Sadda Haq 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rana’s man says where are we going boss? rana says we have enough money to spend life anywhere on planet. They hear some beep. Rana says what is it? He finds a bomb in his pocket. He recalls vardhan doing this when they had a fight. Rana screams vardhan and the bomb explodes. Rana’s car is now in to bits.

sanyu , randhir and rest three come out. ANju says sanyu and hugs her. Renuka hugs randhir. Anju kisses sanyu, agarwal and ankit also hug her. renuka is crying, she says i was too scared? randhir says for you 100 crore? Renuka says what are you saying? randhir says i forgot money is way more important than your son. you broke my trust again. Renuka is crying there. randhir stands on a side. vardhan’s dead body come out they all salute him.

Inspector says we have to arrest yoyo as well. he was involved with rana. we have a video against him. parth says we were all involved in that way. we will o with yoyo to jail. Inspector says don’t force me to call force. Court might lessen his punishment but for now he has to come with us. they arrest him. Parth holds randhir and says doctors will handle you, you will be fine. He looks back at sanyu and leaves with parth.

Scene 2
Sanyu is in hospital, the doctor says we are sorry sanyu we couldn’t save randhir. sanyu says what are you saying? this is not possible, you are joking, They come out with a dead body. sanyu wakes from her dream, its a dream; anju comes and says wee are all with you. Its all over. everything is fine. sanyu says maa i have to go to college tomorrow. anju says but you cancelled your admission. sanyu says yeah but there was no reason, the accident occured due to randhir not me. He wanted to sit in the car but papa said in the end that he will sit. I thought this was my mistake and left engineering. But it wasn’t. I want to go back to college, vardhan sir expected so mush from me. I will not disappoint him. anju says i never wanted you to leave college, you will o there from tomorrow, but for now you have to rest. sanyu says thanks and hugs her. sanyu sleeps.

Agaarwal asks anju is sanyu okay? anju says yes better than before. she would have been much better if she knew the reality. agarwal says what reality? anju says that the seat belt was right, randhir manipulated it. randhir told her. agarwal says you know she never accepts her mistakes. anju says and she accepted what she never did, you should be happy that your daughter is such good engineer. anju says she will go back to college from tomorrow, you wont be happy because you were with randhir. you did all this so sanyu leave engineering. agarwal says what are you saying? anju says i am sure about what i am saying. this is why you sat in the car, do you know what she has been through. agarwal says what else could i do? see her working with workers? she wont go back to college. anju says she has always respected your decisions, but if you stop her her tomorrow, i will tell her that you were with randhir in all this game. randhir was just a player and you were the master. I have always repsected you and i always will but just imagine what will be your place in her heart when she knows the reality.

Ankit is watching TV. the reporter is praising sanyu. Agarwal turns the tv off. Anakit says let it play she is praising sanyu. agarwal says work on what you have given. Ankit says if sanyu won that task would you have given her my cabin? she is genius we all know that. Aagrwal says that cabin is yours and will always be. Agarwal leaves. ankit smiles at sanyu.

SAnyu goes to her bed and calls randhir. randhir says you haven’t slept? sanyu says no. sanyu says are you okay? he says yes you? she says better, i was thinking about you. he says don’t worry i am fine. sanyu says wont you leave me? he says you have to promise me that you wont leave, i wont go either. sanyu recalls their time together. sanyu says i wish everything was okay between us, and we were together. he says everything is okay, we are together but parted.

Scene 3
Next morning, sanyu serves everyone breakfast. ankit says seeing you in kitchen after quite long, sanyu recalls hugging agarwal last night. Agarwal is discussing something with ankit. The reporter on TV praise students of FITE. she says the students are going there back and starting a new day with hope. sanyu says to agarwal i wanna go to college papa. i know you wont like it but i want to complete my engineering, that accident didn’t happen because of me. why should i leave my engineering when it was not my mistake. vardhan wanted me to complete engineering, to take his dream forward. agarwal says ankit call driver and ask him to drop sanyu to college, sanyu says thank you papa.

