Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says to Nirman fair enough. I have all the proofs. The footage, the accident and the scientist. It was not an accident. Your game is over. None of your dreams will be accomplished you are failed. Nirman says I know you know everything. He starts crying and says this mars mission is my dream. Suddenly he laughs and says wow. Nirman says I am good actor. I need to call a bollywood producer to cast me. You think you can use this information against me, time for drums to roll. The high point is I know who you are Mr.Dark shadow. Aryan is dazed. Niramn says how was it? One shot your game is over. Why so shocked? i appreciate one thing you have done so much for the country. why Aryan isn’t smart as dark shadow? I have been trying to find out who dark shadow is. You and he has very much in common. So I thought lets play a game that aryan fails but dark shadow passes. Aryan says how you mean? Nirman says I troubled sanyu and you helped her and you got trapped in my game. I used your feelings against you. Nirman says if you say anything about me.. Sanyu’s dream will be blown and you will be exposed. You will go out and forget this conversation.

Joy says to Sumit I and Kritika are so perfect for each other. He says what am i saying? I cant do this. He sees kritika says I have to do this courage. He says why is it so difficult.
Joy sits near kritika. Kritka says in heart joy will propose me? oh God. She says you wanna say something? He says I like to talk to you. But I have nothing to say.Kritika says I was just asking.Kritika says why don’t you say it.

Aryan comes to his room and tensed. SAnyu comes in. He says when did you come? He says nothing just didn’t get my coffee. He says can I ask you? How important is this mars mission to you? Sanyu says its my dream. It give me motivation and stregth. Everything. Aryan says lets say if this mission cancels?sanyu says why would you say that? sanyu says it gave me focus back. I dont wanna go back to that life. Aryan says you can start your own company. Sanyu says is there something? Tell me. Aryan says nothing. Sanyu says sure? he says can I lie to you?Sanyu says i trust you. Aryan leaves. he sits again and says is my birthday still on? She says yes. He says don’t you get time for decoration?It doesn’t matter too. There is no purpose now either.

Nirman comes to randhir and says how is it going randhir sir? This is my institute I can come where I wwant. you want sanyu to leave ISRC?Randhir says i will expose her.Nirman says don’t lie. Why was your voice weak? I know what are you gonna do.You will leave yourself. Sacrifice yourself. You won’t let her go out of here because you still love her. and you can’t accept her that she is someone’e else’. My mission suffers in this. Randhir says what about aryan? He loves sanyu. He will always be with sanyyu. Nirman says I thought you won’t start his topic. you remind me of myself.But you know dark shadow?Randhir says that hacker..No one knows about.Nirman says I know him and so do you. Aryan. Randhir says what. nirman says yes Aryan is dark shadow. I have proofs too. Now upto you how to use it.sanyu will be alone here. he leaves.
Sanyu comes out and recalls her moments with Randhir and with Aryan too. She keeps walking. The song ‘janeman’ is playing. Randhir and Aryan are in there rooms and in tears. Sanyu recalls randhir misbehaving with her. Aryan is walking in the corridor in tears as well.
Sanaya comes to randhir and says I know you are depressed. He says nothing. sanaya says I can solve your problem. Sanaya says enough. I know what problem is. Randhir says what is your problem. GO get a job. I don’t need you get lost from here. Sanaya walks out in tears. Randhir stops her. Randhir says I am very sorry. She turns her face up and says you care for me. Then why do you say otherwise? Now tell me what happened? Rnadhir says nothing. She says I will ask you questions and you answer me. I know what Nirman has asked you to do. He wants sanyu to leave ISRC. But I know you will leave yourself.

Precap-Aryan says to randhir you are the manipulator. Rnadhir says I don’t have time for all that. Randhir says to sanyu I know aryan is dark shadow. SAnyu says I only had one support one good friend and you took him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I’m totally confused…actually whom nirman want to throw out of isrc?! Aryan??Randhir?? Sanyu or three of them?? Such a confusing man…

    1. hey,even Nirman doesn’t know anything about it!he is also confused
      Nirmans facts r
      1.blo*dy murderer
      2.Payar ka dushman
      3.A criminal
      4.a failure
      i guess he also needs a black cofee to calm down??

