Sadda Haq 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Ankit wonders if he really saw Sanyukta or he’s going crazy. His mum continues talking to Sanyukta on phone and Ankit concludes that he’s gone crazy. Sanyukta tells her mum to stop Ankit and his dad from leaving. Her mum drops sauce on her dad’s shirt and then messes it more by cleaning it. She puts her dirty hands on Ankit too and now both go to change their shirts. Her mum then goes outside and sends driver in. Sanyukta is trying to go outside, but Ankit comes out. She calls her mum and tells her what to do to break the car. She does it and both are happy.

Ankit and his dad come there, and car is able to start. They leave. Sanyukta’s mum is disappointed. She apologizes to Sanyukta, but she says her mum tried and she is world’s strongest and best mum. Her mum tells her she will tea for her, but Sanyukta says she will do it today. The doorbell rings. Sanyukta’s mum opens the door and is shocked to see Ankit and his dad back. His dad says car broke down, so they are going to have meeting at home now. They come in and Sanyukta hides. Ankit goes near kitchen and Sanyukta has left from there too now. She looks at her depressed dad and says she can’t go to him, but she has decided she will go with blueprints file today.

At college, Randhir is scolding Sahil. His phone keeps beeping and he throws it away. Parth catches it and tells Randhir not to take out anger of something on something else. Anger does no good. Randhir takes his phone and leaves.

Kastuki is messaging Sanyukta and Jiggy keeps looking at her phone. Kastuki gets mad and says she’s messaging her new boyfriend, Sanyukta. Parth asks someone on phone if he will get money, and then says he will be there. He sees Randhir behind him and hangs.

Sanyukta gets the message and she drop her phone. Ankit was going to check, but his mum stops him telling him he works so much, he needs to look after himself, etc.. Sanyukta replies to Kastuki that she’s at her home and it’s a long story. The company’s CEO, Bhavesh, comes to their home. They start their meeting. Sanyukta’s mum wonders how she will take the file away in front of them. She tries to send them on terrace, but Sanyukta’s dad tells her not to disturb them. Sanyukta then turns off the fuse and lights go off. Sanyukta’s dad says seems like they will have to shift their meeting on the terrace. Ankit takes some files with him. His dad tells him to take blueprints file as well, but his mum stops him and says she will get everything shifted. Ankit leaves. Sanyukta comes out and take photographs of blueprints file. She hugs her mum and then leaves.

Jiggy comes to Randhir and informs him that Renuka is waiting for him in the canteen. Randhir gets mad.

Sanyukta returns to the college. She sees Renuka and goes to her. She says she’s very glad to see her. Renuka asks if it’s because she’s a sponsor. She says she has always admired her and no wonder Randhir is genius. Renuka becomes glad knowing Randhir told his friends that she’s his mum. Sanyukta doesn’t have strength to tell her the truth. She asks her why she came here. Renuka says she has arranged a small party at her home. Randhir comes there and asks Sanyukta to excuse them. Sanyukta leaves. Randhir stares at his mum.

Precap: Harsh (Randhir’s dad) asks Renuka why she left Randhir in his childhood. He says Randhir won’t come, but Renuka is sure he will. Sanyukta asks Randhir how much more he will punish to his mum. Can’t he go to a small dinner for his mum? Will he lose his self-respect by doing that?

Update Credit to: Tina

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    Please complete d update ASAP………Nishi,whr r u?????????????

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  3. Guys just see director is going to keep parth’s role negative….. this is not right……

  4. show is going little bit boring…….to ek twist to banta hai…..

  5. I like d scenes of sanyukta nd her mum-sanyukta hiding in d closet,her mum messing up wid d sauce…lol…it ws gr8..dey actd nicly…yaar mujhe bhi lagta hai ki ye parth ka role negative hoga…yeh thik nahi he yaar…he ws shown 2 b sch a gud guy….nywys…ty fr d wu…..

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