Sadda Haq 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Randhir asks his mum why she keeps coming in front of him. Renuka says she’s helpless. She fails to keep herself away. He says he thought she always likes to win no matter what. Sanyukta forgot her bag so she goes back to the canteen where she hears Renuka inviting Randhir for a small get together as tomorrow is the date when Randhir first made a battery all by himself at the age of 8. He refuses and talks rudely to her. Renuka cries and regrets for what she missed out, but then says who doesn’t make mistake. Randhir says all that crocodile tears won’t affect to him and tells her to stop coming to the college again and again else he will disappear. Sanyukta watches everything from a distance. Renuka continues crying. While Randhir is leaving, he sees Sanyukta and asks how dare she. He doesn’t

let her say anything and insults her. He doesn’t say anything to her that doesn’t mean she would cross her limit. Until now, he thought she’s just foolish, but she’s equally disgusting. She got saved until now because she’s a girl. But next time, if she tries to interfere in his personal life, then he will forget that. Both get into verbal fight. Sanyukta says he just can’t respect girls. Randhir gets mad and leaves.

Sanyukta goes to Renuka and says she forgot her bag and says sorry to her. Renuka says someone is there at least to hear sorry from her. She then says before Randhir, she used to think how engineer’s mother would be feeling, and today when Randhir is like that, she feels that she has no child. She leaves.

Randhir is sitting alone. Sanyukta comes to him and apologizes. She says she just forgot her bag and when she went to get that, she heard everything. She has not forgot her limit. She then sits besides him and says she wants to say something… as a friend. Randhir looks at her with a surprise. Sanyukta says, okay, as an enemy. She tells him she doesn’t know how his relationship is with his mother, but he shouldn’t have talked like this to his mother. If she talks like this with her mum, then she would have slapped her. And here, Renuka didn’t say anything that means she loves him a lot. She goes on and on, and then finally Randhir loses it. He gets up and shouts enough. Sanyukta says that is what she’s saying. This is enough now. She asks how much more he will punish to his mum. Can’t he go to a small dinner for his mum? Will he lose his self-respect by doing that? How much more one needs to do to correct their mistake? When he can do so much for his class mates, he can’t do this much for his mum? Randhir says it’s his business what kind of relationship he maintains with others. She asks if he’s feeling bad because she’s telling the truth. He says she can’t meet expectations of her father and giving him advice. Sanyukta now gets quiet and he leaves.

Parth, YoYo, friends promote election voting – it’s time to change.

Sanyukta and Parth are studying the blueprints. Parth is lost in some thoughts. He’s called to admin room. Sanyukta receives a call from her mum. She tells her that she will find out solution soon and bring smile back on her dad’s face. They then have a mother-daughter conversation and Randhir hears it. He quietly leaves. Parth comes back again. His phone rings and he’s away. Sanyukta asks him if she should pick up. He comes running and takes the phone away. He looks very serious. He then tells Sanyukta he will be back later and leaves. He doesn’t return and Sanyukta wonders what happened to him.

Randhir recalls Renuka and Sanyukta’s words. He’s crying and destroys the first battery that he had made.

Sanyukta tells Kastuki about Parth’s strange behavior and then goes to boys hostel as she has to ask him something. She sees someone climbing the wall and going out of college in a hoodie. It turns out to be Parth. He switches off his phone. Sanyukta wonders why he switched off his phone.

Randhir arrives at his house, but hesitates to go in. He reaches the door and hears his parents arguing. Harsh asks Renuka where her love was for Randhir when she left him in his childhood. She says she has always loved him and when she dies, he will be with her. Harsh says he won’t come. Renuka says he will. Randhir looks on.

Precap: Sanyukta is trying to find a solution to his dad’s problem. She calls Parth for some help. Someone else picks up and says, stop calling here again and again. Sanyukta wonders what noise was in the background.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. Authoy rahman

    Please complete d update soon….

  2. Luv u rAnDhEeR…….

  3. Authoy rahman

    Loveeee d episode:)Loveeee u SanDhir:) &Thanks 4 d update:):)

  4. 9oooo god negative role……… i dont know why i cant accept this………… but.this fact is true that jab tak parth negative kare tab tak randhir and sayu s chemistry will not happen……. any ways guys u say wht type of condition will randhir do to help sayu????????????? Pls comment…….

  5. Well if u say so to comment l will say its not yet proved that parth is in negative role and anyway it does not suits him.l think party must be in trouble sanyu will help him then santiago also gets into trouble then randhir will save both of them

  6. Sorry l ment parth

  7. Authoy rahman

    I agree with Adnirv. By d way u ment sanyukta nt Santiago ,right?

    1. Yeah my mistake

  8. nic episode…like d prt wen sanyu told randhir dat she vil tel smthng as a frnd..den crrcts it as an enemy… nywys ty fr d wu…

  9. Randhir was looking so innocent one while crying even same with parth. But their aggressive look doesn’t suits them.

    1. Anyway they all act so well

  10. Yes adnirve….they all r superb actors…espicially Randheer aka param…….

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