    2. yupp and also a head bang and some punches/slap by his appretntice

    3. nooooooooooooooooo nirmaannn needs a headbangto get back his feelings

    4. he wants only sanyu to stay and rd and aryan out as he thinks that relationships wpuld ruin his mission……

  2. Aryan is sacrificing..hatssss offf
    TDS secret came nirman rocked Aryan shocked.. he he
    nd i felt a little bad for rd too..funny boy..he is also confused. he needdsss 1 black coffee
    and funniest things was=Aryans crying expressions. i mean Aryan u r a rock star.. don’t feel so helpless.
    randhir actions.he was pushing the punching bag with a single finger.

    all these things r happening bcz of sanyu.she herself doesn’t know about her feelings. she is blo*dy confused. u need to choose one and make us clear.bcz of her both aryan,rd sacrificing their dreams.
    actually no,only aryan is sacrificing. he is leaving and rd is enjoying the tamasha
    Sanaya camchi kahika.Rd insulted her and her blah blah
    both faked.1 for being insulted and other for insulting.fake people.. crap crap crap
    Nirman said the truth.whole thing is messed up.
    yes.Sadda haq season 2 is messed up.specially the whole weak was.
    season 2 has three faults
    1.the love triangle
    2.Ruining characters
    3.Uff,u bored us with characters like rd,shanayas messed up characters

    1. Totally agree with you

  3. Rd is a crap.jab dekho tab starts barking!i did not likd aryan today either.he was bhvng like sanyu!plz yar,dnt go like ds!that to 4 sanyu.huh.she dsnt dsrve u %-)
    hey Aliya!i m sry.i cme here for only once.that’s why i cnt reply.swthrt,thnk u for ur cnvrsatn.yes,m a bangladeshi.m frm dhaka.m glad u cme here.and i also went to India,b4 my 10th xms.i was for a family trip.i went to kolkata(new market),siliguri,darjeeling.i lvd ur cntry too.and u r invited in bd again :-*
    and if u r on twtr,gve a hint!i can join u.i wld lvd dat 🙂 😀

  4. And 1 more thng!sanyu is the dumbest person!
    Now she is saying aryan is a gd frnd and suprter.idiot.and dat day she was dying to cmmt him.what a girl dude.she is playing with hearts :-/ 😐 :[email protected]

  5. True anjali I m also not able to understand ….I don’t know how they are going to unit Rd and sanyu…sandhir…?

  6. NIRMAN is the true genius I wish instead of him if rd had made that aryan helpless .I am totally impressed by nirmans way of playing
    And right thing happened to mr oversmart aryan he deserve to be punished and pained but cv’s why are you making us sas by showing rd in pain .Please unite sandhir fast
    And make sure that aryan at last lands in jail as this would be good example for society that what is the fate of hacker and murderer s who think they can take law In their dirty hands

  7. I don’t understand what nirman wants.he is devil.why sanyu is so much confused???
    what rd wants .why dark shadow is leaving
    such a.confusing epi but aryan won the heart

  8. Plz aryan dont go like this….. plz unite aryukta.

  9. Plz unite aryukta.. aryan dont leave lIke dis.

  10. Rd is true hero of the show
    Aryan is like a waste straw
    Rd is the love of sanyu’s life
    She is officially his wife
    Aryan is just like a helper boy
    Who was her puppet or toy
    Aryan is synonymous to word crap
    He really deserves rd’s tight slap
    For the things to earn sanyu he is committing
    Over the top his obsession is getting
    He has now dared to confort a mentor
    Which clearly shows his brain is not at centre
    For all haters who bahsing about your hero
    I want to say aryan is a complete zero
    Soon out of sandhir’s life he’ll be thrown
    After which all the negativity will be gone

  11. confusion hi confusion….. I know that s1 was all about sandhir but s2 is of aryukta. I really want aryukta as a couple at the end.. pls pls pls aryan don’t cry. I loved u randhir but this time aaryan took it….. hoping for a great twist at the end(aryukta)

  12. I don’t understand when we will understand we all have different views. i read a poem yesterday and must say that was really bad.and today some words r not acceptable
    anyway,that’s none of my business. I must admit that Randhirs character is messed up.he suddenly became hero.Nirman is disgusting. Sanyu is at fault to.Aryan is a good guy.But maybe something good is awaiting for us.Aryan is looking cute nowadays. But don’t know why,m not liking Randhir anymore.he is making things complicated. Fool…
    over n all,Sadda haq rockz

  13. i pity joyyyyyyy he’s sooo bechara types…
    and sanaya always knws the thinggg looks like she is nirmaans decendant …. i mean she is like nirmaan spy

  14. i told u na guys if u abuse others ur coments will be deleted..see my ena comnts are deleted..dear no one can bash us here…lvuuu

