Sadda Haq 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 30th April 2014 Written Update

Parth manages to stop Randhir. Sanyukta thinks she just has a month and in all this, she forgot to thank Parth. Without him, she wouldn’t be able to reach her home. She goes to him and asks if he wasn’t afraid when he took poison out of her. Parth says he didn’t have any other option. She thanks him. Parth says he doesn’t have strength to lose something more. She smiles.

Sanyukta and Kastuki come to the class. Kastuki asks Sanyukta to read the board. The board reads, “welcome soon to be bride, Sanyukta Mittal”. Vidushi says so that was her personal matter. Randhir goes to her and asks if she won’t give good news to everyone, Sanyukta Ji. Sanyukta ignores him and sits on her place. Kastuki asks her why she didn’t answer him back. She says she doesn’t have time for all that, she needs to focus on her work. Vardhan comes in and class starts. Randhir is still trying to distract/get attention from Sanyukta. He throws stuff at her. Vardhan is noticing. He turns and throws a chalk at Randhir. He says, enough, Mr. Sikhawat, will you please leave Sanyukta alone? He asks him to leave the class. Randhir walks out. Vardhan says, disgusting.

In night, Vidushi taunts Sanyukta, she calls wedding an emergency and leaves from there. Kastui says, thank God she left. She tries to cheer Sanyukta up and succeeds in making her smile. Sanyukta receives a call from her mum, she asks her to note down a number. Sanyukta asks what’s the number for. Her mum says, it’s school of personality development where they teach how to speak, and behave properly. Sanyukta says she doesn’t have time, her exams are coming up. Her mum says, she has to go no matter what. Her marriage is more important than engineering. She hangs. Sanyukta says, fine mum, but I won’t give up that soon.

Sanyukta gets up very early in the morning. She calls the personality development teacher and says, she will come from tomorrow as she got slightly late in waking up today. The teacher says, class is from tomorrow. She asks her to get used to waking up early as class is at 5 in morning. Sanyukta says she sounds very tough, why only me? She goes back to sleep.

Randhir is searching for something. Jiggy comes to him and says class has started. Randhir tells him to go, he will come.

Everyone is in Prof PK’s class. Sanyukta is coming, very tired. Randhir sees her and bumps into her purposely. He taunts her to look at herself, hair messed up, sleepy, tired. He tells her to look after her as her engagement is coming up. He gave her such a good lesson of being a good girl, but it didn’t have any effect, so sad. She again doesn’t respond him and leaves. Randhir is angry.

Sanyukta comes to the class. Prof PK taunts her. Sanyukta apologizes to him and asks if she can come in. He says, you’re already inside, go take your seat. Soon Randhir comes. He sees Sanyukta sleeping and makes sound to wake her up. Prof PK asks him when he came. He says, he was always here. PK continues writing notes on the board. When Sanyukta falls asleep again, Randhir gives a shout to PK, so he can see Sanyukta sleeping, but Parth saves Sanyukta. She thanks him. Randhir is not happy. Class ends. Randhir goes to Sanyukta and taunts again about her being in this college and her marriage. Sanyukta says, in all what’s happening with her, best part in that is she won’t have to see his face ever again. She walks away. Randhir follows her, but she leaves.

In canteen area, Parth is playing the guitar. All students are gathered and enjoying it. Parth says in his mind, whenever I play guitar, I feel you’re looking at me and smiling. He turns and sees Sanyukta upset.

Randhir is doing pushups in anger recalling Sanyukta’s words that she won’t have to see his face.

Parth continues playing the guitar and goes to Sanyukta. He sings the song “Aashayein” and tries to cheer up Sanyukta. Randhir, who is frustrated, hears it. Sanyukta finally has a smile on her face. Randhir starts punching the boxing bag. Parth continues singing and playing guitar. All stress of Sanyukta seems to be gone. A peon comes and tells Parth that Vardhan is calling him. Parth leaves. A paper falls down from his bag. Before Sanyukta stops him and returns it to him, he leaves from there.

Sanyukta reads the letter. In her last letter, Arpita tells Parth that he has done a lot and gave her love that she deserved. He has made himself all Arpita’s. That he loved her, so he can’t love someone else. She asks him to move on and its time for him to get some love. Sanyukta agrees with Arpita. She says Parth has done a lot for her and she won’t let him be alone, no matter what she has to do for it.

Precap: Sanyukta is in personality development class. Randhir calls her and she disconnects. He keeps calling her. The teacher asks Sanyukta if she has an affair with someone. Sanyukta says, there’s nothing like that. She asks her to tell the truth or should she tell her dad. Randhir hears it.

Update Credit to: Tina

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