Randhir says to nurse i am going from here. I wanna to go to college. the nurse and doctors are trying to stop him. Doctor says leave from here, renuka ma’am as come she wants to talk to randhir in person. randhir says i don’t wanna talk to her. He lies on bed with his face opposing her. renuka comes out and cries. renuka gets a call from roshan, he says staying here wont make him okay. renuka says i want to be here with my son. And you are calling me for meeting? roshan says board members are mad at you. renuka says please handle them i can’t come. he says i have called a press conference, please come and clear it all. renuka says okay i am coming. renuka says to doctor i have to leave please take care of my son and don’t leave him alone, randhir says in heart i knew it, you work is more important than me. renuka leaves.

PKC comes to kabir’s room who is sleeping. PKC says are you feeling better? Its all over, kabir says this is all because of me. PKC says you saved them all and we are proud of you, kabir says vardhan warned me but i was busy in finding those files. i can’t believe he is no more. I never wished this. PKC says you never wanted it all. kabir says i will resign and never come back. PKC says you don’t need to do this, we all need you. kabir says i can never take place of vardhan, i don’t want this all now, pkc says think twice, take care. Kabir says my decision is final. PKC leaves. Kabir says i am sorry vardhan, i never understod you.

Parth comes to arpita and asks how are you? she says i am fine. you okay? He says yes better. she takes his photo. arpita says i understand what has happened, but i want to know what it means to you? Parth says i have lost my mentor, he can never be replaced. i came to FITE because of him. he has done more for me than my parents, he paid my fees, saved me from going to jail, guided me. I can’t live without him. i never thought this day would come. Someone goes to vardhan’s cabin. arpita and parth want to look but the door is shut.

sanyu comes to college and recalls what happened. VIdushi comes to her, they hug each other. vidushi says you didn’t break you record of coming back? its good. Vidushi says it will take time to recover. parth and arpita come to meet sanyu. sanyu says how is randhir? parth says he is not here yet. randhir comes in and says i am here. yoyo comes as well. sanyu says how cops left you? yoyo says their cctv was wrong. They asked me to be witness, so i said yes. some text from my phone and told cops who is the head of this operation. sanyu says you don’t know who text from your phone? yoy says i don’t know where is it. parth says this means some ruined that video. sanyu says vardhan must have made this plan to save you. yoyo says he favored me while leaving. randhir says we all have to take his dream forward. sanyu says i am going to admin office to renew my admission. vidushi goes with her. Parth tells them about the man in vardhan’s cabin. Randhir says he can never take his place.

Vidushi says to sanyu why were you uncomfortable in front of randhir? you still love him ? sanyu says yes but i can’t live with him. i cant live with lies. how can i live with someone who has no place for my dreams? Vidushi says i know you are one of those girls who can’t leave their dream. vidushi says you are so strong to get out of this.

Vidushi strikes with a new guy. He says i am sorry. vidushi says do we know each other? he says not now. he syas where is vardhan’s cabin? vidusi directs him. the new guy to vadhan’r room and says i ma very happy to know that you will be new mentor of dream team. The man says i am also dean here now. Azzan you must know about dream team, sanyu is leaving it. you can replace her. azan says you have guided me. the man says pressure is too much here. there is a lot of negativity. azan says i will give my best effort.

SAnyu comes to that room and says vardhan sir? she is shocked to see the new man.

Precap-the new man says i don’t see sanyu name here. sanyu says i am part of it, you can ask anyone. He says your dream team membership was cancelled when you withdrew. there is a new member azan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Alishka,
    Sadda haq me terrorists ne kabza kar liya tha FITE me n unse ladte ladte vardhaan sir shaheed ho gaye.
    For more details, see the w/u of alll previoous days

  2. N guyzzz
    See d link. We cant change his mind but v CAN force him 2 think again. He has so many fans
    And kisi show k sabse bade factor hite hain, unke fans

  3. @Love,
    Plz telll me ur name so I can add u in d list at IF…..or else u cn make an account, its vry simple

  4. Yay!!! rana died

  5. shinning star

    Vardhan sir vapis aaoo

  6. Ł-♡\/€^_^

    M sanyukta dear y u forget always

  7. Ł-♡\/€^_^

    M sanyukta dear y u forget always 🙁

  8. Hi guys !! Can I join u all ?

  9. shinning star

    Rana ke Marne ki Jitni khusi h usse zayada dukh vardhan sir ke jane ka h

  10. shinning star

    Kuch essa nahi ho sakta ki dream team final round jit jaie n vaha vardhan ki re entry kara de ya something else bass bring him back