  15. Aryan n sanyu looks awesome together but randhir and sanyu together looks very bad .. aryan is real hero. Aryan u rock

  16. Hey Ena totally agree with you..

  17. ok now sadda haq old and new see if u abuse people we will fill petition against u…hehehee…see ena had comented abt show but andr girl bashed her so coment imediatly shena coment is nt deleted she nvr abused y this hungama?????dear i know abt telly updates more than u so chil…

    1. i alwz talk with proofs dude so show ur proof tht shena abused u…ok by now

    2. another girl named kushagra bashed ena,,, in detail for u dear…..for the petition hahaha

  18. Please unite Aryukta

  19. Some people really have strong contracts that’s why they hinsmder others freedom even when they are wrong what I said was write as the word I pointed was indeed not a word of decent vocab but still I blaimed just because she didn’t like me .I sincerely ask the site that word I pointed is wrong or not .I didn’t bashed her I just asked to remove that word
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    1. First word in third line is misprinted it’s hinder not that hinsmder

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    24. Sheena where did the untouchability came from I just asked her not take my name and untouchability means discriminating people on the bases on their birth,caste etc etc but I just said that I don’t want her to bother me .I know better about constitutional ,our rights,our articles our duties ,our leaders ,our political history our democracy do you why because other students just study history and political science but I live according to principles learn from history and you can’t even think how much more I know about politics as being a power holder is dream in future and thirst for power has always governed by life style .

  20. shena if u leave i will leave n ur best fnd revati also..choice is urs…
    n yesa sadda haq shetal and anjali if our comnts were not acceptable tu had nvr posted it better luck next time.
    shena i will tell u one thing…meri university bahot badi hai so kisiko kuch hua tobhi bata nai chalta..n 2 b 3 boys were abusing a girl like hell.and ham jab goye to wo bichari ro rahi thi….bt hamne unk oetna mara ki wo ab hosptil mai pade hai..n u know when iwas beating tht guy tht girl asked me?she said””’bhai its my fault tht i gave thm the chance to abuse me…if i had retreated in the same way s thy did i would have been safe…””
    now shena tell me us bechari ladki ki koi glti nahi thi rit but still she gave thm a ur case is diff bt dear u need to be world is full of such see ur leaving cz some stupid person abused u n all u thought for ur dear see whenu decide to leave or run aa frm smthng u give thm tht pleasure n satisfcation dear..n yeh to chotasi bat life mai aisa bhot bar hotay..if u ran away for sake of frnds or antyhng ur abusers try to harm u more tit for tat..n as ur a girl dear its very imp,….naito jena mushkil hota hai pprblm ke liye nahi bt dear dnt run away if u hv not done wrng u shd nvr run dear evn if ur doing ds for frnds stilldnt run cz it only gives satisfaction to ds people…dear i kno i m no one to tell u ds bt see frm wht i saw yesrtday with tht girl i thought it will help u n other frnds of mine who decides to leave even mukti n princess

    1. dear never give chance to such people to harm u..n never give thm tht satisfactionn…ur very young now dear bt keep it in mind dear..n ur very matured n sensible girl dear…aise logo ko chance mat do dear..they are waiting for a single chnce to harm u soo be cautious n ya shenu mayu karu nishu princess muku aishu alu liyu n al my sisters its for u also cz most of girls get frightened bt u shd be strng…n guys plz be alert n dnt go to deserted places..agar kal ham nahi hote to i dnt know wht must hve happened to tht be cautious.ok lvutc bye

    2. druv.. dont get me wrong.. i dnt have any intention to hurt anyone.. i dnt support sada haq for everyrhing he or she said… i just said a general opinion.. and i’m accepting my mistake..if i hurt anyone of you plz forgive me.. am saying sorry from the bottom of my heart.. dont group me with those people bcoz of a single comment.

  21. Don’t know y some people r hating Aryan
    He is such a lovely person.He is sacrificing:-( …Even rd accepted that Aryan is true lover that he won’t leave sanyu at any tym like rd did BT rd fans r not accepting!!!!!Really sanyu don’t deserve Aryans love.whatever b the end Aryan is the hero of this season.That character had won many hearts.He is suprb,smart,handsome,n lovable person.BT Aryan plss don’t go plzzZZ.luv u Aryan

  22. Writers messed up they made rds character worse n all of a sudden made rds character gud!!!! Amazing!!this happens in serls only:-) BT Aryan n sanyu is the ryt pair.As they made rd gud n he realized aryans love fr sanyu writers can make rd supporting aryukta at the end as he knows ego is the quality which he has n Aryan doesnt n ego has no place in love plzzz writers end the show with Aryukta n rd supporting it.I think its the suprb end#Aryukta#

