Sadda Haq 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Someone points a gun at randhir. Sanyu says why i feel this way? Is randhir in some problem?
Randhir finds himself in a room, there is a napkin in his mouth. Sanyu goes to hostel but the guard doesn’t let her enter. Randhir says who are you and why have you roped me? The man says you have 1.5 minutes to crack this code, start. Randhir says i wont do anything you ask. The man says if you take more than 90 seconds i will shoot you. The points the pistol on him.

Sanyu is worried in the room. Tania comes to her sanyu hugs her and says i think randhir is in some problem. I am really worried. Randhir works on the code. Sanyu says i called him but his phone is off. Tania says he must be in his room. The man counts down, 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. The code gets accepted.The man says welcome to masons. From now you will work with us. we have only one rule, whatever we say is the rule. No one can come in our organization without our permission and once you enter you can never leave.

Scene 2
Randhir is in his room, working on his laptop. He takes out a card. He feels like he has waken up and sleeps again.
Sanyu comes in the room and hugs him. Sanyu says where were you last night? I called you so many times? randhir says i didn’t get any call. And i was in my room. Sanyu says swear on me that you were here and nothing happened. She says i came to room you were not here. He says i didn’t see you. Sanyu says i was looking madly for you. There is something you are concealin from me. He recalls the man saying if you tell anyone about us, it is going to cost you and latter both. Randhir says to sanyu sit here, i wanna tell you something. sanyuu says what? He hugs her and says i love you and tilll you are with me nothin is gonna happen. Randhir says i have learned black magic. I can be at multiple places in one time. I even came to your room. You were sleeping in yellow t-shirt. Sanyu is dazed. He says i just guessed, dont think too much. Now go to your room. Sanyu leaves.

Tania says to the new guy who is drinking whole year is left. I am sorry i trapped you. he says forget it. She says do you plan a revenge? She takes sip of a drink. She says i feel unwanted and i don’t know how will everything get back to normal. he says it will be boring if its normal. And i am sorry i behaved rudely. she says you confessed. He says i lied that day= looking at you only reduces tension. She smiles, he says one sip for this friendship. they both take a sip. He kisses her gently.

Randhir comes to library. Sanyu says i was thinking about you. He says If you think about someone else i will kill you and him. Sanyu says don’t look at me like that you will get bored. Vid comes in and says its a library control yourself.

Adda says to randhir i told you no one should know what you are doing. Randhir says i didn’t tell anyone. she says you told sanyu that she was wearing yellow, you can’t let her in trouble. He says nothing should happen to her. She says i know you know the rules, and how much they matter in our world. Randhir says i know and i can handle it.

Precap-Agarwal says to akash company is descending slowly.You should handle it and the youngest member of board should give her shares to someone else. Sanyu is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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