Sadda Haq 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says we are friedns eight ? No secrets tell me how your engagement got cancelled. Sanyu get scared. Kaustuki says we have to bring some to refer some books. Parth says what books ? Kaustuki says we have to go to library. parth says these are not even in our course and maya will doubt that we are working on prototype.
Randhir says she will know for sure. She says kaustuki you and randhir lets go with me we will get the books and maya won’t even know.
Sanyu goes to library and says I have to issue some books but I forgot their names so can I look. She says yes. Randhir comes in sanyu asks him to her up and starts moving up. he says whats the plan ? Sanyu says why you ask so many question. She passes two books to kaustuki. She catches them. Randhir says I am looking awkward she is looking at me. She will come and propose me if I keep smiling at her. Sanyu says that’s better for you. She says yeah girls are not going to propose you. HE says yeah I know who proposes me. And its weird we gave same reasons to everyone. Sanyu says yeah we are friends we have a connection.
He says I don’t believe in all this connection thing. she is coming and I don’t wanna make any connection with her.

Scene 2
Vidushi is looking for randhir, sanyu, parth and kaustuki everywhere. She asks different students one tells her that they are in library. Librarian says why are you talking out both of you. he says sorry madam. He says what are you doing ? Vidushi says don’t try to pretend I know you are here to issue books for prototype. He says are you still sleepy ? Visushi says I am not stupid. He says this wrong. She says you people are wrong by going aginst maya. He shows her the book and says I am reading this. She syas I just saw sanyu throwing something out. Kaustuki runs. Vidushi asks sanyu what have you thrown out ? Sanyu says are you mad ? Whats your problem. She leaves.

Sanyu says to randhir I thought vidushi is just selfish but now she’s against the team she worked for two years. he says I will teach her. sanyu says we can’t do anything maya will doubt us. he aks again why did your engagement get cancelled ? Sanyu says lets go we are late.

Vardhan asks what’s the progress ? snayu says we are on it. Randhir says we have asked the sponsors to delay their arrival. he says that’s not good you gave them impression that you can’t fulfill deadline and you stole books. Sanyu says we have to do that so maya can’t doubt us. He says yeah that’s good. He gives them blue print of last year’s team and says you shouldn’t make the mistakes they made.

The team is working on their parts. Sanyu says we can’t wait a minute. Just one extra day is enough if we do it dedicatedly. They start working. Randhir sees Sameer’s call on sanyu’;s phone. He says why is Samir calling you now ? Sanyu is shocked. He says I am asking you why is he calling ? Sanyu says give me the phone. He says I am asking you something. Samir calls again. Radnhir says I will ask him. sAnyu says no don’t pick yup the phone.
Kaustuki says he keeps on calling even at late night. He says okay so he annoys you I will call and talk to him. Sanyu says no please. He will dos something wrong. There is some tension between mine and his family. Give me the phone I will handle. Randhir gives her the phone and says I will handle him if he doesn’t stop annoying you. Sanyu says yeah I will let you know.

Sahil’s roommate is reading something about a new university. He tells him the awards university has got. he says I am planning to go there.

kaustuki says to sanyu, you are not doing anything wrong. SAnyu says randhir will not talk to me ever if he figures out. Kaustuki says he will understand you people are friends now. Sanyu says that’s why I am more scared we became friend after much hurdles. She recalls everything.
Randhir sits and recalls their bike ride in the rain. He recalls her saying I trust you and falling in his arms.
Sanyu says I feel so guilty. Kaustuki says I would have felt the same. But you are bringing him closer to his responsibility, its for a good reason. There will nothing be left. We were all mess and we are all on track now and its just because of you. If you speak the truth everything will be ruined. SAnyu says why always me ? Kaustuki says because you are only capable of this.

parth comes in his room and says to randhir why you look so happy ? he says you don’t need a reason to be happy. And as long as we are working together for the team everything is going to be fine. Parth says I hope you don’t mean you and sanyu only by ‘we’.

SAnyu says I know if you win someone’s trust after so long, they shatter when the figure out the truth. Randhir will destroy himself.

parth says im heart I know you are in team for sanyu but I don’t care as long as its better for the team. Randhir gets a call from sanyu and says okay I am coming after changing.

