Sadda Haq 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1
Randhir grasps a guard, He hits randhir on his bullet bruise. sanyu hits him on head with a panel. He faints, sanyu says come randhir lets go. Randhir and sanyu go to a room and take out students from there. They start going out as well.

Ankit says there is no news dad. Some more students come out but sanyu is not among them. Anju asks did you see sanyy? She says yes she released us. Agarwal says why didn’t she come? the girl says she is saving other students. Agarwal says to inspector my daughter is doing what you should do. Inspector says we have to fulfill their demands. Agarwal says and will they leave my daughter after it? Inspector says we can’t risk their lives.

Inspector calls rana and says your helicopter will be ready in 20 minutes. Rana says
if you want students to be safe it should be here in 20 minutes. Rana goes out and sees none of the students are there. His man comes and says only three students are left here.rana says we will kill them. Someone starts firing at rana. Rana and his men fire back. The man with covered face falls down. when rana sees his face, its kabir. Rana says all of the professors of FITE want to be hero today. kabir says you will die here rana. i hired you and you did this to my college. rana says i will make your death and example for all kabir. Rana calls inspector and says i asked you not to send anyone in again. send some media in or you will get kabir’s dead body in 2 minutes.

Rana comes to vardhan and brings kabir there. Rana says don’t worry you both wont miss each other after today. Rana’s man brings in the reporter. Rana says in the camera, will it be seen out whatever you shoot? she says yes. He says okay come here. he says these are professors of FITE, vardhan and kabir, they thought they will become hero and kill me. but they failed terribly. when someone fails in FITE they get punishment. they will get punishments and so will their favorite students. Randhir and sanyu if you are listening to me, your professors are in my detention. yoyo and parth you too. if you want your professors to stay alive, come in. You know where you have to come. vardhan says no need to come, go fro here. kabir says don’t worry for us. don’t come here. rana says i know you are obedient to your professors, now i leave it up to you. i will count till 10. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. he looks at vardhan and kaboir and says your lives are wasted. for the students you did so much don’t care about your life. 3.. 2.. 1.. He points the gun on heads of vardhan and kabir. randhir and sanyu come, randhir says stop. yoyo and parth come as well. vardhan grunts why did you come. rana’s man grasps them. Vardhan says i asked you all not to come. rana says they came to save you and you are scolding at them. they love you so much just like i do love parth. but i hate him more than love. and yoyo you would have been on my side if you didn’t betray me for that girl. you love her right? there is too much of romance in fITE? no one will stay alive, whole world will see live telecast of your death today. He points gun at sanyu, anju faints. Agarwal says why don’t you do something. they are killing her. inspector says we are fulfilling their demands. we can’t attack before orders. Agarwal says i can’t see my daughter dying and you are waiting for your orders. inspector says please sir we have to take actions. He says ministry is meeting and we will have orders after that. Rana calls inspector and says are you all enjoying film? inspector says we are fulfilling your demands. leave them. rana says they have to pay for killing my men. Inspector says i can’t do anything while i have power. renuka comes and says when will you do something? after death of my son? Inspector says we have to wait for orders, renuka says when will you get orders? after death of them all? agarwal says you are so useless.

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Rana says who will be going up first? vardhan says kill me. Rana says oh I thought you will die standing on this bomb. vardhan says kill me. rana says i wont enjoy the game if i kill you. The weakest one will die first. He says its sanyukta agarwal.randhir says i will kill you rana if you touch her. Everyone is crying outside. rana shoots but there are not bullets in the gun. rana says it was a trial. He brings the new gun and says this is the real one. Rana says any last wish? Randhir says rana kill me not her. rana says so much emotional drama here. Parth says i will kill you rana. Rana kill me leave her. agarwal says why don’t you do something. you are standing here and he is killing my daughter. Rana gets a call. He leaves, randhir hugs sanyu. Chief says why don’t leave after getting what you want. Rana says i wont leave without teaching them. Chief says leave them or you will leave this organization. rana says i dont care but i wont leave. If you come in my way i will ruin operation blackstar. Chief says don’t expect anything from me.

Rana comes back and says sanyu’s death game has started. randhir says please leave her you will get what you want. 10 crore? 20 crore? 100 crores? Rana says done. Randhir says i will get you please leave her. Rana says give it to me right now. randhir says i need to call my mom/. He calls renuka and says mom please transfer 100 crore in rana’s account. i need your help. He will kill us. renuka says it will take some time, i can’t transfer that big amount from one account. randhir says do as i say, please. renuka says it will take some time. Randhir says to rana you will get your money it will take some time.

Inspector says to renuka at least you could say a direct yes, we could get orders in meanwhile. Renuka says i need to call my board members. she calls her board. one of the board members say i will support you in whatever decision you take. another says it will create a negative image of our company i don’t support it. Another says i am with you. inspector asks what happened? Renuka says i can’t arrange money, my board didn’t agree. she is crying hard. inspector says make a call to rana. rana says yes is the money ready saniyal? Renuka says yes i am ready to transfer but leave them. Rana says i need hard cash. renuka says but i was transferring it. He says i don’t trust all this. i need cash. Renuka says okay come out with them all. my man will give you the money bag. Rana says don’t order me. If you don’t listen to me i will fire your son. Renuka starts crying. he says you have 10 minutes. rana says to randhir if your mom doesn’t give you money that will show she loves money more, and i will kill you.

Renuka comes to inspector and says i have talked to ministry. rana wont get a penny and military i coming here. Inspector says 10 minutes are over? no commandos are here. rana says your mom doesn’t love you she has not called. Call her. randhir calls renuka. randhir says why is the money not transferred? Renuka says procedure is long its taking time. rana says why are you taking so much time? renuka says it will take time, its such a big amount. my manager is making an account he will send your account details. renuka says i am getting you on call with him. SHe calls her friend Mr. seth and explains him the situation. she says you have to convince him that you are is Moritius and transferring the money. rana says manager why is it taking so long? seth says in a few minutes transfer will be completed.

Commandos come there and say we will save them. Renuka says i want my son to be safe. The commandos ask the crowd to be cleared. inspector explains them the situation. rana starts hitting all of them. rana says to vardhan don’t move or the bomb will trigger. vardhan says you mean its not triggered? Rana says no but its triggered now.

Renuka calls rana. Rana says my ID and passwords? Renuka says you will not see the details. he says are you fooling me? Renuka says it will take some time. Renuka says i am giving you this money for safety of everyone. i just want to see if everyone okay inside. I want to send some doctors inside, till then you can check details.

Anju is fainted, she keeps repeating sanyu’s name. agarwal says sanyu is fine.anju says i want to talk to her. anju says call that reporter.

yoyo says parth can’t you diffuse this one? Parth says that was a fluke. Aju calls the reporter and says please let me talk to sanyu. sanyu takes the phone. anju says are you okay? sanyu says i am fine don’t cry. sanyu says to agarwal papa don’t worry i am fine and don’t let her cry. Agarwal says why didn’t you come outside? Sanyu says there are still students inside. anju says i am so proud of you sanyu. agarwal says so am i. i am proud of you son. sanyu is in tears.

Precap-there is some gas in college. Rana kill some man. inspector says your helicopter is ready.Rana says randhir and sanyu have to pay for going against me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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