Sadda Haq 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is sitting with aryan and everyone.She asks what happened kritika? Kritika says everything is perfect. She says life is so unfair. Joy says you are right. Sumit says the world is unfair. Aryan caresses sanyu’s face and holds her. He says my world is so beautiful. I don’t know if I will ever say that or not. Sanyu stands up and says I am coming.

Sanyu comes near pool and sees randhir. He says sanaya you like being in pool? I will give you company. He takes off his shirt and jumps in the pool.Sanaya feels uncomfortable. Randhir says you look so gorgeous today. You are the best thing ever happened to me. He tucks strand of hair behind her ear and hugs her. He is about to kiss her. sanaya shoves him and says what are you doing? Come out of pool.
She says what the hell was that? You were doing that to make sanyu jealous. Randhir says its not like that. She says you never behaved that way with me before. You were using me. Is she that important? Rnahdir says I don’t care about her. Sanaya says okay fine but you are so possessive. You think sanyu is your territory. I don’t think we have a future. You will always be special for me. But thats about it. Take care of yourself.
Sanyu recalls randhir close to sanaya. Randhir recalls sanyu dancing with aryan.
sanyu falls asleep. Randhir recalls dream team competition.
Aryan sees sanyu and picks her up. He takes sanyu to her room. Sanyu says you care so much for me. He says I will always be there for you. She falls asleep. Aryan kisses her cheek and says, not without telling her. He leaves. After a while sanyu wakes up. She goes out and sees randhir.
Sanyu says why so depressed? You were kicking me out of ISRC but I became lead. He says go and sleep. Sanyu says why? You are mad. You will always be. Randhir says I don’t wanna hear a word. Sanyyu says mad mad mad. You drank too much today. She falls asleep on bench. Randhir leaves her there but then comes back. He picks her up and takes her to her room. he takes off her shoes and covers her with sheet.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu wakes up. She feels tired. She recalls last night with randhir. Sanyu washes her face.
Randhir is working in lab. sanyu comes and says thank for taking me to room last night. He says it was my pleasure, in fact duty. Can’t leave lead on bench, who would lead the bench. And I protected you to help myself. I want to defeat you. Sanyu says all misconceptions are clear. I forgot how selfish you are.
Nirman says calm down sanyu. Lead can’t be vulnerable. Slowly all your emotions will fade away.

Precap-Sanyu says to kritika I didn’t tell papa. I am calling him but he is not picking up. Agarwal comes and says because I had to surprise you.Sanyu hugs him and says I am lead astronaut. She takes him to cafe.Randhir texts sanyu did papa like the cafe? He comes in. Sanyu is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Woww….Rd is sooooo possessive of sanyu his ego blocks his love path but at tyms his emotions do the work instead of words lyl season 1 a day will come wen his emotions will speak and not his ego waiting for more sandhir cute scenes <3 sadda haq s2

  2. kya randhur or sanyukta sath rahenge season 2 main

  3. Wow what a epi and sandhir the charm of show is back cvs plz unite them soon
    Only pysho lovers kiss unknowingly without permission as neither true friends nor real lovers do such things to a person about whom they really care (guess for whom)

  4. Wow the epi was amazing…
    1. Im so happy Rd didnt kiss Sanaya….and im also happy that she cleared their relacionship status…she finally accepted that they can only be friends…actually i always liked Sanaya…i donno why ppl didnt like her coz she at least wasnt after Rd all the time like Aryan was and still is after Sanyu…although he knows that Sanyu can only give him her friendship and not love…i actually liked Aryan but from the past few epis he is only after Sanyu…even to the point that is making her feel unconfortable…he shouldnt do that if her respects her as a friend…
    2. I just loved SanDhir scenes today…they way Rd took Sanyu in his arms and placed her to sleep and even removing her shooes and covering her with the quilt remainded me of the old SanDhir…they still love each other a lot and still care for each other…Rd couldnt let his love sleep on a bench…and my guess is that he didnt want others to see his beautiful wifey in that hot clothes (hihihi possessive much)…and Sanyu is only thinking about him coz the first thing she did when she woke up was to go and look for Rd…and also even if Rd tried to make her leave him she still stood with him on the bench…she was still concerned for him…i hope they will soon come together again…i miss them as a couple…
    3. In these pool party epis i so missed my VidArth…Parth and Vids would have rocked in these epis…i hope the CvS wake up and bring them back in the show…and even Yoyo..
    4. I like how Aggarwall is supporting Sanyu now and the precap is interesting…lets see what Rd will do…
    All in all it was a nice epi…SH rocks..
    Hey guys h r u all ? sorry guys im really busy thats why i couldnt come…miss u guys…see u soon…love u all..take care 🙂

