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Sadda Haq 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyu is getting worried thinking what if Sameer reaches to the college and doesn’t see her. What if he sees her and Randhir together. Randhir asks her to relax and says he has a plan. He will go out from the library from a window using her dupatta and then he will tell a peon to open the library. She is not sure. He asks her if she has a better plan. She gives him her dupatta and sits nervously on a chair. Randhir ties her and laughs.

Sameer goes inside in the girls hostel and a lady stops him. He says he wants to meet Sanyu urgently. The lady tells him that the boys are not allowed there. Kastuki hears their conversation and goes there. She tells Sameer that she’s Sanyu’s roommate and friend. He tells her to go and call Sanyu right now. Kastuki says she is not in room. Sameer says he knew it that she was with another boy whole night. Kastuki tries to calm him down saying Sanyu is studying too hard for the exam, but he decides to go to library and check himself.

Sanyu asks Randhir to let her go. He asks her to first tell him why she got him locked in the library. Sanyu screams for help, he covers her mouth. She bites him. They hear someone coming. Randhir covers her mouth again and takes her on a side. It’s a peon. He opens the library and asks Randhir what he’s doing there. Randhir is covering Sanyu’s mouth with one hand and reading a book with another hand. He tells the peon because of his carelessness, he got stuck into library for the whole night. The peon says, his job is to open the library in morning, it’s the librarian who closes it in night. Randhir says he is not going anywhere until he sees the librarian. The peon leaves. Sameer asks him if he saw Sanyu, and he says he doesn’t know anything. Randhir and Sanyu are surprised knowing Sameer reached college already. They hide. Sameer comes in the library and searches for Sanyukta. Randhir hides his face behind a book. Sameer sees him and asks about Sanyu. Randhir says he saw her going to canteen. Sameer leaves. Randhir frees Sanyu and tells her that she has 20 seconds to reach to canteen. She’s running. He blocks her way and asks again why she got him locked. She says, so he gets less marks and she can beat him. He says she still won’t be able to beat him. Sanyu runs to the canteen.

Sameer comes to the canteen and finally sees her. He questions her for not picking up his call and about her whereabouts in the night. YoYo comes in a peon’s avatar’s and tells Sanyu that Vardhan is calling her as he wants to discuss about the project on which whole Dream Team was working in night. Randhir is hiding there. Sameer gets answer to his question. Sanyu tells him that she was working with other Dream Team students and she was busy, that is why Randhir picked up his call. When he was giving her, her phone died. Sameer says he just didn’t come to yell at her, but came with another reason. He sits on his knees and takes out a ring. Sanyu gets nervous. He says he told her that they will do everything that a boyfriend and a girlfriend do before their engagement. He’s formally proposing her today. Sanyu doesn’t want to wear his ring. She sneezes purposely and Sameer drops the ring. Sanyu pushes it back and apologizes to Sameer. Announcement comes that exam is in 15 mins. Sanyu tells him that she will have to go. After exam, she will find the ring and return it to him. He talks sweetly that there is no need for that. He can even lose 100 of rings for her and he didn’t even know if it would fit in her finger. He will get another one and that way he will get a chance to meet her again. She’s leaving. He stops her and then says nothing. She says she thought he would say all the best. He still doesn’t say. She leaves. Vidushi is also seen hiding there. After Sanyu leaves, Sameer starts searching for the ring saying it was so expensive and all. He goes under a table where a girl is sitting. The girl thinks he was checking her out and asks what he was doing. He says nothing and runs away.

All give their final exam. Parth comes to play basketball. He picks up the ball and finds another letter. He reads it and it says, she learned what a true love is from him and asks him to move on. He wonders who’s playing joke with him. He leaves from there.

In night, Vidushi is searching for Sanyu’s ring. Randhir is also there. He tells her that she won’t find it. She pretends as if she just came to walk there. Randhir tells her to go and tell Sanyu that he’s calling her to the campus. She asks if she’s a post man or what. He tells her to do it else he will tell Sanyu about her searching the ring. Vidushi says there is no need to put such cheap accusations on her. If she sees her in the room, then she will tell.

Parth sees Vardhan solving the same question that was mentioned in Rao’s room. Vardhan fails and leaves in frustration.

Sanyu comes to Randhir and asks why he called her. He says, no thank you or anything? She says if he called her to fight, then she doesn’t have time. She turns to leave. Randhir grabs her hand and puts the ring in her finger. He tells her to tell her fiance that the ring fitted properly in her finger. She looks on.

Precap: Sanyu is trying to remove the ring. Randhir is watching her. Parth asks Sanyu about the ring. She says, Randhir put it in her finger. Parth says, everything is joke for him. How a guy can just put a ring in a girl’s finger? Next scene, Sanyu is walking in the lobby. Randhir grabs her hand and looks at her finger and it’s bandaged now.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. the ring part was toatally awwsomeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    toatally agree with u ashna RSS is the best!!!

  2. yeah u are right DS i am a malayali but still i luv SH more than any other

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 to know that! i hd a few malayalee classmates when i was in HS…. Thy had long, lustrous n beautiful hairs….. me was always jealous….

    2. whre r u frm??

  3. Unite sanyukta nd randhir.., 😉
    nd kick out parth from their life.. 🙂

  4. Best epi ever. Lv u sandhir only one objection in the precape. Why the hell Parth is angry about the ring case? Tera prblm kya hai yaar. U mind ur own busyness. Sandhir ko akela chor kiyu nehi deta tu? Our wo chomu Sameer. Such a disgusting man! A66a hota agar use canteen me us ladki ki k haatho ek thappad padta. . .

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