Sadda Haq 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu cleans her tools. She says you do this always but I need more help today God. Papa has given me one chance to prove myself. I wanna win this task and show my family what I can do. I wish randhir understood my position but I cant miss this chance.

Vidushi comes to ground and says is this internship task or a joke? Parth comes and holds her. Vidushi says are you mad? Parth why you lie to the world? Vidushi says what you mean. Parth says about what you love. I will prove the reality of varun. Vidushi says shut up. Sanyu says all the best to randhir. Randhir says all the worst luck to you. I hope you lose and work with me in renuka’s company.

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Kabir comes and says hello everyone. He says I know some of you are shocked but now I am faculty of FITE. Lets welcome our employers. All the company owners come in. Kabir says this is our elite panel of judges. We wont introduce I want you to be known for your name. The task is about to start now. Sahil says what is he gonna do. Ankit syas to Agarwal now sanyu will do all this. sanyu goes to Agarwal and touches his feet. Kabir says I will divide you in four groups. Randhir, sanyu. parth and sahil in first group. You have pillars in front of you. You have to break it and bring it down. Use your mental and physical strength. There is a equation under it, you have to solve it. Time is limited. Interviews will be done only with the ones who complete the tasl.

Randhir takes a tool, sanyu says I took it first. Randhir says leave it to me. You are not going to win this. SAnyu says I wont give up. They are both fighting. Randhir says oh I don’t need it. He throws it down. parth touches the wall and says I have to attack the weak points. Sanyu hits the wall with hammer and falls down. Roshan says to rehna why you forced me to come here. You saw what randhir did to me. You want him to be intern in my company Rehna says there is no better place than company to take revenge from him. A man comes to sahil and asks what method are you applying? Sahil says I am making an angle.

Randhir is working in lab to make a formula to break the wall. Ishika comes in and says can I stay here. I wont disturb. I just wanna see how a genius works. Randhir says I am making explosive that will break the wall. Ankit stands up and goes to sanyu. He says do you feel ashamed to make fun of us? you are a girl not iron man. These boys can’t break it, can you? Sanyu says oh yeah Iron man.

ishika touches explosive. randhir takes it, his hand burns. ishika says I am sorry. Randhir says its okay. Ishika says thanks for letting me stay here. I am going now. Sanyu comes in and see her going out. sanyu wonders why did she smile? She says I have to focus on work. She starts working on some metal. Sanyu says I will make a contraction hand that will attach to mine and break the wall. Randhir goes to sanyu and says you are idiot. its stupid. sanyu says you always lose when you make fun of me. Randhir says I wont let you win. Randhir throws her hand away. sanyu says I will kill you. randhir says that was not going to work. Sanyu is about to hit him. He grasps her and says you are a girl weak and delicate. Sanyu says leave me. he says you are so strong right? free yourself. He leaves her and says next time think before hitting me. Sanyu starts working again. Kabir says 30 minutes left.

Randhir says stare at your machine not at me. You have forgotten attaching machine in lab. you can only wash clothes. Agarwal says I cant see all this anymore. Lets go. Ankit follows him. sanyu sees Agarwal and says where are you going papa? Agarwal says what are you doing? this is your dream? you are on ground in all grease. sanyu says i am doing this for internship. Agarwal says you want internship you can do it in my company now stop all this. sanyu says I will earn it. sanyu leaves. Agarwal says engineering is not for girls at all. Ankit says we will only hire her if she clears the interview. Sanyu wears the hand. She says I have to do it. kabir says 5 minutes left. SAnyu hits the wall, her hand aches and bleeds. She says what am I doing? I can’t give up. She tries again. Agrwal stands up and comes to her. He says sanyyu? see the result of your dream. You have proved it all. sanyu says I am your daughter I wont give up. He leaves in anger. A man says Agarwal will recruit his daughter. randhir says you dad doesn’t care about you he wont recruit you. sanyu says I wont change my decision. Kabir comes to sanyu and says 3 minutes left. sanyu syas yeah I am trying. Kabir says what you think? the hand will break it? you think you are so genius? What happened now? Jiggy says is sanyu using wrong method? sanyu says please help me God. Vardhan comes in.

Precap-Vardhan hits sanyu;s hand with stick. He says use mechanical aspects. he scolds at randhir too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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