sadda haq
    I love sadda haq I love sadda haq I love sadda haq

  14. Hi guys i m a big fan of this show can i join ur group ?

  15. Sanyu is always pretty right and I think chemistry is more btwn sandhir


  17. exactly where is 7 october update atiba?

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