Sadda Haq 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The villagers say to the team thank you for giving us light. Randhir says we are just the students who disappoint our teachers. Parth says our sir is bugged with us and came here. randhir says please talk to him and ask him to come back to us. A kid says to vardhan you are my chacho chachi’s sir? Go back with them please. A man comes out and says they are your diamonds they did all this for us. Pardon them. SAnyu says please sir come back with us. Everyone requests. Vardhan says all right I will come back to FITE. They all hug each other. SAnyu stops at Randhir’s turn and shakes hand with him. Vardhan says we will use solar panels for schools, and for now you have to leave. Exams are waiting for you.

The team comes back to FITE. Jiggy says we have exams coming up. Yoyo says we have to check what Maya will do. Sanyyu says Jiggy check SAhil and let me know. Randhir is standing out. SAnyu says come in I will talk to maya. He says I don’t need your favor. I rather leave this college. I will only come back if Maya and Vardhan call me. Sanyu goes to maya’s cabin. She says I wanna talk to you. Maya says how is your brother? Sanyu says yeah he is fine. Sanyu says ma’am please take randhir back in. Please reconsider your decision. he has already been a topper. Maya says you are just a student don’t tell me what to do. Randhir won’t come back and no one can make me change my decision. Now leave or I will suspend you for lying about leave. No one will come to rescue you.

Maya sees Vidushi on the corridor. She sees red mark on her neck. Maya says what is this? This isn’t a medal that you will flaunt in whole college? Vidushi says whats wrong ma’am my feelings are genuine and I love that person. Parth over hears them.

Scene 2
PKC comes in the class. Two guys are drawing on the board. Everyone laughs. PKC says behave you selves. He says let’s start lecture. Maya comes in. She says what the hell is going on? Why haven’t you filled exams forms? Sanyu says because we won’t attend exams. Until you don’t readmit Randhir back we won’t give any exams. PKC says how can you talk to dean like that. Everyone stands with sanyu. Vidushi is sitting, she asks parth to sit as well. Maya says looks like vidushi will top this year. Jiggy says that benefit of vidushi’s topping won’t be greater than the loss of whole class not giving exams. Maya says FITE doesn’t need you all. Randhir won’t come back. I will make sure that you don’t get any interview calls along with the placements. A boy says to other we can’t ruin our life for Randhir. Vidushi says thanks for giving me a chance to top again and better luck next time for Randhir. Sanyu says in heart I will bring him back at any cost.

Scene 3
Randhir calls chacha and says I am reaching garage in 10 minutes. He says I am going on Hajj. It will take a few days. Randhir says Rahim chahcha will be there? He says no he is going with me as well. Chacha asks are there holidays in the college? Randhir says I will manage. Don’t worry have a safe journey.

Randhir goes to a party where Renuka is socializing with her friends. Her guards didn’t let her go in.

The team along with sanyu are contemplating how to bring Randhir back. Vidushi says stop being idiots you can’t manipulate maya madam. Everything is in her pockets. Yoyo says she is bitter but she is right. Maya has all the power. Sanyu says she has got is because of the placements. SAnyu says we have to figure out the placements’s secret. Its her strength and her weakness as well. SAnyu says lets go to her cabin we will figure out. Juggy says I can’t go there. SAnyu says me parth and yoyo will go there.

They are rummaging through the files. Parth asks did you get anything? Yoyo says yes my rustication letter. The message pops its vardhan. He says what you are looking for is in right cupboard but delete this message. Parth says how did he get to know? sanyu says cctv camera. Maya is doubting us. Sanyu gives the file to parth. She takes its pictures. She is earning money in the name of placements. Parth says now maya will have to listen to us.

