Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Trainer says Sanyu take his measurements, I will check Joy till then. Randhir gives him the inch tape. Sanyu measures. Aryan watches them in anger.
Trainer says we will start with basic military exercise. He says will will start jogging and gradually increase the speed. They all jog.
Randhir and Aryan do hang ups in pairs. Next pair is sanaya and sanyu. They do the same.
Next is arjun. Sanyu says arjun do it again I wanna see if we have to come full and half. He does. Sanyu says once more please. He does and his muscle pulls. Sanyu says got it. My limit and yours too. Sanyu and sanaya do the tire jumping exercise. Sanaya says I can’t do it anymore.
Next is randhir and aryan. Arjun comes next. Trainer says we are done for today. If someone is late tomorrow he will have to do extra exercise.

Joy comes to his room and says sumit give me the pillow. Sumit says I can’t even move my hand. This pillow is heavy. They both fall on beds.
Sanaya offers drink to Kritika.
Joy comes to Becky and hugs her. He kisses her neck. There is an announcement. Becky says I think I should go now.
Aryan comes to sanyu and says Aryan reporting ma’am. Sanyu says I hope they all had energy like you. I announced and no one came. Everyone was hating me after training session? Aryan says with time they will accept the change and you as leader. Sanyu announces all team members are required in super computer room. Sanaya says I am not going. Kritika says same here I can’t even move.
Sanyu comes in the room and says you people are still not ready.Sanaya says I am so tired. Sanyu says we have to. Sanaya says nirman is enough to torture us.
Randhir says I told you sanyu no one will listen to you. I wont even hear you. Sanyu says same here. He says how can I forget the great aryan. He doesn’t have opinion of his own. You can brainwash and use him. Rest of the team is upset with you. sanyu says you reminded me something thanks.

Sanyu comes in room. Sanaya says why are you so stressed? Sanyu says because of you people. Nirman was mad at me? What should I say?That you people are tired? And kritka you said we three should have good bonding. What now? Please lets go. Sanaya and kritika are pretty much convinced.

Sanyu comes joy and aryan’s room and says guys you people are asleep? okay I will say that you people need a day off. I thought you two would come because your fitness level is low and you would cover in other areas. I thought you would get a chance yourself in front of nirman. And arjun I will tell nirman too. You don’t need to prove in other areas. Nirman wont give you major responsibility but okay.
Randhir says what will you say to nirman? When he asks why is team not listening to you. All the team comes. Joy says lets go sanyu tell us what to do. Sanyu says to randhir I won’t need to tell Nirman anything I guess. You can come in too if you are free. Or stay alone.
Everyone is working. Sanyu says guys come here. We have to code this super computer. Lets begin. Sanaya says I am botanist not software engineer. sanyu says we will study. Arjun says we are here for our skill set.sanaya says we will need to be each other’s back up. So we can help each other in crisis. Its though but we are the best aren’t we? Its about learning. We will study and solve. Arjun says okay okay. Tell us what to do. sanyu explains them. They all hear and take their tasks.

Everyone is working in coordination. Nirmanh comes and sees randhir outside. He sees the team. Nirman says I thought you would be inside there team leader is inside with her team and aryan is giving full support to sanyu have a look. And you here. You are predictable.

Precap-Randhir says my coding is almost complete. I will do it tomorrow. Everyone is leaving after him. Sanyu says we have to complete this. Sanaya says will do tomorrow so tired. Nirman says to sanyu what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working atm with your team? SAnyu says they were all tired after training. Nirman says for you this can be a joke for me this mission is my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Today’s episode was ok. Joy and becky are couple?

  2. I can’t come daily yar. I still miss TU. I am fine. Missing our all friends & our chats.

  3. And I also missing old SH & old sandhir. Season 2 is not that good……

  4. They r just dragging the.story it’s.not that fun without sandhir union ok atleast not union but clear whether it’s sandhir at end or not as bearing that dark shadow Is really bloodboiling he is the worst character.ever introduced even sameer and visarth were better

  5. Ooohh!!! I still miss vidarth yr…
    Anyways, how r u guys?? Nishu, rits, karu, dhruv, maddy, mukti, princess, liya, aaliya, ayeesha, mayuri, bk, amar, cc_03, richu, aparna, shivani, shreya n everyone…

    Dhruv n mukti, i hope everything is now sorted…pls comeback with ur old zeal..n maddy, welcome back…we too missed u..keep coming here more often..
    Nishu dear, luv ya..
    Richu, comeback soon..
    N liya n all other ppl who r appearing for entrances, i wish u all good luck..
    Luv u all..!!

    1. I m fine sheena and u

    2. Hey Sheena πŸ™‚
      I am good. How are you?
      And yu can call me “cc”.

    3. Dear what’s your name

    4. Its Chanchal πŸ™‚

    5. Hiiii… Dear… I am fine and how r u dear…
      And yes bhai and mukti plz.. Sorted out everything…

      And hiii everyone πŸ™‚

  6. Imtaha ho gai intezaar ki..
    Aayi na kuch khabar mere yaar ki…

    Jaldi aa dhruv yaar.missing u..