  5. sanyukta rathor

    Nice epi

    Hii karu , aalu, nishu , richu , mukti , mayu , sheryu di , sheenu, shivu , dhruv bhai , raj bhai , himanshi , aishu bro

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    1. hey dear gud mrng

  6. Sanaya won my respect for her today… Truely mesmerized by the way c behaved!

  7. Nice epi. Especially sandhir n shanaya..

  8. Aaawwwweeeeeeeee!!!!! Finally !! Atleast one sandhir scene!! Gosh… i was soo worried that randhir will kiss sanaya…but thank god!! N now i feel that my old sandhir r back!! Thry rock together!!…
    Btw, how r u all?? Nishu, karu, dhruv, mukti, maddy, liyu, aaliya, ayeesha, swarna, richu, rits, bk, raj, sanyu, aparna, princess n all my frnds??

    liya , how was ur exam?

    N everyone who is apearing in NEET n other competitive exams, best of luck to each one of u…ur bright future is waiting for u ahead…so go n get it!! Best wises to all of u!!
    N luv u allll my frndz!! Keep smiing always..Gn everyone

    1. Sheena di…2days exam was quite good for me…i expect just 1 mistake only…
      Luv yu too…?

  9. I really like that today’s KHADOOS scene!!

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    Guys guess what’s today ?????????

    Good morning alll of u

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  12. sanyukta rathor

    epi was nice and i think that if sanaya understand that rd love sanyu so ab aryan ko bhi samzna cahiye ke sanyu rd ke liye hi bani h , i am a big fan of aryan but muzee acha lagega agar wo sanyu or randhir ko mila de … use selfish nhi hona cahiye .. he is a good guy and i know he loves sanyu but use selfish nhi hona cahiye .. yes that rd and sanyu ne abhi ye mana nhi h ke wo ab bhi ek dusre ke liye feel karti h . But aryan or sanaya se yahe ummid h ke wo selfish na hokar rd or sanyu ke khusi ke liye apne pyar ko bhul jae or acha hoga ke ye jaldi ho jai because me nhi cahti ke sanyu or rd ko happy karne ke cakar me sanaya or aryan ko jada sad feel ho ….. what say guys …

  13. Aaj 3rd may he….lol..
    Bath Aaj kya hai….
    I don’t know maybe ur bay……..

    Actually I was busy last night so couldn’t see sadda haq……
    Can anyone please explain in his I hinds…….
    Some lyk ur favourite dialogue yesterday translation……
    Nishuuu karu druv bhai sanyuuu did aparna prince mukti anyone from u……

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      Today is my birthday dear

  14. Say mistakes coz of autocorrect……..
    Plz don’t mind it’s bata nd princy……..
    I had a party so could not see sh…….

    Power nd money r fruits of lyf
    But family nd friends r roots of lyf.
    We can manage without fruits but cannot stay without fruits……

    I hope everyone liked it
    ..have a lovely day

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  19. loved it

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  25. Finally we witnessed our sandhir….loved the entire khados portion……saw old randhir who accept that its his duty to take care of sanyu….saw that Sanyu whose night ends with Randhir and whose morning begins with his thoughts…..hope to see their beautiful moments again very soon….
    It was so good that Randhir didn’t kiss sanaya. Honestly guyz earlier I used to hate sanaya for her weird nature…the way she used to hang around Rd chanting Sheiku Sheiku…that used to creep me out, but after yesterday episode my thoughts about her has changed…the way she tackled Rd was amazing…. a strong, proud and independent women was seen yesterday who will not allow anyone to use her….not even the person she likes the most…..she could see that Rd still love sanyu and being a true friend she understands that she could never have any future with him….Respect girl!!

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  28. May this dsy bring you lots of brightest smiles,my dear friend. May this year be the greatest in your life.:-)
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  29. Great epi sanaya rocks yesterday

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