Sadda Haq 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says I promised randhir that we will do internship together. But I didn’t say which company. I hope everything sorts out between my family and him. Where is he, she records him a message randhir where are you? I am really worried for you please come to college soon.

Sanyu is in lab. She says I have to calm down everything will be fine. She gets a cut and her finger bleeds. Randhir comes in. Sanyu says where were you I have been calling you. He gives her a form. sanyu says what is it? He says fill it. sanyu says did you talk to renuka? He says do as I say. sanyu says what is it? Randhir says you promised me we will do internship together. We are going to renuka’s company and we will ruin her company. What are you thinking fill up the form. sanyu says what if she doesn’t recruit us? You don’t talk to her how will you work there? Randhir says leave that up to me. sanyu says what will I do now. Sanyu fills the form. Randhir is angrily working on the machine. Sanyu says randhir papa came to college today. He was asking me to join his company. I thought we can work in his company together. Randhir says don’t do this. You wanna join your dad’s company? When you can’t fulfill the promise why you make it. You women cant handle career and relationship together. You left your family for your career and you will leave me for them. Your dad asked you to join his company and you will forget me. I was there when they threw you out of their house. he grasps her by arms. sanyu says you are hurting me. Randhir says what about renuka who has been hurting me for years. For the first time I can seek revenge and you are leaving me alone. why would you support me in my problems. Sanyu says randhir.. He says shut up I made a mistake by trusting you. You betrayed me. You either join renuka’s company with me or go join your dad’s and forget me. He throws the part and leaves. Sanyu is in tears. Sanyu recalls Agarwal saying you can apply as well. She fills her form. Parth comes and says what are you doing? sanyu says give me back the form. He says you know this is wrong. sanyu says supporting randhir is wrong? Parth says in this reason yes. he is impulsive. sanyu says I cant leave him alone. parth says go and tell him. Its impossible. sanyu says he is arrogant and aggressive he will do it. parth says I thought you will tell him. sanyu says I cant leave him alone and I will lose him forever. Parth says what if you destroy his company? she will take 6 months to re-establish. What about your future? Both of you will have no future after doing this. Parth says you always wanted to work in your dad’s company now you have a chance and you are wasting it. Use your mind whats wrong with you. He leaves.

A man collides with a newspaper boy. He says can’t you see. The man picks up the papers for him. He opens a door and goes in. He roams around the room and checks the sticky notes on the walls. Maya comes in and says what are you doing here? he says really? He says is your memory weak? Maya says this is vardhan’s cabin. I asked you to come and meet me in my cabin. He says I didn’t know FITE’s dean is so restless to welcome me. Its Kabir. Maya says if it was under my control you would not have been standing here. He says you know what I am a blessing in disguise. You will appreciate my decision. Maya says your cabin is adjacent to PKC’s. He says I thought I am in my cabin. maya says this is vardhan’s cabin. He says vardhan is not here we will see when he comes. Maya leaves. He sees vardhan’s name plate.

Scene 2
Manager says to Agarwal that the internship wont be cost effective. Agarwal says we will only hire 4th year students. they will work in office and field as well. This strategy wont go wrong.
randhir comes in, ankit and Agarwal are shocked. randhir says sorry to come without appointment. Ankit says why are you listening to him dad, randhir says you know your dad is successful because he know what and when to speak. Agarwal asks ankit and manager to go out. Randhir sits adjacent to him. randhir says if you think sanyu will work in your company you are mistaken. Agarwal says if you think you I will belive you, you are mistaken. If she thinks so ask her to come and talk to me. randhir says its the same thing whether she says it or I. Agarwal says in my eyes you and your words have no worth. if sanyu comes here and tell me that she wont work here I will withdraw from frokm internship program. Randhir says I know her for four years. Agarwal says I know her since childhood. Randhir says she will call you and tell you she wont work here. Agarwal says if she says so I will accept that I never understood her. ankit comes in and asks what was he saying? Agarwal says he said that I am right on my path.

Sanyu is working on the machine. She says in heart was parth right? why cant I work with randhir. Randhir comes in. He holds her hand. He says I talked to your dad problem solved. sanyu says did you meet him? randhir says yes. I told him that he doesn’t need to join FITE. He just wants you to call him and tell him that you wont join his company. sanyu says you know why I came to FITE? Why I worked so hard. I used to go with dad to his factory. I used to play with tools and machines. I used to hide behind machines. When I grew up papa didn’t allow me to come to factory. I still used to go there. It was a fantasy world for me. I nly had one dream to become a good engineer and work in his factory in a cabin like him. I used to assemble machines in his company without telling him. He used to be angry on me. Since that day I only had one dream to become successful engineer. I worked hard to compete with you. To become good engineer. No one ever asked me what I want. Did you see how happy I was when papa came here. Without asking me you went to him. randhir says that’s all your past, what I did was for our future. you and I have one dream renuka’s downfall. Now stop this rubbish and complete your commitment. sanyu says commitment is from two sides. I wont support you in this stupid act.

Precap-rahan is with a girl in FITE. randhir says what are you doing with a girl of my college. rehan says she is my gf first before student of FITE. randhir says I wont let your family live happily. He says you cant even handle me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. First time Parth did something good by giving advice to Sanyu. Sanyu will his father definitely. Then Randhir will do what he wants to do. Great !
    Kabir is back.. now shq is interesting to watch. I hope in 2015 it will be more interesting to watch as sandhir will get separated.

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