Scene 4
Next morning maya comes to college. she gets the picture of documents on her phone. sanyu comes and says good morning ma’am. maya says how dare you to break into my cabin. sanyu says we won’t leak this information. maya says you are blackmailing me. Sanyu says no I am just shocked at what you did to randhir. Maya says you are doing this for the guy who is your greatest rival. All right Randhir will come back. But I am not sure what will happen to you for going against me. Sanyu says I am not going against you I just can’t let you kick a deserving student. Vardhan is coming back too.

maya calls renuka and tells her that students are protesting about randhir’s departure from college. renuka asks who started this protest? Maya says sanyu. Renuka says I knew it.

Randhir comes back to college and meets everyone. He hugs all the guys. Sanyu smiles at him. Randhir says to her I told you snayu I don’t need you to bring me back to college.

Precap- maya comes in lab and says you all will give exams in pairs. You showed that you don’t know what team work is. PKC announces the couples, Randhir and sanyu are in one team.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. first yeahhhh

  2. why is renuka doin this???

  3. That was some interesting relevation..
    Really renuka saniyal wanted randhir her son to be out of the college!
    I think she’s either trying to bring randhir and saunyukta close or setting up sanyukta so that she can use her later as a witness in the divorce scenario…..
    I was annoyed by the fact that sanyu did a favor on randhir and wen u did u shud have told randhir instead of lying….
    I hope director does something inorder so that randhir will be able to return the favor back and be equal….
    Randhir ftw.

    1. how can RS later use sanyu as a witness in her divorce case… pls clarify… i mean wnat has sanyu’s decision to protest got to do with RS’s divorce???

      1. Well its not a full proof thoery but a hunch….i hav a feeling later RS will ask sanyukta to act as a witness in the divorce scenario or she will tell the truth about how randhir got reinstated in the college so sanyukta will be given two choices randhir will leave fite if he gets to know the truth about how he was reinstated by going against RS or will loose randhir from his life by going against his dad as a witness which will only fuel randhir’s hatred towards her…either way sanyukta loses

    2. Renuka Sanyal gets Randhir kicked out so he will approach her for help. And a little heads up for you guys, Renuka Sanyal will be the one who will help Sanyukta come to Randhir by talking to her parents in the future.

      Sadda Haq

      1. Its a theory again rite or u have some spoilers to back up ur theory….Randhir did went to Renuka for help and what happened we all know and as for Sanyukta the moment she chooses her dream and not her family her dad will cease any further contacts with her so i dont think then Renuka would be require in the equation to convince her parents for Randhir…then again anything is possible

  4. the epi was ok. the scene that i liked the most was – when Parth along with others was standing in the classroom wanting Maya to bring back RD, vidu signals him – like – tum kyuu khade ho? bayit jaao naa… varnaa tum bhi fail ho jaaoge!!! Parth gvs back a cold stare.. lol!!!

  5. Hii… I m also a shq fan.. Aaj mai first time comment kr ri hu.. Mujhe to us din ka intjar h jb hmare samdhir ek sath honge..

  6. 5th oct special episode at 8 pm….

    all that i am praying is -on 5th oct special episode, i want sanyu to take a firm decision of pursing her studies and stand against her dad’s decision… only then there r chances of SanDhir getting together, kahin aisaa na ho ki, fir se Samir,sanyu ko pernission de – 4th year complete karne ke liye…. fir baadh me ussi se shaadi kare..bcoz all that is more important to sanyu or rather her priority is engg., RD comes only 2nd…. CVs kaa joi barosaa nahi..

  7. Nice epi,mene dekha nhi coz ghar me puja chal rhi h,bs wu se kam chalana pad rha h,
    btw kya sanyu sach me chomu ke sath dance perfrm karegi??

