Sadda Haq 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Radhir says he just wants your attention don’t react. sanyuu says that what I wanted to say to you. Rajveer turns off Priyal’s computer. The teacher says why is it no truning on? He says you did this to get extra time. Do something. Priyali looks all the connections. she goes and connects her switch. The teacher says you have only 15 minutes.

The bell rings. Rajveer comes out. Sanyu asks priyali how was it? priyali says it went good. my computer turned off. Priyali results will come soon. Sanyu says am sure you must have performed well. Everyone waits for the results. Finally results are on board. Rajveer checks his name and says sir whole india second rank. He says I told you don’t mess with me sanyu. Priyali checks her name. SHe says my name isn’t on the list. Priyali is distressed. Sanyu and randhir are tensed as well. Sanyu says we should start from top. SAnyu says find her name. SAnyu says you are 7th in all Inida. everyone is shocked. sanyu hugs her and says I am so proud of you. rajveer syas still I wont madam ji. Some parents come to sanyu and says will you give my son/daughter private tuiton. Rajveer says still she has lost. Now you will be our copy checker. Vikram says keep quite rajveer. Vikram says sanyu would you like to continue as a lecturer? Rajveer syas throw her our. Vikram says I know what I am saying. Vikram gives sanyu her cheque and says you can take is at salary or reward. sanyu says sory sir I wanted to teach her amd show these boys their worth. SAnyu says I cant continue. Vikram says this coaching needs you. Rajveer says what are you saying? Vikram says stop it. rajverr says I am leaving. sanyu says your fav students has left whom will teach now? Vikram says I double my offer. Sanyu says I refuse. Randhir says I will break rajveer’s legs. Priyali says thanks to sanyu and randhir. She hugs sanyu. A maom comes to vikram and says sanyu will teach our kids no one else. SAnyu says randhir have you paid my hostel fees? Randhir says yes. sanyu says oh so I coming back to FITE.

Sanyu goes to he PG and sees the door is open. She sees Shukla says where is my stuff wahts happening here? Shaureya comes in an says calm down I will tell you everything. this is all because of me. they know that I have been living in your room. we shouldn’t have hided our relationshi0p. sanyuu says he is lying. Shauereya says e don’t ned dot conceal. Shukla says at least he is saying the truth. I doubted you from beginning. sanyu says stop putting these allegations. I have not done anything wrong. Shukla says is shaureya lying? sanyu says how dare you to enter my house? Shukla says get lost of here and give me my whole money. He gets a call. SAnyu satres a shaureya. She says you are throwing me out he is the one who should vbe thrown out. I don’t even want to live here. Shukla says just leqave. sanyu picks her bags and leaves.

Shauray says to Shukla don’t tell autny all this. sanyu gives her money to Shukla. priyali’s dad comes and says thank to sanyu. He says Shukla priyali has passed. He says where are you going? sanyu says I am leaving. He says she is the one who teaches my girl. There is a guy shureya who annoys her please help her. SAnyu says I don’t need Shukla’s help.

Scene 2
Sanyu comes back to FITe. She sees randhir and goes to him.pkc comes and says where were you? sanyu says I was thinking the same. You look so fit. You have lost weight. randhir says she right. PKC start laughing Sanyu says I think he is working out on regular basis. PKc says obiously no one loses weight like this it take hard work. PKC leaves. SAnyu hugs randhir. He pciks her up. a teacher comes and says what happening here go to your classes. sanyu says okay I am going o hostel.

SAnyu goes to her room and says and says I misse dyou so much vidushi. I missed fightint with you. Vidushi says have you gone ad? sanyu says I was dying to listen your taunts. SAnyu unpacks her stuff. she sees vidushi’s necklace and says wow so pretty I know parth has a good choice. Vidushi sauys I am not in a relationship wiyh him. Vidushi says he has not gifted this. You don’t need to know where it came from. she leaves.

Jiggy, yoyo and everyone welcome sanyu. Yoyo says you shudl throw a party, sanyu says we will go out toay. jiggy says lets settle it in, parth says yeah we should go. Everyone smiles. yoyo says will you come vidushi? parth says leave her.

Precap-sanyu says this party is to everyone who always supported me. I love you all parth is drunk he goes to vidushi and gets close to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg m first today

  2. Hy do u guys know y homring n vardhan r not shown des dsys any guesses

  3. Kaustu just got married n Vardhan is soon going to his gf

  4. hey conan
    whats uppp???
    and i didnt watch the epi but i think it was superb
    since WU indicates the same 😉

  5. Conan tumne pehle b btaya tha.. thanku so much.. muje tumi s pta chla.

  6. hey RS

  7. Actually i use to post it late toh muje laga k kisine nahi pada hoga instagram pe sandhill k kaustuki k wedding pictures hai

  8. Mujhe 1 dec wala paint scene n vo song n sandhir kiss acha laga bohot fell in love with d epi

  9. Hi everyone
    Finally FITE ka track firse wapas aaya
    Bt precap bht interesting h

  10. Hey Conan maine bhi woh pics dekhe parsh bht cute n made 4 each other lag rhe the pics me

  11. Hii Shweta
    Guys shq m j Acha dikhaya k Priyali 7th rank p hai… agr 1st p dikhate toh Bakwaas & fake lgta…

  12. Hi RS n everyone
    Aaj ka precap sach me uncanny tha.
    Btw Alina mene tumhari request accept kr li h.

  13. Oh haa Steffie I know.
    A/w haa RS priyali 7 th aayi thoda sa realistic lagta h par me toh use 1st expect kr rhi thi. Lol mera hi popat ho gya 😀

  14. hey finally FITE is back with a bang too 😉
    and ab saare task bhi shuru ho jae and vd aur kaustu bhi aa jae yaar aur sandhir ki tom and jerry wali fights bhi dekhao CVs
    and bohot jyada pyaar dikhega toh dibetese ho jaega hum viewers ko

  15. Guys,the precap written here is a little incomplete,when parth gets close to vidhushi he suddenly faints.
    Then it was also shown that every1 gets shocked seeing someone!the face is not shown bt i guess its vardhan!

    1. Haa evn I think dat it is vd or maybe maya. Bt dono me se koi bhi h

    2. Toh Fir sabko punishment mil sakti h

  16. Nice….Abi sbi FITE m vapis aa gye & also agr VARDHAN b vaps aa gya toh track interesting hoga..
    Hii Steffie n all.

  17. hey everyone
    @RS maine tumhe msg kiya IF tumne nahi dekha kya?

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  20. Nice episode, and thanks Alina for that link. Mera 😉 I mean hamara param jit gaya 🙂 Once again thanks dear.

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