Sadda Haq 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says engineering doesn’t suit girls they should sit home. He says lets go guys. He makes fun on the girls in class. priyali says I made a mistake. Sanyu says I know you are feeling low but that doesn’t mean you are incapable. SAnyu says you chose the best method to solve all the questions. She says I couldn’t solve them ine xams. Sanyu says perhaps you are nervous that happens to me as well. I remember my ultimate goal then I don’t feel the pressure. your goal is your motivation. you know everything for next two days we will do mocks test. Sanyu says put Rajveer’s picture on your paper and you will be aggressive this way you will keep focused on your paper. She says can you come to my PG? priyali says yes. Sanyu calls randhir and says priyali is coming home to study. she might not feel comfortable with your presence there, randhir says okay I will stay out.

SAnyu comes to PG with priyali. SHaureya says people bring unknown people with them. they bring people and we don’t know what happens behind doors. sanyu says I don’t need to give you any explanation. You can do what you what and taunt at others. Shukla’s wife comes there. sanyu says I have not broken any rule.

sanyu says I am really sorry for what happened. This idiot annoys me like rajveer. now we will just focus on studies. Priyali says I wont disappoint you. SAnyu teaches her. Door knocks. She gets a call from randhir. She says randhir where are you? he says outside your house open the door. SAnyu says okay. He says no I am in hostel. Sayu wonders who is on th door then? She sees outside and sees its rajveer. He says have you opened private classes. Give me admission please. Sanyu says go from here ot I will complain. He says I will say she is my gf I came here to say good night. Sanyu says what you want? He says I was passing my so came here to say hello. Sanyu syas go from here. He says I am not going anywhere. open the door. Sanyu syas get lost. He says I will come again to say you hello. Priyali says why he came here? sanyu says don’t worry he cant do anything. sanyu calls randhir. She says can you come here? He says is everything okay? sanyu says I was scared. He says I am coming. Priyali says why didn’t you tell him? sanyu says he will get angry and that will create problems. Door knocks again. Its randhir. He says hi to priyali. sanyu hugs him. Sanyu says she is priyali randhir says were you scared of her? Sanyu says what are these books for? He says for your pal. SAnyu is teaching priayli and randhir makes them dinner. Randhir tteaches her to do meditatin. They are both teaching and helping her. Priayli’s marks are increasing but slowly. Sanyu checks her last paper and hugs her.

Scene 2
its exam day. SAnyu says we have given hundered percent effort result will be according. sanyu and randhir come to drop priyali. sanyu says don’t be nervous. SHe wishes her luck and hugs her. Rajveer says wish too. Vikram says all set for exam? Yoru offer letter is ready. Rajveer says you can wish me as a teacher. Randhir moves to him sanyu stops him and says all the best and you need it the most. Rajveer says control your body guard. Sayu says you should be scared. He says I will handle myself, you handle yourself. Vikram says in heart so he is vardhan’s apprentices. Vikram says you took help from him? randhir says she can beat you alone. The bell rings and everyone goes for the exam. Vikram is assuring the parents. Randhir says to sanyu don worry everything will be fine.

priayli is solving the paper with motivation but she is bit confused. Rajveer winks at her. Randhir brings lunch for sanyu. He says you never worry for your exams why are you nervous today? vikram says to parenst all teachers are best in my coaching. Rajveer came here leaving all others. Are seeing that girl? She was on my teaching staff not she is out. She was on trial basis. She couldn’t match our standard. SHe has trained out receptionist and she wll fail for sure. Rajveer turns off the switch of Priyali’s computer.

Precap-Resuult comes out. Rajveer says sir jee second rank. He says to sanyu get ready to check copies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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