  8. i wish k is special episode me kuch new ho… i m bored wid that old pakau track..
    sanyu ghr jati hai aise jaise kabhi clg wapis nahi aayegi..rd bhi us kghr pahonchta hai bt bina kuch kiye kahe hi wapis aajata hai….aur. ek do din k baad sanyu wapis clg aajati hai…3 bar ye track rpt hochka hai …….CVs plz yar iss track ko ab aur rpt mat krna…

  9. someone pls clear my doubt — uss chomu aur sanyu kaa dance rehearsal kahaan hone waalaa hai??? dont tell me FITE me… kyuun ki, woh chomu toh jab dekho, jaise uske paas free entry tickets ho…(i know engg. colleges have open gate system… still…,) jab uskaa man kare, guss jaathaa hai, canteen me, classroom me, library me yaa fir lab me – Vardhan yaa aur koi uss lab me ho, tab bhi… i dred to see them dance together…

    1. chomu k drmz me…haha

      1. kaash aisaa ho!!!

  10. someone pls clear my 2nd doubt – how did vardhan know that sanyu n others were searching for some file in Mayas cabin??? how did he send voice msgs right at that time????

    1. o @meera puttar itne sare doubts…..CCTv camera

      1. but he hasn’t still come back… right???

      2. Ooooo it is like Home security – Wireless Security Camera… u can watch it anywhere…???

    2. its a gudnews…..thanx @meera

  11. @meera can i ask u something li’l prsnl

  12. What is the MYSTERY behind Renuka ????
    @meera I also don’t Sanyu getting married to chomu(day befr yesterday I had this dream and I woke wth jerk ….I was almost gng to cry)

  13. Cud b meera di….
    And if any1 has tis doubt as to why sanyu did not inform rd abt her doings(b coz it ws dere it the link posted by meera di) then its bcoz she doesnt want him to think it like a favour- i dont need ur favour mode me chala jaaega warna hehe!!!

  14. no no sorry …….i dnt want to ask anything…

  15. Ek aur cheez ho sakti hai- May b he knew ki the dt will try to find out those things….and it was a pre recorded mssg?

  16. Gm……


    Thursday — Sameer comes to FITE to practice dance with Sanyunkta.

    Friday — Sanyukta is angry with her father because he decides to sell his beloved factory.

    1. “beloved”??? lol!!! sanyu ke papa ko fty hee unke better half hai shaayad.. just kidding!!!
      probably this is the reason sanyu wants to complete her studies n take over / run her papas fty.. special epi may be based on this matter – my POV…. like… her dad decides to sell the fty to bear / overcome sanyu’s marriage expenses…..

      Sanyu ab toh naa keh do – shaadi ke liye…

      i wl quit this show if Samir n Sanyu still get together n get married at a later stage.




    By-sona di

    Harshita is not well is hospitalised she got dengue. .let’s pray for her speedy recovery..god bless her..she is vvvvvvvvvv sick

  20. pls excuse me @ nidhi – without refreshing this page, i pasted the same info n clicked “Post Comment”

  21. harshi get well soon dear…………………

  22. Chapter 2 :

    Randhir returned home late and was tired after a frenetic day at office. He knew by this time champ would have been asleep. He opened the door slowly and looked at him sleeping peacefully.

    He went to his room, kicked his shoes off and changed into a t-shirt and black denim shorts. He looked around his room only to find that he was alone. “Emptiness,” he thought. A tear escaped his eye. He opened corner most cupboard of his room which contained all the machines he had made. He closed the cupboard angrily sauntered towards the window, his thoughts playing havoc in his mind. He shoved those thoughts away and tried to sleep.


    Ramu kaka hadn’t even come to wake him up, then he realized it is a Sunday and he can have fun with Ranveer. He looked at the clock, it showed 7.30am. He got up holding on to his neck and walked lazily towards the washroom to freshen up. He came out and went to Ranveer’s room. He kissed him lightly on his forehead, pushed the strands of hair falling onto his face, which were disturbing his sleep. He then left to have breakfast and allowed him to sleep for some more time.

    He came down and asked Ramu kaka whether he had received any letters, Ramu kaka nodded in yes and handed him a few letters. He shuffled through the letters, found nothing and threw them on the table but one letter in particular caught his attention and he picked it up with trembling hands. It was an invitation card.

    He read it with twitching hands. He was shocked. “How could this happen?” he thought.