Yo yo is praying to be failed once again.
kaustuki and sanyu come down. kaustuki says some pupils saw peon taking the list to notice board. SAhil and parth come as well. Sanyu says looks like sahil has worked hard. Randhir says yeah I have worked hard too.
Randhir says why are you upset lets go and check. Sanyu says I am not even in competition. I left one practical in a subject and in the other I am obviously fail. Sanyu says obviously you must have topped. Where are you giving the treat ? He says lets go for a bike ride again. parth says you need to ask somebody else for the treat. They see the list that vidushi has topped. They are shocked. Their names are not even in the list. Parth says how is that possible. Sahil says none of our names are in the passing list. Randhir says its impossibvle lets check again. Vidushi says there is no mistake in checking the list. You people are looking at a wrong place. You must see your name on the other notice board. They all run their. They find their names in the list of failures. They are all so upset.

Precap-Radnhir says the love I have been waiting for all my life, I just got it. I can’t share you with anyone. I have decide something for you. Sanyu says what ? he takes out the ring from his pocket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg,wat a precap..Btw nice epi


    Tuesday & Wednesday – randhir confesses to sanyukta that he has finally found the love he was looking for and offers her a
    ring. Is this a beginning of something new?

    Thursday – randhir prepares for a surprise for sanyukta reminding if all the moments they shared. Sanyukta gets emotional.
    Enters samir

    Friday – samir confronts sanyukta in college to spend time with her while she tries to hide him from randhir.

    1. Oh God! This Samir is really getting on my nerves!! Ise koi uthake show ke bahar phek do yaar!

  3. Is Randhir gng to propose Sanyu? OMG!!!!
    I hate Maya how can she fail them? :-!
    Early waiting for tmrw epi 🙂

    1. fail part – hamaare vardhan dekh lenge…

  4. Can someone please explain why sanyu wont tell randhir why her engagement got called off?

  5. Spoilers come wow it seems interesting 😉 but this chompu is not leaving behind hate him to the core
    Thnx meera for spoilers

  6. i can’t share u wid anyone…. <3 wow randhir ab to ring pehna hi do 😉

  7. Just hope the CVs don’t do themistake as last time 🙁

  8. oww…. gr8 epi randhir gonna propose to sanyu yayyy…. 😀 but when tht chomu sameer is leaving?? hate him the most btw thanx meera fr the spoiler but where the Wednesday epi?? 😐

  9. Wat wil randhir do whn he figures out the truth? I dont want him 2 b sad nd depressd. He has suffrd a lot nd he is going 2 suffur more whn he finds out the truth…….

  10. I ♡ ur new hair cut da Randhir… Oops… PSB u r so handsome & hot in any new look

    1. i tooo just luv it aap sahi kehthe ho rd just luks cute in every style !!!

  11. hey guys !!! just read the spoilers MEERA DI thank u verry much !!! rd sanyu ko ring pehnane wala hai kya anyways i’m soo excited !!!!

  12. yeh samir hamesha kyun beech mein aajatha hai yaar…
    acha mood kharab karne ke liye eska shakal hi kafi hai !!!

  13. yeh vidushi ko mein aaj tak nahi samaj paayi hoon … kabhi DT mein wapis aana chahthe hai aur kabhi unko haarthe hue dekhkar khush ho jaathe hai !!! anyways precap bohoth intresting tha bohoth bohoth !!!!

  14. Nice epi…woow n precap to superrrrr se uperrr wala h…

  15. PRECAP — what was Randhir saying to sanyu —- “I CAN’T SHARE YOU WITH ANYONE……” me “faints” :):):) ]

    DD never misses a chance to give SanDhirians heart-attacks now & then…

    a/ways, I cannot see Randhir heart broken…sanyu rightly said to kaustuki he wl destroy himself once he comes to know the truth…. she has u/stood him so well now….

  16. harshitha gaur ki interveiw dekhi thi bathana bhool gayi i agree with ya guys PSB ka interview relatively acha tha !!! i too was expecting ki woh hume sets par bhi lejayega !!! she dances well and woh curls mein bohoth achi lag rahi thi !!!

    1. she has training in KATHAK dance

  17. vidushi rank no.1 ????? lol!!!

  18. Nice episode 🙂 Finally Randhir is going to propose sanyu 🙂

  19. Guys can i join wid yr group chatting???

    1. ye bhi poochne ki baath hai kyaa…. AN, SHROX kahaan ho sab??? u hv got a new friend for CHATTING…

  20. I am the one against FAKE LOVE…. even if sanyu in future pretends to be in ♡ with him for the sake of DT….

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