Sadda Haq 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes home and says you said so easily pap that we are nothing for you. was our relationship so weak? maa did so much for this house. For you she sacrificed her whole life. She never gave you any tension. She kept your above herself and this what she got in the end? agarwal says when she is done tell her to go back to her college. Ankit says are you done? no go back. sanyu says wait a minute i am not done yet. If maa can be thrown out like this her daughter can take her responsibility. Anju says what are you saying? I wont leave this house. Sanyu says why not? we both understand each other. for me home is where you are. anju says I have married him and i promised to live with him all my life, even if he disowns me. I wont leave him alone. sanyu says but please try to understand. anju says go to your college. agarwal leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone is in ground. Parth says the peon has left his job as well. Aister says they are hiding the reasons. yoyo says he has been working since 10 years. Sanyu comes in. Sahil says sanyu come sit here. she says i am sleepy. Sahil says but there is no light. sanyu says i went home i am tired. randhir says in heart she looks stressed out, i should leave her alone for some time. sanyu says in heart maa is fighting for me and i can’t do anything.

Next morning, randhir comes to sanyu and says why are you sitting alone? all you know is to be upset on small things? sanyu says what you men think of yourself? you say what you want. you think we are so inferior. We have to bear your dominance all the time. don’t talk, stay in room, don’t study, don’t talk to men. why? are we puppets? or prisoners? this is all a jail for us. We are born in a jail and then after marriage transferred to another jail. randhir says its your mistake, you all end up crying. like you are crying here. sanyu says yes i am crying because i want maa to get out of that jail but i don’t have a home and she doesn’t want to come. randhir says she said no and you agreed? sanyu says i have nothing, no job, no house. I can’t do anything because the world i unfair. everything you made all the rules everything is wrong. she grasps him by collar and leaves.

SAnyu calls anju and asks how are you? anju says everything is fine. sanyu says fine by its own? anju says after you went your papa was okay. He is all calm now, like nothing happened, Sanyu says so papa isn’t calling grandma home? anju says she is coming to meet her son. I am glad that she is coming. I haven’t seen her in years. sanyu says papa called her in anger? she must have got.. anju says stop asking those questions. Maa ji must have changed in all these years. Anju says i have to give your papa tea, i will talk to your later.

The canteen staff is leaving. Parth says how will we eat then? He says go and ask you management, we can’t work here anymore. Parth says dean has to answer now. PKC says to dean everything is worsen, we wont get new contractor. Eklavia says i don’t know why is all this happening now. Parth and all students come in. parth says we need answers what is happening here? Eklavia says the canteen management has left because they were no quality. So we kicked them out. Sahil says how can we know thats truth? yoyo says we need solutions. eklavia says i am trying to get new vendor, till then please manage.

Vidushi says he always comes up with an answer. Parth says but there is something wrong. Parth says there is a south indian restaurant in front of college lets go there. He takes vidushi with her.

Scene 3
Maa ji comes home. She complains about furniture and household. Anju says how was your journey? maa ji says you are here to give me tension. the condition of house tells me how much you have annoyed my son. anju says i will bring you breakfast. Maaji says i will make it myself, i have to handle this house now. Go wash your hands ankit and agarwal i will make the breakfast for you. maa ji servers agarwal.

Randhir calls ankit as sanyu, he asks is everything okay? ankit says we are all okay because you are not here. dadi has come here. She will handle everything. you provoke maa and she fights with papa because of you. You wanted to take her with you? she wont come. dadi is here maa will realize her mistakes now. and don’t call her. Randir hangs up.

sanyu comes to canteen and says no students? no canteen staff? Randhir comes and places some food in front of her. sanyu moves it away. he says canteen vendor has left. open your mouth now. He makes her eat forcefully. sanyu drinks water and starts eating herself. sanyu says why are you not eating? randhir starts eating. randhir places something in her hand. sanyu says what is it? Randhir says this is my house’s key. I got this flat from the company. this is the only option you have where you can keep your mom.

Precap-Maa ji says she never listens. sanyu says stop it she must be busy with something. Maa ji says she has come. Anju comes with her bag and says i am leaving this house. maa ji says where will you go? Anju says my daughter is here to take care of me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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