    Just then his phone started ringing, breaking his trance, he went to pick it up. His hands felt numb after seeing the caller’s name. Had he received the call before reading the letter he would have jumped up with joy. But now, after reading the letter, he was scared to pick up the call.

    The screen displayed, “Dada calling.”

    He didn’t know what to do. He was numb. “Why had everyone decided not to let him shrug off his past? Why is his dada doing all this when he knows what effect it has on me? Here my stupid mind is determined to keep recalling all those past moments and on the other hand, his dada wasn’t helping him either!” he thought. Shoving away all these thoughts, he looked at his phone’s display which already showed 6 missed calls from dada. He impelled the letter and his phone in a drawer and closed in angrily. He refused to have breakfast and silently ascended the stairs and went to his room.

    He was engrossed in her thoughts after a long time, he thought, atleast that’s what he told himself. Though in reality, she had never left his mind, not even for a second. He thought about her eyes, those olive-grey orbs you could keep looking at for a lifetime. Her hair, those silky, long, waist-length, pin-straight hair. Her lips, pink rosy ones, whose slight curve could melt anyone. He loved her more than anything, than anyone. He thought about the moments they spent together. Gosh, they had so many, in every corner of FITE.

    His thoughts drifted off to the Fresher’s party. *The first time he had ever saved her.*


    Yoyo had spiked Sanyukta’s drink to take his revenge as he was slapped by her in front of the whole college during ragging, when he asked a fresher-girl to kiss a desperate guy who was shamelessly staring at that helpless girl.

    “OMG Sanyukta, your drunk. I am sure that stupid Yoyo must have spiked your drink,” told a furious Kaustuki. She left her bestfriend in this condition alone and went to fight with Yoyo for his blatant behavior.
    “Kaustuki…” Sanyukta started but trailed off as she didn’t find her bestie anywhere around her. All she could see was a guy coming towards her, unnecessarily close to her. She was uncomfortable and pushed him with all her might and only then she saw his face clearly. It was Rajeev, a guy she hated because of a characterless person he was. He was trying to take advantage over her drunken state.
    When that guy was too close to her and had locked his hands over her slender waist and when she was about to shout for help, he was pulled back hard and seeing the guy who pulled him back, he couldn’t help but run. Yes, it was Randhir.
    He tried to take her back to her dorm but she was making it too difficult for him due to her constant muttering.
    “You know I hate you, don’t you?” she asked poking her index finger on his chest.
    “Yeah I do and am sure you know that I hate you more than you hate me,” he replied angrily.
    She took a look at him and found him really hot. She didn’t know if it was due to her hormones or due to the alcohol in her veins, she started smiling looking at him.
    “Tumhe pata hai Mr. MCP,” she told sweetly looking into his eyes, “Tum iss pooore college mein sabse handsome ho aur aaj toh bohot irresistible lag rahe ho.”
    He was shocked to hear that from his mortal enemy. He knew she had told it from her heart, an alcoholic person never lies. He simply smiled at her not knowing what to reply.
    She continued, “and when you smile, it makes my heart skip a beat.”
    “Hmm,” he replied.
    He didn’t know what she might tell next and what she might do. He had to do something to go away from her. He hated her but he had to admit that her drunken sweetness was making him lose his mind. He had to something before the situation goes out of control he thought. He fished for his mobile in his pocket, took it out and called up Kaustuki and asked her to come to the Mechanical Lab as fast as possible.
    Suddenly. out of nowhere, she came dangerously close to him. Her scent was blowing his mind off. His mind asked him to push her away from him but his heart did not agree, instead it gave him some crazy encouragement. He knew that he should push her away but he was numb and if anything happens today then he will regret it forever but she wouldn’t even remember anything. “Oh god! She’s safe!” he thought. How he wished it was him drunk instead of her and she would be facing all these stupid feelings and not him. He silently prayed that Kaustuki would be here before anything happens. But no, she was late.
    “MCP! Tum dar rahe ho?” she asked sheepishly and backed out. She sank on to the floor with Randhir sitting on a chair beside her.
    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity Kaustuki reached there. He first scolded her and then handed over Sanyukta to her roughly and walked away from there without even waiting for a thankyou.
    He didn’t know what was happening to him. He was shocked and at the same time was jubilant at what Sanyukta had uttered. “Why am I happy?” Randhir thought. He knew he didn’t have any answer to that question. He decided to stay away from that good-for-nothing girl.