  23. Some love rd BT they have gud opinion on Aryan as they know that Aryan character is gud BT they r not accepting aryukta as they luvd rd n want sandhir.BT some for no reason hating Aryan n using bad wrds against him.Its like they loved rd as an egoist, obsessed,cheater,manipulator,MCP rather than a lover !!!!!sorry fr such guys

  24. It’s gonna be only Sandhir at end as it is confirmed and best character of this whole season should be titled to sanya .who necer left her friend ecen when he was harsh on him .she just wished his good will was with him without thinking what consequences could be .she and parth were the best examples of what true friendship is no matter how your friend behaves you’ll be just by his side this what true friendship is lile what the great KARNA did which made him best example of true friend born ever and most intelligent person of this season was nirman his diplomacy and his brain games are just commandable .if had been not shown against relations that he would have actually became a inspiring mentor who knows every bit of his team I actually like his character as it actually what needed for thirst for power and even in real lives only people like this only get absolute leadership and authority

    1. hey kushagra she is elder talk wid manners ok

    2. Good knows why unknown people are bothering me please stay away

  25. Ya plz end the show with aryukta.. and rd is supporting tht.. sanyu n aryan is best pair .dont leave aryan ..plz do something rd has so much ego n aryan is so sweet he is true lover so plz dont do this plz unite aryukta they look awesome with each other… aryan always supported sanyukta and i think sanyukta also loves aryan Thts why she thinks about him.she cares about him..

  26. Epi was full of mixed of so many emotions??hope they clarify their emotions ……SANDHIR WASS SUPERBBB???????

  27. gud mrng guys

  28. Nyc epi..aww master mind nirman…feeling bad for Aryan..
    guys plz post d spoilers..
    gm hv sweet day guys…:-)

  29. No no no……no one will leave bcoz of me….ok..i won’t leave…i had already apologized but still sadda haq was blaming me of abusing…so i think he shld buy a dictionary…

    N anjalibt, its ok…i understand thats its ur opinion…but dear, we come here for sh only…but ppl here r so friendly n soo caring n soo lovely that u r bound to make frnds here…n when someone bashes anyone, the whole family stands against him…anyways, welcome to oir family…

    Karu, aaliya n aishu, thank u for clarifying the situation ystrday…n i’m really sorry..bcoz of me, that sadda haq taunted u all…

    Mukti, u r so smart…thnx a lot for supporting me…u r right, i didn’t abuse anyone..infact muje to gaali dena b nai aata…thnk u dear

    Piku, no need to leave dear…n thnk u for being there….luv u..

    Dhruv bro, u really r the best…u r like a saviour, a hero…u saved that girl…wow!! Ur fmly n frnds must be so proud of u..u r a true gentleman..u r an inspiration for all the boys…n bro, thanx a lllloooottttt!!! U made me realize that i shldn’t run away from such situations…tyank u so much…i’ll follow this advice in my life…thanx a ton…i really wish that u get all the happiness in the world..hmm… now i’m back..i won’t leave…love u all !!

    1. hey dear sory dear…bt now we need to support mukti…kushagra called her plzz report tell me is someone impur????n how dare u call this to anyone????so we need everyones suport guys

    2. i m girl dear..n yestrday i was usy so not able to reply…

    3. It hurts when someone you don’t like takes your name and I didn’t called her impure I just said her to not to hinder my freedom of keeping my views but actually mistake of this site which always old members to form groups establish their monopoly and then ragg independent commentators .now even you who hardly know about me is bashing me this is not done it is sheer injustice .keeping my view different to her is my mere fault for which i am slammed then it is actually wrong

    4. Its ok dear 🙂 N yaa ofcourse i’ll support mukti!

    5. N welcome to our family 🙂

    6. hey dear i m not a hero i did wht anyone had done dear…bt take care of urself dear…world is very bad..n kisine jada bakwas ki to 2 laga dene ke..darne ka nai shenu…n here direct reportkrne ka..bat bhi nai krneke aise logo ke sath

    7. Yup bro, i’ll definitely take care of myself…n i’ll never get afraid of such ppl…thnx bro for being there…i don’t have a brother but i found one in u…thanx a lot! N say hi to my sweeetie revu!! How is she?

    8. hi sheena ..welcome back dr.. No need 2 say thanks n sorry…. Its our duty to save u…. my sweety….

  30. Aryukta was awesome?? u both just look awesome.

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