  7. Fir me Today ep was boring. I think we all become old on waiting for sandhir.
    How r u all. Have a gud night to all my friends

  8. i just love dis show frm the begining but nvr commented anything b4 bt reading all urs comments it seems to me that u guyzzz rock ……!!!!! all of u r so friendly caring and loving

    1. hey dear ur most welcome to join us if u want…

    2. Hello mehek☺

    3. Helo mahek welcm dear.nice name.:-)

    4. Hiii dear mahek…
      A big welcome to u … And your name is as sweet as u dear… Welcome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    5. Welcome mehak

  9. the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears….
    the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets…..
    and the kindest hearts have felt most pain……..
    thts my life…….

  10. strong people always
    have their life in order
    even with tears in their eyes
    they still manage to say
    ‘i am ok’
    with a smile…….

  11. A boy proposed a girl,she rejected..
    he was not sad…his friends asked him why he didnt feel sad.he said;’why should i be sad??


    1. hey my crazy friend why are u talking like this ? i want my crazy friend back not this sad one πŸ™

  13. Vaiiiii!!!!! Why r u telling like this!!!!!
    Plsss Vai….we r wth u Na!!!!

  14. I read ur reply karu…..

    DHRUV Vai….. Leave it Na!!!!! I never talked to mukti….. So I shall not pass any comment…… Gd nt frnds….

    Gd nt sanyu di and Vai…

    1. Hi aliya…I m Mukti..chil evn if u tlk I will not get angry πŸ™‚

  15. Bhai ka emotional mode on….

  16. Kaisi beheki beheki batein kar rahe ho

    1. Hey anu I know richu propeerly n she is lIke my true behen…
      Bt we had nvr talked withreach other..y u r getting involed in THIS…I Dnt have evn talked with u

  17. Well well well guyzzzzzzz a very big good morning to all of u……………sryyy guyzzzzzzz I’m vryyyyy bzyyyyy these days….due to launch of RELAINCE JIO 4G in bhubaneswar……….so that’s why I couldn’t cmmnt…….btt now I’m bck with a great news………….
    Yesterday episode z good………Randhir z best….n always motivate sanyukta……btt I’m dissapoint of CV’S….COZ

    1-wheather it’s FITE or ISRC sanyukta ko chod k baki sab are good for nothing…..why????
    2-yesterday sanyukta ko better dekhane k liye arjun ko kamjor dekhaya He is ex airforce pilot aise push up karna shld b easy 4 him
    3-why in shq task are designed to show only sanyukta’s capabilities?
    Anyways…..the great news is…….1of my Frnd said on Instagram that
    When sadda haq season 2 complete 6months….then we all see sandhir reunion……so guyzzzzzzz be patient n keep watching Sadda Haq only on v & anytym on hotstar….
    1more thing….something will big happen in saada haq within 1-2months…which we don’t expected………
    Karu diiii whr r u????how r u???????miss u di…..luv u

    1. hey dear…im also missing u and all our friends here but im really busy with a project right now so thats why im not commenting much this days…im fine dear just very busy and how are u ? love u too…take care…

    2. I’m f9 di….All The Best 4 ur project di……….good luck

  18. Dhruv bro, kya hua?? Relax yr…life hai, problems toh aate rhti h…but we need to face them, vo bhi with a smile…right? So cheerup now!!! Comeon..where is our old dhruv huh??

    Vaise.. I can very much relate to the second quote that u wrote..i always manage to have a smile on my face even when i’m crying from beneath…but u know what, a smile on face ( even if its fake) just makes it easier for me to get out a difficult situation…so keep smiling ok?
    N now cheerup…

    1. It’s easy To say ddifficult to be in that place..

  19. Dhruv is not sad czof me..
    A very very bad thing happened n thts why he is in shock guys.plz understand..
    We can only cheer him up..

  20. Life asked death
    Why do people love me
    But hate you,
    Death responded

  21. Hope sandhir unites early.
    This Aryan sucks..

  22. I know dhruv its difficult to deal with tough situations but i’m just asking u to cheerup…look, i have no idea what happened with u, but whatever the matter is, we all r always there for u ok?
    N yup mukti dear, u r right..we’ll cheer him up..dont worry?
    Keep smilng always

  23. hey friends how r u a ll.

    hey maddy how r u after a long time buddy

    hey dhruv , I don’t know what mukti talking about here what happined in your real life

    but yeah what u wrote here is true , we always choose a medium to open our heart , when we doesn’t want anyone to understand but on the other hand we wish to write or open it somewhere

    same thing happened to me too but yeah I have someone in my life with the person I share any my dark secret anythink without even thinking

    but still there are something which cannnot make for sharing which u wrote above

    dear I don’t ask u what it is it is your personal life in which I cannot enter without your permission.

    but as a friend , I just said

    Difficulties are always there in our life its a part of life, dear , people came and go also

    but its up to us to go forward or to stay behind ,

    This is our life some decisions we have to take for our own good.

