Sadda Haq 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

All leave. Randhir is playing with coins on a side. Vardhan goes to him. He tells him, those who are succeeded, they take decision with their choice. He says he has felt something is going on inside him and asks him to let it out else it will destroy him before he even realizes it.

In night, Sanyukta apologizes to Vidushi. Vidushi is still mad at her and says that was so disgusting. She doesn’t talk to her and goes to sleep. She says in her mind, she doesn’t know whether she did it purposely or no, but what she does now, will be purposely and she won’t even say sorry. Kastuki tells Sanyukta to leave her alone. Sanyukta wonders when her life will get normal. Kastuki says if it was her in her place, then she would have ran away. She asks Sanyukta what she will do after her engagement. Will she quit college? Sanyukta says she doesn’t know, but she can’t break her dad’s heart for sure. Sanyukta thanks Kastuki for making her remember that she can’t give up that easily, no matter how hard the situation is, she won’t give up.

Randhir is remembering Vardhan’s words to take his feelings out else it will destroy him before he even realizes it.

Sanyukta is leaving for the grooming class. He sees Randhir writing something weird on the wall. She says he can do whatever, why do I care. She leaves. Randhir continues writing all around the college.

Later, other students are discussing it and they call Randhir mental. Parth defends Randhir saying he’s a genius, not mental. Randhir comes there and tells Parth that this is not his fightclub. He doesn’t need his help. Sanyukta sees this. She follows Randhir and says that she thought it was only her lucky one who has to take his attitude, but he didn’t even leave Parth. He was just defending him. Randhir shouts, and whom are you defending? and for how long will you defend? everytime you defend, I just feel it… He gets quiet. Both look at each other. Sanyukta asks feel like what? Tell me, so I know it too. He leaves from there.

Vardhan comes to Randhir’s room. They all are time passing. Vardhan knocks the door. Randhir gets mad and asks who it is. Parth opens the door. Vardhan says, you all must be doing something important, I suppose. He then tells them that he wants to see all Dream Team students in his lab tomorrow at 6 in the morning.

Vardhan asks a staff to inform all the girls about meeting at 6 tomorrow. Vidushi hears it. She tells the staff that she will inform everyone. Sanyukta goes to sleep. Vidushi purposely doesn’t tell her.

Sanyukta wakes up early in the morning. Her dress is not ironed. She says if she goes like that, then her teacher will stare her all day. She makes sure Vidushi is sleeping and then turns on the iron. It breaks down. She fixes it and then asks herself, what am I doing? My interest is in these machines and I am going to the grooming class to be a good daughter in law after my marriage.

The boys wake up. Jiggy decides to call Kastuki just in case if she’s sleeping. Kastuki asks him why he’s calling that early. Jiggy tells her to get ready and meet him in lab else Vardhan will go crazy. Kastuki gets shocked. She says no one informed them. She doesn’t see Vidushi.

Vidushi is walking in the corridor. Some students make fun of her saying she’s not wet today. No nappies today. Vidushi gets mad and hopes to get her revenge today.

Vardhan comes in. He doesn’t see Sanyukta there. He says, I said I want all here. Where is Sanyukta? All are quiet.

Precap: Parth comes to Prof. Rao’s room. He says, I must open this lock else how will I know what’s the problem with Vardhan? Randhir comes to the grooming class where he sees Sanyukta wearing a saree. Both are shocked to see each other. The teacher sees Randhir.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. Thankyou. Pls update fast.

  2. omg! luv u sandhir

  3. me too OMG…..come come ranhir vardan sir iz rite….let out ur feelins…hehe..gudfr u…luv sandhir….

  4. I thnk so randhir has strated feeling ♥♥♥♡♡♡♡fr sanyukta smething right guys

  5. Wow so interesting’s like a real thing.randhir has some feelings for sanyukta which is true love

  6. But what did sanyu do with vidushi?

  7. umm, i guess you just wrote today wala episode’s recap!! :O :O :O do u get to see the episodes a day before??? :O :O :O

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