  11. Ye serials k twist bahut bakwass lagte hain kbhi kbhi.

    Actually abhi randhir ke character mein vo wali baat nahi rahi.
    Shq maker ye bhool jate hain k ye serial ki popularity ka reason sandhir ki chemistry, Randhir ka character & Vardhan ka character hain.. also sanyukta ka character bhi. 😉
    Mante hain k ye women oriented show hain Lakin iska matlab ye nahi k sanyukta ko heroine dekhane k chakar mein dusre characters specially RANDHIR k character ki band bajado. Rd ko negative dekha k serial ki band bajate hain.

    Makers it’s humble request please hamare Randhir Singh Sekhawat k character ki laaz bani rahne do. Uska vo Attitude, Genius n hot looks dekhni hain.

    N krip Suri aka Vardhan we will miss u. 🙁 Best wishes 4 future projects. 🙂
    No one can replace u. So its good that CVS end ur character.

  12. In short, I love randhir’s character more than Sanyu’s. 😉 so I want old genius randhir back. Nahi to main show dekhna band karnewali hon. 😛

  13. shinning star

    Yaa right randhir ko negative maat dikhao n vo genius n hot looks waala randhir hi acha tha
    Plz story ko interesting banao vardhan sir to h nahi to story me kuch interesting hona zaruri h else viewers will loose their interest in the show
    Kuch different n interesting story needed

  14. Ye Rana toh mar gaye lekin ye baat FITE me sab ko pata kiu nahi chala!!!!!!!!atleast hamari tarha FITE me sab ke dill ko thandak toh pohoch jata, specially Dream Team ko.

  15. Ye Rana toh mar gaya lekin ye baat FITE me sab ko pata kiu nahi chala!!!!!!!!atleast hamari tarha FITE me sab ke dill ko thandak toh pohoch jata, specially Dream Team ko.


  17. Happy women’s dae o all my lovely ladies !!

  18. happy women dayy…….waise m frm kyy……..nyv to meet u all……..

  19. the whole kyy family wishes the shq A VERY HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY………………..

  20. happy women’s day my girlies we rock!!wish u n ur kyy family d same dear

  21. Loved the episode.

  22. Indian woman

    Women day wish karne se kaya hoga. Jab tak hamari country me women ko respect nahi milega ?

    Yaha par woman ko sweet box k sath compare kiya jata hain, Jaha women ko Indian culture me koi place koi value nahi de ja rahi, Use din me bhi bahar jane par darna padh raha hain.. 🙁

    Hmari country jitna bhi develop ho jaye lakin jaha women’s k liye kuch nahi change hoga. Girls jitna bhi educated ho jaye rahna unko MARDO KI JUTTI bnke hi padhega.
    Ye ek sachai hai.. usko maano ya na maano.

    Phir bhi formality k liye wish kar deti hon.. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.

  23. ye shq page thik hai kyy se…….no abusive words…

  24. Happy wommens day guyzzz

  25. shinning star

    I m late but happy women’s day

  26. trusha patel

    wow !!!!
    it’s very shocked & nice episode.
    i like it?
    and sanu & randhir i love you.

  27. hey frnds.
    GM 2 my queen.

  28. hi buddies!!!!!!1
    thoda late sa, sweet sa ”HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”
    hey kya yahaan sab kuch theek hai???
    i mean no ladayi jhagda???

  29. azzan nice name. actually its Azzhan 🙂

  30. Azzhan name toh nice hain

    Person ka doubtful hain

  31. Insaan kaiisa hain, I mean

  32. pata nahi noops maine bhi nahi dekha 🙁
    google par bhi iski news abhi upload nahi hui 🙁

  33. pata nahi noops maine bhi nahi dekha 🙁
    google par bhi iski news abhi upload nahi hui 🙁 🙁 🙁

  34. jo bhi hai chaa gaya hai yaar
    rd is in danger 😉

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