    There is nothing impossible for him who will try , so give urself a chance , and try to go forward

    If as you said guitar is a part of ur life , I agreed guitar is not just an instrument ,

    so come on now take guitar and play strings which touch your heart and help you to move on forward in ur life

    and give ur life a new path , which is ambitious , motivating , and a new beginning

    Every day is a new day, every start is a new beginning .

    when we feel the darkest moment of our life , that is the time when we must focus to see the light .

    Go forward dear ,

    I didn’t ask anything to u about ur personal life , its is upto u to share it or not here.

    But always stay here as a friend of urs , Choose what is good for ur upcoming life. and

    also for the person who love you the most

    live for them , they care for u each and every moment they live for u smile for them .

    You get ur happiness then , for ur parents , for ur wellwishers and for ur friends

    Live happy stay happy .

    love u friends keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. Thnk you for ur words..idnt kno Wht to say.
      It’s blank n dark.

    2. Nisha… Dear I totally agree with u … Bhai difficulties and problems r the part of your life but this your choice how to face it … Happily or sadly…. And yes plzz… Try to overcome it… I know and I will never interfere in your personal life but please try to sort out things and try to face the problem …. And I agree that some problems u r feared to face and don’t wanna tell anyfriend or anyone …. Its OK … Please be happy for your sister’s sake

  24. thnk u so much guyzz…. for a very warmth welcum….!!!<3

    1. Welcome to our group mehak..

    loving this pic a lot

    hey karu love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much dear

    hey princess sheenu richu aaliya new member mehek mekhekte rehnaa dear,
    shreyu , anu, hey cc heloooooooooooooo dear welcome

    hey friends what’s up me fine.

    and missing sandhir more moments waiting for spoilers also

    hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy anyone got it or not

    bickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love u dear

    hey richwaaa where are you dea,r hey mukti what’s up dear, hey

    love u all friends keep smiling and be happpy

    1. Hiii dear … Nisha… I am also eagerly waiting for spoilers to come out … Dear… How r u πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    2. hey nishu my cutie pie…love u too a lotttttttt πŸ™‚

    3. Luv u too nisha……

    4. Hey Nisha πŸ™‚
      How are you? And can you tell me something about yourself as I know nothing.

  26. This site IS the best site Forme..
    Those who r bored dnt read my msgs…

  27. Dhruvvv u were ggiving me wht makes u beautiful..forgot na…:-(

    1. Ohh yes I forgot.:-)
      It’s here…
      See the symbols represnts the holes n strings ok.

  28. See the lyrics..n aftr evrry stanz add a tone..

    Then next tone

    Again same tone n pitch,,#####

    21/2 StanZ add ur own…like

    Again 1st one…

    Then reapet it. Hope it helps u bro:-)

    1. Amar u can evn add
      So it wil be easy:-)
      N dude I was little busy,so cntgive ystrday…
      U kno all symbols well na bro??

    2. Thnnnnnxxxxxxxxxx dhruvvCobb u rockkkkkkk yarrrr.
      U know the hardest tunes so well yarrrrrr…
      U kno many wnt to learn wht makes u beautiful.. Bt very few kno how to use it.
      Dhruvvvv ukno it,sooo wellll yrrrr.
      U rockkkkk yr,I m proud of u…
      R u professional in guitar??
      Means u hv learned it????
      Such a perfect note u gives yarrr…realy proud of u..
      Ur the 1st who knows such a prcft stanz….is it ur career dhruv????
      Thncxxcxxx dhruv so happpyyy…..
      U roocckkkkkk..:-)

  29. Ahhh guys I m so so so so much sad tommorow is my parent teacher meeting in school I don’t want to go because this is my first pm.
    I am not afraid of any omplain about me to my students. I m a good in discipline and studies
    But u guys know na this is a very difficult time what shoud I do πŸ™
    Hey dhruv u don’t have to worry just pray to god and all difficulties will overcome. Be happy

    1. Hey princess…?
      Well, I am getting confused now…u r 15…right??then how are u gonna complain about your students…I mean are u a teacher…??but how can it be??
      Uff…I can’t understand it…..sorry I know am asking a weird qstin..but don’t take it wrong…?

      Anyways whatever ur prob is…just believe in yourself…and do remember that we have to face our fear and not live behind our fears.
      Be confident and be strong.Never feel afraid of things that make u weaker.
      Be cool and live ur lyf at the fullest….?
      Take care dear…and do plz clear my weird and crazy confusion..?

    2. I m a student liya

  30. Hey CC dear and achi …welcome to our group…I know its kinda late but sorry for my late reply…
    CC,is it a nickname or something??but its a cool name dear…

    1. Yep its a nickname. Its short for Chanchal.

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