Sadda Haq 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 6th January 2014 Written Update

In this episode what happens is yoyo sher singh tries to get a better view of Kaustiki Jignish as well switches spots w another dude by Yoyo singh and so the watchmen comes in and says no switching spots but yoyo gives him money and says everything is fine you can go i’ll take care of everything. Sanyukta sees Randeer standing in the corner. She goes to him and says you can have this blanket in a nice tone). then Randeer says thanx but then yells at her for thinking he wants charity from someone like her and tells her that he will win this scholarship and not her. Everyone wakes up complaining about how they have to use the restroom and freshen up then vardaan sir comes and tells those students to get out of here now. Then he tells the class about the task on how they have to find the exact location of FITE College problem is their is no electricity and they have 1 hour to complete this task and the most important thing is with answers he also wants to know how they got the answer :)Randeer starts by collecting everyones phones sanyukta says lets get started and not waste time some people start calculating the width of the college and start working Kaustaki and Jignish are trying to measure all of a sudden she gets hurt and jignish starts worrying She says this task is impossible while limping on foot while jignesh helps her walk Randeer and Yoyo singh and some guys try to search the website of the college (being clever but stupid) they all get angry esp randeer saying that Vardaan sir has blocked the site they all start worrying and everyone gives up kaustaki says i’ll just tell him any measurement and all of a sudden sanyukta finds a way:) the episode ends…….

Next episode: Sanyukta is stealing a bicycle while vardushi is saying that remember the time i told u about sanyukta putting a spy cam now its ur turn to help me the watchmen runs after sanyukta thats his bicycle lol while randeer says u have 2 options either i tell u the answer to the question or the way to find the answer and offcourse she picked the first choice she says idc just want the answer i won’t get points taken out The watchmen is still running after sanyukta around the school everyone is gathered around Vardaan tells them that Randeers idea and answer is great and is # 1 sanyukta seems worried

Update Credit to: Ransya Fan 1

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