    Meanwhile, Ranveer woke up and was surprised to see that his dad didn’t wake him up. He looked at the clock which showed 10.00am. His stomach was making all kinds of scary sounds. He ran to the washroom, freshened up. He quickly went to eat something to stop his stomach’s unnecessary sounds.

    He searched for his dad but was unable to find him anywhere. He started climbing the stairs to go to his dad but was stopped by Ramu kaka.
    “Chote baba, Randhir baba ko akele rehne dijiye. Aap aake khana khao,” he told.
    “Par kaka, Sunday ko hamesha main aur senior saath khana khate hai na?” he retorted back.
    “Aaj unko akele chod dijiye. Aap kha lo,” he told.
    Ranveer reluctantly agreed and had his breakfast half-heartedly. He wanted to go and talk to his dad but remembered kaka’s words and understood that he needed some time alone. So to change is mood he decided to watch TV. He started searching for the TV remote but suddenly stopped due to some vibrations. He made out that the vibrations were coming from a drawer beside him and so he opened it. He found his dad’s phone ringing and a crumpled letter beside it. He saw the caller and immediately his lips curved into a broad smile. He read out happily, “Dada calling,” and answered it.

    “Hello dada,” he told super-excited.
    “Oh my, mera chota champ, kaisa hai baccha?” he asked equally happy.
    “Main toh waise bhi super hoon, bas pata nai senior ko kya hua hai, subah se kamre se bahar bhi nahi aaye and kaka ne mujhe unse milne se hi mana kiya hai,” replied Ranveer sadly.
    “Matlab?” he asked over the phone.
    “Pata nahi.. Aaj senior ne mujhe uthaya hi nahi!” Ranveer replied.
    “Kaka ko phone do,” dada told.
    “Okay,” Ranveer replies and hands over the phone to kaka.
    “Haan beta boliye,” kaka told.
    “Kaka, Randhir ne aaj apne letters pade kya?” dada asked.
    “Haan beta, padhe! Ayur padte hi chup chap khana khaaye bina upar chale gaye.. bata nahi kya hua hai unko!” kaka replied.
    “Main jaanta hoon,” he told softly, “champ ko phone do aap.”
    After taking the phone, “Chalo champ, main rakhta hoon, when your dad comes out tab mujhe pata dena,” he told.
    “Okay dada. I’ll inform you,” he replied and hung up.

    He put the letter, without reading it at the same place. He took the phone and put it on the couch. He could not bear his senior’s absence anymore and decided to break the awkward silence in his house.

    His thoughts were interrupted due to the constant banging of his door. “Shit,” he thought, “champ!” and ran to the door and opened it. There he was standing with his arms crossed towards his chest and looking angry. Randhir was now scared. Looking at his father’s changing expressions, he could not hold his laughter. Randhir understood that it was a prank. He stretched his arm to reach out to him but Ranveer was fast too. He dodged his dad and ran downstairs as though challenging him. Randhir ran down after Ranveer trying to get hold of him. After a lot of trying he caught him and started swinging him around.

    “Aaj mastii,” Ranveer shouted.
    “For sure champ!” Randhir replied.
    “Senior mujhe juice chahiye,” Ranveer told.
    “Wait laata hoon,” Randhir replies and goes in.

    After Randhir is out of sight Ranveer silently takes Randhir’s phone and sends a text to dada saying that Randhir has come out and then he deletes the message. Randhir comes back with a glass of juice and handed it over to Ranveer.

