Sadda Haq 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 5th February 2014 Written Update

So a new semester starts and all seniors are ragging freshies. YoYo is missing Kastuki. Randhir enters in a hero style with a hoodie on. YoYo stops him thinking he’s a freshie and asks him to salute him. Randhir replies if he shows his face, then YoYo will have to salute. YoYo says he didn’t recognize him in the hoodie. Randhir is all smiling. YoYo and his friends wonder what has happened to him. Randhir says something mind blowing happened and because of that this year is going to be awesome for him. YoYo asks what happened. Randhir says something happened and he’s giving a treat today. He invites them. Randhir says in his mind, Sanyukta is settling down where she deserves to be, and he has done that.

Sameer has come to Sanyu’s house. Sanyu keeps disconnecting Kastuki’s call. Sameer asks her what happened to her. Last time she was talking so much and today she’s so quiet. Sanyu’s bro sees Sameer and starts talking sweetly with him. He sends Sanyu to bring some snacks for Sameer. Her bro then tells Sameer that he’s very excited for the marriage and he already told Sanyu to start packing.

A hot girl enters the college. All boys go crazy behind her. She’s going to her room when two girls stop her. She turns out to be Vidhusi in a new look. The girls get shocked. Vidhushi says new session so new look. The girls inform her that the rooms are changed. Vidhushi hopes hew new roommate is not Sanyu. Kastuki enters her room and gets surprised knowing her new roommate is Vidhushi.

Randhir refuses to share his room saying he’s a top student and he brings trophies to this college. If someone else stays with him, then he won’t be able to concentrate. He asks a peon to tell that to the authorities. He receives a call from Jiggy. Randhir tells him that he already had booked his bed. Jiggy asks him to come to the campus.

Jiggy also has a make over. He’s more stylish now. Everyone stares at him. Randhir figures it out seeing his walking style. YoYo comes and makes fun of Jiggy. Randhir shuts YoYo up saying Jiggy is his friend and making fun of Jiggy is like making fun of him. YoYo leaves. Randhir helps Jiggy with his new look and asks him to bring attitude in him now. Jiggy is happy as he got approval from Randhir. Randhir tells him he nailed it. Jiggy says he didn’t want to meet Kastuki and Sanyu straight away in case if they laugh, but now he can meet them. Randhir says he can meet Kastuki, but won’t be able to meet Sanyu. Jiggy asks what happened. Randhir says he will find out everything slowly.

Sanyu’s bro is doing wedding planning. Sanyu comes and asks him what’s so hurry. He wants her room, so he can take it. She’ll stay in a guest room. Her bro shouts at her and asks her not to open her mouth until she’s asked to. He says he waited for this day since very long and all planning will be done according to him.

Kastuki is getting worried for Sanyu. Jiggy meets Kastuki and she’s shocked and surprised to see his new look. Jiggy talks confidently. Kastuki says this was not needed as she would love him regardless.

A peon informs the dean that Sanyu has still not returned. The dean receives a call from competitor college and challenges him for dream team competition. The dean confidently accepts the challenge. He then asks the peon about Vardhan. The peon informs Vardhan hasn’t come out of his room since 5 days. Dean goes to meet Vardhan. Vardhan tells him not to worry, Kabir didn’t win anything 12 years ago and he won’t win this time either. Dean asks him if he thought of candidates for the dream team. Vardhan gives a list of best students. Dean informs him there is Sanyu’s name in it, but she has not returned yet. Vardhan says, interesting.. very interesting.

Randhir comes to the canteen and says he’s giving a treat to everyone today. He tells all freshers they can go to him if any need any help or anything. Vardhan sees this. Randhir gets quiet seeing Vardhan.

Vardhan tells Randhir that he proved today there are some people who are more happy on others’ sorrow. Randhir says Sanyu has bothered him a lot and he’s very happy that she couldn’t make back to college. He doesn’t care about people like Sanyu. Vardhan tells Randhir people like himm are good for nothing. He makes Randhir realize that his life is always revolving around Sanyu. He is not happy because he’s a top student in this college, but he’s happy as Sanyu couldn’t make it. Today also, he’s finding an excuse about Sanyu to be happy. He asks Randhir to think about it and leaves.

Episode ends on Sanyu’s sad face and Randhir’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Vardhan is announcing his dream team. He chooses Randhir, Jiggy, Vidushi, Kastuki. Sanyu enters and says, and Sanyukta. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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