    “Arey mujhe nahi chahiye,” Ranveer told.
    “What? Why did you tell me to get it?” Randhir asked.
    “Simply I asked you to get,” he told and put his tongue out and ran off away from there.

    Randhir laughed at his junior’s antics and drank the juice himself! He decided to spend the whole day for his junior and have fun with him. He was a caring father, there’s no denial is that.

    They decided to play games. After a lot of argument on which game to play they settled down to Counter Strike’ and started playing.

    After an hour, suddenly, the doorbell rang and Randhir went to attend it. He opened the door and saw the person standing at his doorstep.
    He froze.

  23. Chapter 3 :

    He froze.
    He wanted to hug the person standing in front of him and cry his heart out but at the same time he was freaking angry at him. The only word escaped his mouth was, “Dada!”

    “Eh? Dada?” Ranveer said still engrossed in the game, “Senior? You have started imagining things! Whats wro-” he stopped as he looked towards the door. He ran outside and jumped onto the person’s shoulders and hugged him tightly.

    “Dadaaa!” he shouted happily.
    “How’s my champ?” he asked.
    Getting down onto the ground from his shoulders he replied, “Awesome!” and they hi-fied eachother. Randhir watched all this and had a thin smile on his face. He went inside followed by Ranveer and dada. He sat on the couch and asked Ranveer to go and study for sometime. Ranveer reluctantly agreed given in to the situation that something is wrong and they had to sort it out. He went to his room.

    “Dada, if you have come here to convince me about that,” he said coldly, “then it is really of no use.”
    “Why are you doing this to yourself Randhir?” he asked sternly.
    “I’m not doing anything to myself!” Randhir protested.
    “Yes you are..” dada told angrily, “..and you know that!”
    “Let’s not talk about it,” Randhir pleaded.
    “No! You have to sort it out!” dada retorted.
    “I’m not interested! Why don’t you just let me keep my past aside?” Randhir told close to tears.
    “I just want you to be happy,” dada told.
    “I am happy! I have Ranveer!” Randhir told.
    “Randhir, I mean to sa-” dada started but was interrupted.
    “Dada, you’ll have lunch with us, won’t you?” he asked trying to change the topic, “I’m cooking. Sunday,” he said pointing towards the calendar.

    Randhir always cooks lunch on Sundays because Ranveer loved his senior’s hand cooked food. Randhir, after wearing the apron started cooking. He knew dada was looking at him constantly and he must be really angry with him. Even he was. After fighting with his mind for sometime he settled to Paneer-butter-masala, parathas and fried rice.

    “Randhir, don’t try to divert the topic, it’s of no use,” dada told.
    “I hope you are cool with aloo-parathas! Ranveer’s favorite,” he told.
    “Randhir,” dada shouted.
    “C’mon dada,” Randhir said angrily, “Go sit and don’t disturb me. I have only an hour,” Randhir said.
    Dada sighed and went out. He sat on the sofa and shuffled through the channels to find anything interesting. He finally settled to a news channel.

    “He has done it again. Entering into the Formula-1 racing, they have emerged as champions again. Scube companies have re-written the history. Recently, we have got news that Mr. Randhir Singh Shekhawat is again busy designing a new racing-car. If this comes out as a success then Blaze Automobiles must pack everything up and search for a new field. When contacted Mr. Shekhawat, he told that this will be the best racing-car ever and that this will surely create history,” told the reporter.
    He muted the television and turned towards Randhir.
    “So? New model again?” he asked.
    “Yeah, just for keeping myself busy,” he replied and mentally kicked himself for saying so.
    “Keeping busy,” he told mimicking Randhir.
    “Dada not again!” Randhir complained.
    “Randhir, why are you doing this? You have to move on. This is the best chance ever!” he retorted.
    Randhir grimaced.
    “Please Randhir,” he told.

    Without replying to him Randhir called Ranveer down to have breakfast. They sat on the dining table and during the breakfast…
    “Senior, it is aaawesome! My favorite,” Ranveer told happily.
    “I know, the first place why I had prepared it,” Randhir told helping himself a handful.
    “Dada, no compliments?,” Ranveer asked, “You like it too no?”
    “I am not talking to your dad. He doesn’t pay any attention to my words,” dada told seriously. Randhir glared at him.
    “Enough now, will someone tell me what’s happening? First, senior doesn’t wake me up, he sits in his room cribbing over something and your sudden arrival,” he said pointing towards dada.
    “Eat quietly,” Randhir told.
    “You didn’t tell him yet?” dada asked.
    Randhir nodded in negative. “He doesn’t have to know,” he told.
    “I am still here,” Ranveer told sounding a bit angry.
    “You didn’t see any letter from morning which looked like an invitation to you?” dada asked Ranveer.
    Randhir grinned as he knew he had kept it in the drawer and Ranveer must surely not have seen it.
    “Arey haan, I did but I didn’t read it,” Ranveer told finishing his food and getting up to place the plate in the dishwasher.
    “Whhaaatt?” Randhir screamed but he was a bit relieved because he didn’t read it.

    Just then Randhir got a call from one of his biggest clients and after hanging up he signalled 10 minutes and glared at dada as though warning him and went to his room to make a video call.
    After making sure Randhir had gone and the door was closed, dada asked, “Ranveer do you know where the letter is?”
    “Yes, in that drawer,” Ranveer replied and pointed towards the drawer.

    Dada went and pulled the crumpled invitation out and handed it over to Ranveer and asked him to read it. After asking dada and making sure that Randhir would not mind, he read it.

    Invitation Card :

    Hello dear ex- students,
    We cordially invite you to the re-union of your batch – the best batch of FITE. To show our gratitude towards you students we have decided to organize a reunion. This will be a perfect chance to meet up and relish the moments of the best years of your lives. All the ex-FITEians are requested to come to their beloved college on the 15th of February.
    This will not be any ordinary reunion, guessing that you all must be missing your college days; you are required to stay at the college premises for a week just like before. Same old college, young students, same old teachers, all the classes, bunking them, college-crushes, irritating teachers etc.. In short, everything like before.
    We solicit your presence. Please make time and attend.
    P.S. We will be as strict as before.


    “Wow dada, this seems exciting!” Ranveer told.
    “I know but your dad told he will not come and I want him to come,” told dada sadly.
    “Why?” asked Ranveer inquisitively.
    Dada knew that Ranveer knew nothing about Randhir’s past and decided to keep it that way.
    “I don’t know, maybe because he doesn’t want to leave you alone,” dada lied.
    “He will go,” Ranveer concluded.

    Just then Randhir came down and saw the invitation letter in Ranveer’s hands. He snatched it away from him furiously and glared at dada who gave him a now-you-have-to-come’ look.

    “Senior, don’t such a spoiltsport. You should go, I will be fine,” he told.
    Randhir understood that dada told him that he is not going because of him and said, “I will miss you and I won’t be able to stay without you so I am not going. That’s it,” he told not knowing that he had just made the situation worse.
    “What? You’re going. I will not eat or go t school if you don’t. You work so much, you deserve a break,” Ranveer told concerned.
    “Junior, I am not going and that’s final” Randhir told and stomped out of the hall.
    “Dada don’t worry, I will make him come!” Ranveer told.
    Dada breathed a sigh of relief and was now sure that Randhir will surely come as Ranveer knows the best how to blackmail/convince his father. He muttered a thanks and a goodbye and left from there.
    Dada was happy that things might get back to normal or atleast he thought so. He prayed that they do.

    Here Ranveer was planning to convince Randhir to attend the reunion. He understood his presence was important as dada himself had come to ask him to come.

    To be continued…

  24. msg feom sona di..

    SSona Bhatia
    She is recovering…hope she gets well soon

  25. its a very gudnews…..thanx @meera

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